The Cotton Mill Condos in the New Orleans Warehouse District, 920 Poeyfarre Street

289 Cotton Mill Condos,Front Door

     The Cotton Mill Condos were converted into condos in 2004-2005.  There are 288 units in the building that were apartments before that with several penthouse on the roof. The Building was once a Cotton Mill built 1882. It employed about a 1000 people at its peak. It covers an entire block in the New OrleansWarehouse District at 920 Poeyfarre Street between Constance and Annunciation Street.


      The units are of varying sizes and configurations. Some condos have exterior view and some have courtyard views. The common historic features that people love are the exposed brick, large warehouse windows, exposed beams, high ceilings ranging from 14′ to 20′, natural light, wood floors and all the common areas the Cotton Mill has to offer.


     The common areas include a large courtyard of 25,000 sq. ft. of space with trees, tables, a pool, walkways in the middle of the complex. There is a secure lobby that is manned 24 hours per day. An on site manager and staff that does a great job. There is a large gym, bike storage area, meeting room next to the pool.


     The large windows feature city views and views of the courtyard. Even number units have courtyard views while odd number units have city views. Most units have at least two large windows that are at least 6 ft. by 10  ft. on the exposed brick wall. This give the units what I call a true warehouse feel.


    The location in the New Orleans Warehouse District is a block from the World War II Museum, several blocks to the Convention Center, a longer walk to the Superdome, Smoothie King Arena and the French Quarter.


     Take a look at the photos below to get a feel for the complex.  There is no parking but there are several lots adjacent to the building where you can park on a month to month basis. I have had clients who parked on the street for years however. The condo fees are moderate and you get a lot of common area for the money. The building is well-kept up and you have had ongoing improvements over the last 10 years…


     I have sold over thirty condos in the building so could answer most questions that you may have. A Call away, Eric…

289 Cotton Mill Condos,Secure Entrance

289 Cotton Mill Condos,Lobby to Courtyard

289 Cotton Mill Condos,pool

289 Cotton Mill Condos, Pool Yard

289 Cotton Mill Condos,courtyard

289 Cotton Mill Condos,Meeting

289 Cotton Mill Condos, Exposed Brick

Cotton Mill Condos Gym in New Orleans


Cotton Mill Condos, Clock Tower



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The Commodore Condos at 3300 St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Best known for its historic Studio Condos…

3300 St. Charles Avenue 4 Front

3300 St. Charles Ave 4 Front Gate

3300 St. Charles Condo 4 Door

    The Condos at 3300 St. Charles Avenue known as the Commodore Condos and have a high per-centage of studio condos.  There are several one and two bedroom units in the building but most are studios.  most units have parking, wood floors, small separate kitchens, large bathrooms, and decent views.


     The complex is next door to the Fresh Market Grocery near the corner of Louisiana Avenue.  It’s a great location on St. Charles Avenue.  Makes a great place for a small second home and a home for students who do not need a large condo.  Condo fees are reasonable.


    Enjoy the historic courtyard and the park across the street on Toledano Street.  Catch the Streetcar and leave the car at home.  There are  31 units are in three stories with a gated parking area in the rear.


3300 St. Charles 4, Side Entrance.

     This is the side entrance for the condo #4. Just open the gate and the door to the building and this unit is right there. Your living and bedroom are in one room. You have a small kitchen and breakfast area and a large bath by condo standards.


     The units are very energy-efficient and light and bright. This unit is priced at $132,994 with low monthly condo fees of $140 per month which covers water, trash, insurance, up keep of the building and the common areas.  The building is very quiet and is in good shape.

3300 St.. Charles Condo Living 2

3300 St. Charles Condo 2 Living

3300 St. Charles Condo 4 Kitchen

3300 St. Charles Condo Bath

3300 St. Charles 4 Park

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The Elmwood Oaks Condos in Harahan 70123, 832 South Clearview offers some great values with low condo fees and lots of nice common areas.

Elmwood Oaks Condos in Harahan


    The Elmwood Oaks condos were built as condos almost 30 years ago. They are a short walk to all the retail and eating places on Clearview Parkway and retailers in Elmwood Shopping Center. The condos are an easy commute via Jefferson Highway or River Road. Jump on a Earhart Express for an easy commute downtown.


     The 101 units are mainly 2 bedroom units spread over 5 building and 3 floors. Each floor is gated with a security code. There are a few one bedrooms and a few three bedrooms. The first floor units have a private courtyard and the other units have a balcony.  Both have storage outside. Parking is very easy for 2 cars and guests.


      The amenities include a large courtyard and swimming pool . Tennis courts and plenty of common area that is always well maintained.  You have elevators to each floor and easy stairs at each end of the building.


    The condos are well maintained and managed. The association is well-financed. The condo fees are very low ranging from $216-$233 for the two bedroom units.  The condo fees cover the exterior maintained, water,trash, common electricity, yard and pool upkeep. Just a lot of your money.


     If these condos were in Orleans Parish 5-6 miles away they would be 275k to 300k for a condo with this many amenities. The condo fess would be about twice as much. There are 3 condos currently for sale with prices ranging from $114,900 to $135,336. Any of these buys would be cheaper than paying rent at these low-interest rates. Prices have been steady or down for a couple of years.


     Elmwood Oaks is always in my top three for condo associations in Metairie, Harahan, River Ridge areas of East Jefferson.

832 S. Clearview, Elmwood Oaks Condos

832 S. Clearview Condos Walking

832 S. Clearview Condos, The Pool

832 S. Clearview Condos, Courtyard

832 S. Clearview Condos, tennis

832 S. Clearview 336, Top Corner

832 S. Clearview 336 Balcony

832 S. Clearview 336, Parking

832 S. Clearview 336, Elevator

832 S. Clearview 8 miles

Corner Unit #336 in Building 3

832 South Clearview, Elmwood Oaks


      This is a good example of a unit that has been updated with wood floors, freshly painted, new kitchen appliances, new bath vanity, nice fireplace and newer light fixtures. It’s a two bedroom and 1.5 baths on the 3rd floor corner.


The third floor has vaulted ceiling and a private balcony plus a storage closet.  it’s over 1000 sq. ft. of living. Laundry room is full size in the hall. Master bedroom is good size.


    Use the elevator or stairs to the hallway on the third floor.  Enter the code to the floor.  There are 8 units on the floor. This is a corner unit. Both bedroom have windows to the outside overlooking the parking lot. There is a lot to be said of a corner unit on the top floor. This is the most updated unit in the complex. There is also attic space with pull down stairs for extra storage.


832 S. Clearview 336, Fireplace

832 S. Clearview Elmwood Oaks Condos1

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Lakefront Condos in New Orleans are picking up…Things are selling…

7300 Lakeshore Drive, Light House Harbor Condos

Condo sales are picking up in condos that are near the New Orleans Lakefront.  Most of these can be found in Lakeview around Lake Marina Drive and in Jefferson Parish on Old Hammond Highway.  For the longest time things were very slow following Hurricane Katrina.  There was a lot of units for sale for several years.  Now we are seeing sales pick up in all price ranges.

One of the reasons is that Lakeview Real Estate is doing very well.  Many times the condo market lags the housing market. Now it is catching up to the housing market. Another reason is that prices have gone up 20-25% in the downtown area.  They were already about 50% more than the Lakeview area condos.  It’s less than a 15 minute commute to downtown and the French Quarter.  Most of the condos in Lakeview are near the New Orleans Marina Area.

It is normal to have the “Ripple Effect” where when one area gets hot and prices go up it makes the adjacent area to begin to get noticed and also see sales rise.  This is what is happening now.  Add into the equation that Lakeview has been a very good housing market for the last three years…You can see why the sales are picking up.

You can see all the units for sale in Lakeview Condos For Sale.  The high-rise condos will have views of Lake Pontchartrain.  These are generally more expensive and larger units.  All the condo associations will have easy access to the lake and Marina, like 100 yards away.

500 Lake Marina Drive, Harborview Condos

318 Lake Marina Dr. Pier Eight Condos

232 Lake Marina Drive, The Marseilles Condos

Lakefront Condo on the Water Lakeview

300 Lake Marina Dr. Marina Towers Condos

Jefferson Parish Lakefront Condos

The two complexes on the Lake are the Pontchartrain Place Condos at 420 Old Hammond Highway and the Fleu Du Lac Condos at 400 Old Hammond Highway.

The Fleur Du Lac Condo are higher end condos.  Here is a quick view of a sideshow of the unit currently for sale .Fleu Du Lac Condo for Sale.  These units were built as condos after 2000 and  are large units with balconies, garage parking plus one.  Secure entrance, well-managed, pool, meeting rooms, storage units, kitchen, and much more.  Most owners live here full-time or part of the year. Seven stories with all the units on one level.  Some units face the lake but all have patios.

400 Old Hammond Hwy, Fleur du Lac Condos

     Pontchartrain Place Condos are a winner in my book.  You can still buy something here below 200k.  All units have garage parking on first floor with a storage unit for each unit. Plenty of guest parking.  What makes the complex great is the great views, common areas, pool, hot tub, clubhouse, well maintained common areas.  Some of the units will be dated but can be upgraded quickly and easily. Just not a lot on the market in the complex right now.

420 Old Hammond Pontchartrain Place Condos

420 Old Hammond Highway, 329, Pontchartrain Place Condos

420 Old Hammond Highway 123, Common areas, Pontchartrain Place Condos

420 Old Hammond Highway, 329 , Courtyard views

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The Condo Association Meetings….And Why is it Important?..

Most condo associations have an annual meeting as per the by laws of the condo association .  Some may have more than that.  Most New Orleans condo associations have a formal business meeting at least once a year for the larger condo associations and less formal for the small associations.  This where they elect officers for the coming year.  They approve the budget for the coming year.  They talk about present and future issues of the condo association.

The owners vote by their percentage  ownership in the condo the condo association. Meaning the larger units get a slightly larger vote.  It’s like the condo fees where larger units pay more since they are larger.  It also gives many out of town owners a chance to meet other owners to exchange ideas and ask about the direction of the association.

As a buyer in the condo association it is important to know what the owners talked about. Are they thinking about raising the fees in the near future. Are they close to assessing the owners for major projects in the future.  Are future expenditures for overdue maintenance or does it add to the improved lifestyle of the  condos.  It is good to review the last two meeting via the condo association’s minutes and budget so you can get a glimpse of the past year and into the future years.

    I am an owner of a condo in Orange Beach and have been attending the meetings for the last couple of years.  One of the main topics is building up the reserves of the condo association to a Million dollars from $700,000.  The condo fees include a month charge for this unit the goal is reached. In 2.5 years the goal will be reached.  Then we can vote on cutting the fees or adding things to the association that adds value to all.  
    There is always a lot of discussion about adding things to the common areas to give them a fresh look or to make them more enjoyable for all the owners.  Over time each condo association takes on a culture of its own depending on what the owners want.  This always happens once the developer turns it over to the owners and they come up with their own ideas and begin to implement them several years later…

1111 S. Peters, Bakery Condos, Pool Courtyard

1111 S. Peters, Bakery Condos, Elevator

333 Julia Street, Julia Place Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District

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The “Bakery Condos” in the New Orleans Warehouse District, Yes it was once a Bakery…

1111 S. Peters, Bakery Condos Front

The Bakery Condos located at 1111 S. Peters in the Warehouse District of New Orleans was once a Holsum  Bakery.  It was turned into apartments and then into condos about 10 years ago.  You can still see the ovens in many of the units.

The roughly 65 units are generally smaller size units than many other complexes in the Warehouse District.  One thing that sets it apart is that almost all the units have parking in a garage or secure lot behind the building.

The units were converted into condos about 10-12 years ago.  recently it has been upgraded with painting of the atrium area and much more.  Condo Complexes all need a cosmetic face lift about every 10 years.  The condo association has become very active with various upgrades and have become self managed recently.  It has made a big difference in the appearance of the common areas.  Looks so clean and refreshing….

1111 S. Peters, Bakery Condos, Elevator

1111 S. Peters Bakery Condos, Atrium Courtyard

     The four-story building has elevators near the front gate and stairs as well.  There is a small gym on the first floor and a patio and pool on the third floor in the rear of the complex. It’s a great area to meet your neighbors and grill.  Plenty of tables and chairs by the pool for this.

      You are a few blocks from the interstate and Mississippi River Bridge.  You are across the street on S. Peters from a park.  Th Convention Center is across the park.  It’s an easy walk to the French Quarter, The Super Dome, Fulton Street, and all things in the Warehouse District.

1111 S. Peters, Bakery Condos, Pool Courtyard

1111 S. Peters, Bakery Condos, Park

Condo #409 On the Market

Listed at $309,409 this is the least expensive 2 bedroom condo in the Warehouse District.  it is a top floor corner unit overlooking the pool and patio area of the Bakery. It has garage parking for one car. The condo is about 975 sq. ft. of living and is a tow bedroom and one bath.

The unit #409 features lots of windows with plenty of natural light and wood floors, brick walls, high ceilings and is a corner condo. Both bedrooms are on the second floor.  The condo fees are moderate.  Water, Insurance, Exterior Upkeep and amenities are all included in the monthly condo fees.

1111 S.

1111 S. Peters #409, Bakery Condos, living  and windows

1111 S. Peters #409, Bakery Condos, Kitchen

1111 S. Peters, Bakery Condo, Origional Floors

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A Neighborhood Condo in Uptown New Orleans, 1027 Leotine Unit A….

     What is a Neighborhood Condo ?

One of my favorite styles of New Orleans Condos is what I call the neighborhood condo.  This is a small condo complex that was once a multifamily rental turned into several condos.  What makes these so special is that they can be found in Upscale neighborhoods in Uptown New Orleans.  You can often find homes worth over a million dollars or more down the street from you neighborhood condo.

These are usually within walking distance of Magazine Street and St. Charles Ave. I love to walk the neighborhoods and show you the variety of homes you can find within a few blocks of my latest listing of mine on Leontine Street. You can walk to shops, restaurants, bars, and the streetcar lines. Just a lot of great things to do.

Usually the neighborhood condos have a lot of historic character. Lots of windows, wood floors, high ceilings, lots of natural light, fireplaces, old doors and just a lot of features that homes had in them 100 years ago. Parking is usually not an issue in the neighborhood as you would find in the French Quarter or Warehouse District.

If you enjoy walking then you would really like to walk the neighborhood as I had last week. I will share with you the variety of homes within several blocks of 1027 Leontine which is between Prytania and Magazine Street. I will share the neighborhood with you and talk about the condo in the next blog. Just some shots of the homes, gardens and the variety of homes in the neighborhood.

For all these reason I think this type of condo will continue to be popular in New Orleans and the various neighborhoods where they can be found…

1027 Leontine Street in the

New Orleans Uptown Neighborhood

1027 Leontine Condo, Front, Uptown New Orleans

The Neighborhood Condo’s Neighborhood

New Orleans Home, Unique Coloring, All White

Uptown New Orleans Homes in a Row...

 Uptown Home with large Yard....

Uptown Street of New Orleans Homes

Porches and Flags in New Orleans Uptown Homes

Uptown Home with red door and Crepe Myrtles

    Always some interesting sights besides the beautiful homes and yards. A few skeletons getting ready for Halloween.  An historic car like this Model A Ford parked in the neighborhood. Where else would you find so many cool things to see and photograph.  All within 15 minute walk of the neighborhood condo…..

Skeletons show up early in 2014, New Orleans Homes

Historic Homes and Cars in New Orleans

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Mardi Gras Time in the French Quarter….This was the Friday before….

     I forgot to publish this one after Mardi Gras.  It is nice to look back on the cool weather and colorful costumes.  This is one of the reasons people come to New Orleans and then want to keep coming back for more.

Mardi Gras 2014

Diva Girl Parade 2014

Prima Donna's on Balcony

Granny Dances....

Prima Donna's Throwing Beads

Music on Balcony

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New Orleans Condos….How do the Common Areas and Amenities Effect the Value of your Condo..?

     Besides Location, Condition, Size and Parking in the New Orleans Condo Market; Common Areas are becoming a more important factor in value and in demand.  More people want areas where they can relax without going outside the complex.  These amenities are courtyards, pools, gyms, lobbies, atriums and things that add to the pleasure of condo living in the city of New Orleans.

      One of the best ways is to show you the types of things that you will not often see from the outside of the condo complex. So lets take a look at some of my favorite ones….Lets start with the pools.  It is as much as the visual images as people wanting to swim.  Having a pool in the courtyard is so soothing and cooling on a Summer day and we have plenty of those. Water tends to have the relaxing effect…..

     What a great way to meet new people.  A great way to bond with your friends.  Your pets like the outside areas where allowed. If this is a second home then you want and appreciate areas to relax and enjoy family and friends. Most courtyards have grilling areas and grills.  Just bring your own food and drink. No need to drive or dress up if you just have to walk out your door….

     Take a look at some of the condo complexes and see what you are missing or have not seen what some of the common areas look like.  The better the areas are kept up then the more valuable in the long run.  Most are well kept and clean everyday.  You do pay for these in your condo fees.

Condos on Chartres Street, Pool and Courtyard

French Condos On Chartres

837 Royal Street L, Courtyard and Mini Pool

French Quarter Condos on Royal Street

917 Toulouse Condo Association , New Orleans French Quarter

French Quarter Condos on Toulouse

420 Old Hammond Highway, 329 , Courtyard views

Pontchartrain Place Condos in Metairie

3915 St. Charles Ave. Condos, View from front Door. St. Charles Gardens Condos

3915 St. Charles Ave., St Charles Gardens

3126 Edenborn Condo, Pool and Patio

Villa D’ Orleans, Edenborn in Metairie

448 Julia Street Condos, Roof Top Views

Gallery Row Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District

1107 S. Peters, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Gym and Pool

Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Warehouse District

1107 S. Peters, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Courtyard

Federal Fibre Mills Courtyards

1750 St. Charles Ave. 639 Large Courtyard

1750 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans

448 Julia Street Condo, Gallery Row Condos, Courtyard

448 Julia Street, New Orleans Warehouse District

3300 St. Charles Ave, Commodore Condos in New Orleans3300 St. Charles Avenue Condo Entrance

700 S. Peters Condos, First floor Atrium700 S. Peters Condos, Light and Atrium

837 Royal Street L,Courtyard and Pool. French Quarter Condos

817 Royal Street Condos, Courtyard and Fountains

1107 413 Federal Fibre Mill Condos, Lobby

Federal Fibre Mills Condos, The Lobby

333 Julia Street 213, Julia Place Condos Club house on Roof

Rooftop at Julia Place, Warehouse District

Federal Fibre Mills Gym, New Orleans Warehouse District Condos

3915 St. Charles Ave. Gym and workout room. St. Charles Gardens

Metroview Condos, Balconies with Ken, Metairie Condos

Cotton Mill Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District, Front door 920

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Gallery Row Condos, 448 Julia Street in the New Orleans Warehouse District, Plus a Studio Penthouse

        I just got a new listing in this complex and thought it was a good time to revisit the Gallery Row Condos on Julia Street and show you my new listing.  The 448 Julia Street Condos are steps from Magazine Street and in the center of the New Orleans Warehouse District.

     The Gallery Row Condos are at least 4 building that almost over the 400 Block on Julia Street.  The 2 front buildings that face Julia Street are the oldest of the building. Behind these two historic structures are two more building built at a later date when the building were apartments.  There is also a large garage on the first floor and a lot on Magazine Street for the residents.  Almost every unit has a parking spot.

    The 49 units in the condo association are different as it covers 4 buildings.  Some will have large windows, exposed brick and beams, high ceilings while others will not.  Most of the units are one bedrooms but there will be some 2 bedrooms.  The moderate condo fees have always been a plus.

448 Julia Street Condos, Gallery Row 400

     The Gallery Row Condos have had some nice upgrades lately with new tile and paint in the hallways from the entrance to all the hallways.  This has to happen about every ten years to give the complex an uplift and a nice clean look.  This is the way the complex increases in value and demand.  Few buyers want an old and funky look.  See the photo below with the new tile in hallways going to elevators.

     The 448 Julia Condos features a nice roof top viewing area with small pool.  A great place to get a 360 degree view of the city.  A place to grill and relax.  There are several courtyards between the buildings that are neat and well-kept.  There is a small gym on the first floor.  A secure entrance to complex and garage will give you that secure feeling.

448 Julia Street Condos, Elevator , Gallery Row Condos

448 Julia Street Condo, Gallery Row Condos, Courtyard

448 Julia Street Condos, Roof Top Views

448 Julia Street, Gallery Row Condos Map

Gallery Row Condos #400

New Orleans Warehouse District

A Studio Penthouse, $149,448

448 Julia Street #400 Penthouse, Gallery Row Condos

    Yes, it is small studio with a great location on top of the building.  Great views and steps from the pool and rooftop viewing deck.  You are all alone with no neighbors.  You have everything you want for a weekend place in the heart of the Warehouse District.  Easy to clean and take care of as it all in one room with a bath and small kitchen. The present owners come in on weekends and events and park in a pay for park  lot behind the condo complex.

    The area of Julia and Magazine is always fairly busy as the World War II Museum is down Magazine and the Childern’s Museum is in the next block on Julia. The Convention Center and new Outlet Mall is 4 blocks away and the French Quarter is 8 blocks away.  Right now this is the only unit for under 200k for sale in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.

     It is one of a kind since there are few units this small. I have never seen one as a studio on the top of the building like this one.  There are very few studio condos in the Warehouse District but this is one that has location, location and location going for it.  There are many small units in the French Quarter like this one but none will have city views like this one. They are slave quarter units in the back of a larger building.

448 Julia Street Condos, Gallery Row Condos, Bedroom

448 Julia Place Condos, Gallery Row  Condos, Front Door

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