Listing Your Condo


Pricing Your Condo correctly in the beginning

 Price to sell your unit in the beginning,will mean less in the end.

  1.  Make comparisons in your complex first.  How does your unit compare?
  2.  Buyers will look at several units in several buildings before deciding.
  3.  Pricing of intangibles views, layout, type of unit, location within the building,
  4.    Parking, amenities, security, ceilings, floor plan, kitchen and baths.
  5.  Buyers will shop a price range and being out of your price range is not good.

 · Condition of your Condo-Make it appealing

  1.  What can be done to make the unit sell faster, is it worth the expense.
  2.  Cosmetic changes are well worth the money.  Be professional.
  3.  Make repairs first, Spend $1000 to make $2000.
  4.  Staging or making it a showplace does matter, keep it clean.
  5.  Tenants will cost you money most of the time on the sales price.
  6.  What are the trends in the area for this price range.
  7.     Let the Buyers know the type of money you have spent, or else they do not know. 

 · Public exposure-Advertising

  1.  Traditional News paper ads are a waste and a waste of money.
  2.  Superior Photos are a must, buyers shop the internet, Its  8 nice photos.
  3.  Internet Ads– websites, blogs, Craigs list, Company Realtor sites.
  4.  Exposure in the complex, flyers and maybe open houses.
  5.  Exposure of the complex, what does it have, condo fees cover?
  6.  Is the condo easy to show, agents pick units that are easy to show. 

· Condo Fees– What do you get for the fees

  1.  Cost of energy, parking, pools, courtyard, secure entrance, elevators 

· Timing of the Listing is Important-

  1.    This is tough but get it on the market before the season. April to August. 

· Commissions– Sales Commissions are negotiable

  1.  You need to be competitive on commission rates, being too low can be costly.
  2.  Commissions are split between selling and listing agents and their companies.  

E-mail Eric to get a value for your condo.

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