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New Orleans Statues, Some little known? Some well Known! All have a History!

       New Orleans is a city of statues, some in unexpected places, some very well known and others almost  forgotten .  Here are a few that everyone will know and some that you may never seen.  New Orleans has more statues that any city its size in the United States and maybe the world.  That will be another blogs.  You can maybe guess why that is? You may be dead on !


    This one is at St. Elizabeth’s Condos on Napoleon Ave.  This was once an orphanage and home to Anne Rice, the vampire author.

New Orleans Condos, New Orleans Statues

   This one is outside the Louisiana Super Dome remembering the soldiers who fought in Vietnam.

    P.T. Beauregard, a Civil War General outside the entrance to New Orleans City Park. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans-Borders Bookstore Opens Fall of 2008. St. Charles and Louisiana Ave.

    Borders Bookstore on St. Charles Ave will open this Fall in the Crescent City.  It is located on St. Charles Ave. at the corner of Louisiana Ave on the St. Charles Ave Streetcar line.  The bookstore will showcase Louisiana and New Orleans Books, Authors and Music.  The bookstore is notable for several reasons.  It is built on the site of the Baltman Funeral Home which has been at the location since 1943.  The exterior of the building is being preserved as you can see below.  The nine million dollar project will be 24,000 sq. ft  and will be the first chain store on St. Charles Ave.

    The Borders Concept store is within walking distance of many of the condos that I have been selling in the Uptown area over the past couple of years.  It will be a destination place for the locals as well a tourist stop on the Streetcar line.  Outdoor coffee shop and cafe no doubt.  I did a search on the Borders site and they had 2821 New Orleans related Music items and 939 books.  Guess its name that tune over hangman!

     Will see you at the Grand Opening if you are in the area.  Always nice to get an upgrade from a funeral home to a book and music store.

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Inspired Streetcars in New Orleans, Hats off to YLC- Can this idea grow!

    I have been seeing these artworks of streetcars around town in various locations and wanted to investigate further after seeing a couple of more today.  I knew basically what they were but did not realize how many of them are around town.  I wonder if there was a big party or will there be one to conclude the event.  New Orleans is always looking for another way to celebrate art and raise money for a good cause.  I would like a little one for my desk so maybe some will make some models to sell of the favorites.  Just an Idea?

    What does this have to do with real estate?  It shows you the quality of the people who live in New Orleans and that are trying to make it better.  These people are your neighbors and like it here. Check out the Streetcar Art Blog 

Inspired Streetcar New Orleans Warehouse District

Warehouse District Ruths Chris Steakhouse

Inspired Streetcars New Orleans Condos

NEW ORLEANS – November 20, 2007 – The Young Leadership Council (YLC) formally announces the kickoff to A Streetcar Named Inspire, a community art project that will place 200 streetcar?shaped custom creations developed by local artists and sponsored by businesses throughout New Orleans as part of YLC’s ongoing mission to inspire hope throughout the city. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans scores well on the walking score, Check it out!

     The New Orleans Warehouse District scores well on the Walk Score.  Its a neat tool for a couple of smiles and conversations.  The New Orleans French Quarter scores even better.  These neighborhoods existed well before cars, so things had to be close.  You had local markets in neighborhoods and public transport was good because it had to be.  Few families owned cars before 1950 in New Orleans.  Check out the link above and see what your score  neighborhood score is. 

New Orleans Condos, walking is an asset

     One of the nice things about walking is that you get to see the sites.  There will be something for everyone to see.   I am sure the score did not give you the conditions of the streets or the joys of walking in our humid summers. Walking here you can easily work up a sweat which is not all that bad.  In New Orleans you can always dress down, fashion city we are not. 

     The Warehouse District scored a 92 on the test.  The French Quarter a scored 98.  There were no bonus point because you can walk and drink at the same time, it just has to be outside of a bottle.  Its the go cup which may have had it origin in New Orleans.

    The Warehouse District has a lot of small streets and wide sidewalks to make you walks easier.  This is a photo of Lafayette Street several blocks from the Super Dome, several blocks to the French Quarter, several blocks to the Mississippi River.

     You can actually walk across the Mississippi River for free on the New Orleans Algiers  Ferry which is free.  It operates from 6 am till Midnite from Canal Street.  Best way to ride is not to sit down but walk down to where the cars are.  There you get the breeze and the feel of the Mississippi River.  You can walk around while the ferry motors across.  The views are great and you cannot beat the price.  No meter maids will hassle you either.

New Orleans Uptown Walking

     I did not check out the scores in the Uptown 0f New Orleans but I sure they are high as well.  Many people walk for their health in Audubon Park.  Take your dog along and it will become habit forming.

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New Orleans Real Estate, Colors sets us apart! Do we follow the crowds?

      This is part of a recent article on colors of homes in the New Orleans area and how unique many of the homes and condos are.  I have added some of my photos to give you some ideas of the variety.  Historic  New Orleans is blessed to have many such neighborhoods.  Sometimes change is not good.  We should be glad to have such a colorful city. 

     Of course someone is  going to go overboard, its like having that Uncle who listens to a different drummer and sees what others do not.   They too are accepted as the norm in many areas of town.

New Orleans Condos, Variety of Colors

     “Basically, it’s a fairly inoffensive color, easy to paint over, makes decorating very easy and generally no one has an objection,” Sciortino said. “In my opinion, it is rather lackluster and everyone has it.”

     “Whereas the colors in neighborhoods such as the Marigny, Treme and the Bywater reflect more vibrantly colored French-Caribbean traditions, Uptown New Orleans has always tended toward a more subdued color palette, based largely on the architectural styles of the mid-19th to early 20th centuries, said Hilary Irvin, principal architectural historian for the Vieux Carré Commission. But Irvin said the monochromatic trend that has won favor recently Uptown is driven more by fashion than history. Read the rest of this entry »

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Warehouse District Murals, Artwork and the Buildings!

     Living in your downtown condo can be an experience and many people never open their eyes these New Orleans Originals.  I have no idea where the practice started but the area does have quite a few murals painted in the oddest places.  New Orleans also loves flags and banners, its almost seasonal. 

    It could be about music like the Mural painted on corrugated metal outside Howling Wolfe in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  It could be a map of the downtown area painted on the Hilton Garage.  It could be a banner saluting the NBA all-star game. 

     A common theme is pictures of homes, buildings and music.  What else would you want to paint on a house.  Just wanted to share these

New Orleans Warehouse District Murals

Warehouse District

New Orleans NBA All Star Game

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New Orleans Uptown, The Azaleas have bloomed! Living and walking with history!

    One of the great things about living in New Orleans is that the neighborhoods offer unlimited photo opportunities.  I took these on Good Friday because I realised that the azaleas were almost finished blooming.  New Orleans is unique for many reasons, one is the ability to walk from your condo into historic neighborhoods such as the Garden District and Uptown New Orleans.

     The blog can say a lot with the photos and will leave it at that for now. Its always great to walk the neighborhoods before buying so you can see the good and the bad. New Orleans is a great walking town before it gets hot in the June, July, August and September.  Most of the time you never need to water these gardens.  Enjoy your day!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Wednesday at Lafayette Square, it’s your Party and it’s free. Rain or Shine!

      Lafayette Square Wednesday at Lafayette Square is starting on April 2, 2008.  The weekly concert series starts soon so we know Summer is almost here or at least late Spring.  The Lafayette Concert series will run to June 18 th.  The Young Leadership Council runs the annual series with the bands, various food and drink vendors and other vendors.

     The series starts at 5:00 O’clock and runs till 7:30 rain or shine.  Expect the rain to start or end the concert several times during the season.  Its the New Orleans weather where it can rain and shine within an hour.  The park is in the heart of the central business district or the New Orleans Warehouse District.  Its on St. Charles across the street from Gallier Hall and the condos at 625 St. Charles Ave. 

Lafayette Square, Warehouse District

    The Square was named after Lafayette who visited the area in 1825 and covers the entire block.  Parking is easy and available for $3 on Poydras.  The meter maids head home at 6pm if you are looking for street parking.  The schedule is below and feature various local artists and an assortment of vendors trying to separate some money from you.  The park is a great place to eat lunch for those working downtown and want to get away from the concrete. 

      Many times I will tie a visit in when selling Warehouse District Condos as I will likely see some of my old clients.  You can see many of your new neighbors as well.

Lafayette Square, Warehouse District Condos Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans Crescent City Classic, 30 years old and running strong. Another New Orleans tradition

     The New Orleans Crescent City Classic a 10k road race was run over the Easter weekend on Saturday.  As you can tell not everyone including me runs.  Walking at a fast pace and a few photos later I finished the race in time to shower and get ready for an afternoon appointment.  The Classic was 30 years old and still attracted about 18,500 to run, walk and communicate.  There was a group costume contest as well.  Real Estate agents are welcome, you never know what or who you will see.

     The winners finish in under 28 minutes.  The winners are usually from Kenya and are a blur to the camera as they run past.  However they may not get to see that much.  Here is what I saw as the race started.  The race starts in Jackson Square in the French Quarter at 830 am.  I started about 12-13 minutes later as the late arrivals and walkers started.  The photos will be able to tell the story better than I.  Had time for 150 photos so hopefully you can enjoy and get the New Orleans Feel.              

Crescent City Classic Strart

Starting in the French Quarter we quickly move into the Warehouse District

Crescent City Downtown

Well, what can you say! We head downtown! Read the rest of this entry »

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French Quarter Condos, Zeus,Debra and Anne explore the French Quarter, Dog day Out!

 General NewsPeople are not the only lovers of the French Quarter and Warehouse District of New Orleans. After a long week of indoor confinement, our dog, Zeus, decides it is time for a “dog day” outside… and that means Deb and me finding some entertainment for the old boy – or else. Woof.

     We aren’t sure of the dog-friendliness of our neighborhood, or the French Quarter. One thing we do know for sure is that dogs are welcome and loved at the Cotton Mills condominiums.

     Our building is full of dogs – from small yappy ones to full-blown great danes. A favorite is the shiny black lab, Boo-Ray, who lives across the courtyard and spins in circles with glee when he’s released outside. His owner is friendly, giving us a wave and a smile when we take Zeus out to play, and dozens of other pups populate the halls, stairwells and sidewalks of our cozy co-op.

     But out on the town? We decide to give Zeus a special day, and our mission on a beautiful Saturday morning in March is to show the man of the hour a good time. We’ll have to be creative…

     We start six blocks away from home with breakfast at Lucy’s, our favorite neighborhood pub. We’ve become “regulars” who can now order “the usual” at Lucy’s, so we think it will be a safe test… will our dog be welcome? 

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