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Lucy’s in the New Orleans Warehouse District, Time to Enjoy!!

Lucy's Bar and Grill in New Orleans Warehouse District

      Most people that have been to the New Orleans Warehouse District have been to Lucy’s on Girod and Tchoupitoulas Street  or should go soon.  Its a New Orleans Life Style Thing where you can walk to the neighborhood bar and grill to meet or just relax, talk  and watch people having a good time.

    If you live in the Warehouse District its just a walk away, no need to get in your car and drive.    The food and drinks are reasonable as well.  They get a lot of local business and business from our many conventions as it is several blocks from many hotels and the New Orleans Convention Center. You could want to the French Quarter but this has the neighborhood feel.  You are bound to see someone you know. 

   I have always enjoyed the service and the variety of food they offer.  Lucy’s is a good choice for that cold beer and a quick lunch or dinner.

     The residential Warehouse District is largely made up of condos.  There are many other places that I can highlight but Lucy’s is one of the first places to be here and has a history with the locals.  The area is very walkable and could probably mention 25 worthwhile places to visit in the area. One of the first articles I wrote when I started this Blog on  High Walking Scores for New Orleans.  It has even gotten better since that time.


Lucy's New Orleans Warehouse District, Eat and Drink

Lucy's New Orleans Warehouse District, Serving Girl

Lucy's, New Orleans Warehouse District

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Creole Creamery, New Orleans Ice Cream at its Best! Take a Break!

        Need a break from real estate shopping or just want a New Orleans Ice Cream experience then stop at the Creole Creamery located at 4924 Prytania Street, New Orleans.  Its a good experience that you will remember.  Its hard to visit only once,  most people return again and again.  Treat yourself after a long walk or tough day.

     W hen its 90 degrees and 100% humidity,  the ice cream just tastes better.



    There are an assortment of flavors from which to chose.  You need to be brave and pick something that you have never tried.  I like the waffle cones but then that is my taste.  The open at noon daily.  Once a bakery now an ice cream shop.  New Orleans is great at recycling icons from the past.


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Russells Marina Grill, New Orleans Lakefront- Its breakfast any time of the day!

     New Orleans has a lot of local places but not that many in the Lakefront near Lake Pontchtrain area since Katrina.  An easy drive from downtown in Lake View across from the New Orleans Marina you can find Russell’s Marina Grill at 8555 Pontchartrain Blvd.  The new version since Katrina is always a good spot.  I go because I like breakfast anytime of day.  This is no Denny’s and always has great service and plenty of ice tea.

    The entrance to the Marina is yards away from Russell’s Marina Grill.  This is one of New Orleans the few places still on the lake.  You will see some condo high rises in the background.  There are 7-8 complexes with walling distance to the Marina for the many people who like to be near the.   The New Orleans Lake Front offers an endless compliment of  boating and recreational opportunities. 

“Perched near the near the start of Lakeshore Drive, Russell’s fits right in with the “harbor” vibe of the whole area. Large windows wrap around the entire dining room giving it a nice wide-open feel. The pastel color scheme and aquatic-motif are a bit misleading, because at first glance Russell’s doesn’t really look like a spot that could dish up some mean omelets. But isn’t underestimation a treat nowadays?

The best way I can sum up the feel of Russell’s is that it almost makes you feel healthy, while you’re knoshing on bacon and eggs. (A feat I wish every place could pull off given my dining habits.)” from a recent article on

   The wait staff is always pleasant and on top of there toes. They have plenty of regulars.  Parking is easy.  Its also easy to just take a walk across the street to the Marina or to the Lakefront a couple of blocks away.  Prices are reasonable and there is a good chance you will see someone that you know.

Russells Marina Grill, New Orleans Lakefront Condos

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Zea’s Rotisserie and Grill another New Orleans Treat, a must eat!

Zea’s Rotisserie and Grill in Harahan was the first location in 1997 and has been growing since that time.  It was converted from an old Toddle House and has developed into  another New Orleans experience in cooking.  This has been one of my favorites since that time.  Its like you do not want to try anything new.  I like the Thai Ribs, corn grits and dirty rice and that is generally what I tend to order.  A half rack should fill any person up. You can get flavored tea or regular tea and its just plain good.  I will try the varieties of tea as a change.

Yes, I have tried the salads and the trout but I come back to what brought me here. The Ribs as they fall of the bone in the tasty sauce.  I can never remember having something that I have not liked at Zea’s.  Now there are several locations and they have expanded outside of Louisiana.  In New Orleans and surrounding areas people do go to places that have great food.  Its good at lunch or dinner.

Zea’s is also smart.  Every year around the holidays the sell gift certificates  for 20% off for the following year.  I guess they think people are going to lose them or they will go unused, however I know where mine are and it give me a great excuse to go again.  You can get the meals to go which a lot of people do at the origional location.  Its come a long way since the Toddle House. See you there? We can talk about New Orleans Condos!

Zea’s in River Ridge

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New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company, New Menu

     New Orleans likes a good lunch  and agents like a variety of food .  New Orleans Hamburgers has an updated menu and have changed their approach since 2007.  More importantly the food remains good.  The best choices are the basic hamburger or the shrimp po-boy in my opinion.  You can put whatever fixings you want on them at a hamburger bar, bacon bits, tomato’s, lettuce, cheese, pickles and whatever.

     The variety of ice tea has also expanded.  If  you are not super hungry its easy to split an entree with  another person.   The other popular item is the shrimp po-boy with the popcorn shrimp lightly battered and not overcooked.  You get something like 80 shrimp in the regular size so its easy to split into two.   I tend to like them with cheese and bacon bits  with mayo.  it another one of our many choices that we have in the New Orleans Market.   

     In New Orleans Realtors are always looking for a good place to eat.  If we are going to get overweight its not going to be at Wendy’s or the Golden Arches.  they have several locations in Jefferson Parish.  Most likely the most popular one is on Veterans near the Orleans Parish line.  They have been very consistent in their food and that is why they get a lot of return business from the locals. There are 3 locations in East Jefferson and one in Houma. check out the site.

      New Orleans Hamburgers Website  


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Crabby Jack’s in Old Jefferson, Its the King Shrimp Po-Boy!

     Crabby Jack’s, located in the four hundred block of Jefferson highway, defines the shrimp po-boy.  The decor is neighborhood classic, concrete floors and community tables.  The King Shrimp serves two or more unless you are a big, big eater.  Crabby Jack’s Shrimp Po-BoysThe shrimp are stuffed into the toasted French bread.  When you you open the package at least a dozen plus  shrimp fall out.  These are not farmed shrimp from China but wild shrimp from the waters of the Gulf, a taste unmatched anywhere!  You have to love the batter and the fresh taste which makes you think they were caught yesterday.  Getting a New Orleans po-boy dressed means you want lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo.  Refills are included in the drink price and you can take one to go.  Crabby Jack has made his own plastic Mardi Gras cups with his likeness on the 28 oz. cup.  You ain’t gonna get thirsty here.

     There are other things on the menu, but my choice is always the same, King Shrimp.  Seating at community tables, not uncommon in New Orleans sandwich shops, affords the opportunity to meet new people on each visit.  Trust me some will be characters!  Its an easy drive from Oschner Hospital or anywhere in the Carrollton or University area.  The size of the portions make it a favorite with students.  You will have to check out the decor, lets call it bottle cap art with color.

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