New Orleans Property Taxes

     New Orleans is Orleans Parish.  The taxes in Orleans Parish are collected in advance.  For example the taxes for 2010 are due by Jan. 31, 2010.

   Homestead Exemption  – If this is your residence, home or condo you will get a homestead exemption on your property of $75,000.  It is worth $1048.80 to you if you file for it with the assessor.

 Fire and Police Add on. – $68.93 on the first 75k of value.  No homestead exemption.

The millage rates are as follows

East Bank New Orleans   .13984

West Bank  New Orleans .14093

Example for New Orleans

$200,000 Sales Price x 10% is  $20,000 Accessed Value

$20,0oo less $7500 exemption is $12,500 Tax Value

12,500x.13984 millage rate is $1748 Property Tax

Then add $1748 plus $68.93 for Police and Fire for Total Tax $1816.93

      Property taxes are deductible on your state and federal taxes.  The taxes will be based on your sales price.  The first year will be generally based on the sellers valuation which is usually lower than the new sales price.  A person can only have one Homestead Exemption in Louisiana. 

    Since you your taxes in advance you will get a prorated share back at the sale for your unused portion of the bill.  If you lived there 6 months then you will get 6 months back.   View the Property Tax Viewer for New Orleans.  You may have to spell the Street  several different ways.

      Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Bernard, St. Charles Parishes are all paid in arrears or for the year that just passed.  You get the Homestead Exemption in each parish. Exact Millages to Follow.




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