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Magazine Street Shopping is Becoming more of a Draw for Tourist, Second Homers Love it…

Magazine Street and Peniston

    I was showing a home on Peniston Street this afternoon near Magazine Street.  Got there a few minutes early so decide to walk around the block. Its easy to see why people like to shop in the area. All the stores are unique and all the people in the stores are so friendly. In just 3 blocks there is so much variety.

     I am selling more condos in these areas as people can do so much just by walking out there door.  Its only 5 blocks from St. Charles.  That is what many of the second home people I am selling enjoy…Not using the car.  They invite friends down for the weekend and they all get out to discover new places to shop, eat, and drink.   Its another reason why the condo market in this area has been great for the last two years.

    As more people discover all the things to do, I predict it will become even more popular.  The prices are much less expensive than the French Quarter and the Warehouse District.  You just get more for your money here.  The area is so compact its easy to get to all areas of town from here.

    Magazine Street extends from Canal Street and runs parallel to  St. Charles unit it hits River Road right after going through Audubon Park.

Magazine Street Shops

Magazine Street Shopping, Curtaain Exchange

Magazine Street 3900, Magazine Street Shopping

Magazine Street Court Streetcar

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New Orleans Condos, Few Complexes Started out as Condos…Interesting Histories Indeed !


     The Federal Fibre Mills at 1107 S. Peters was a rope factory completed in 1903.  It made all sorts of ropes for the transportation industry and manufacturers that used rope.  It was renovated in the early 1980’s to become a center piece of the 1984 World Fair that was held in New Orleans.  The mono-rail ran through the building and also hosted the German Beer Garden.  It also housed workers for the Fair.  It later became one of the first conversions for downtown living in the New Orleans for condos.  Today it remains one of my favorite complexes.

     The developer once again tried to give you that warehouse feel with exposed beams, exposed brick, high ceilings, lots of natural light and natural wood.  The 140 units have the amenities of the Worlds Fair to enjoy.  A great lobby, A great courtyard and pool, and some great views of the city.  Few buildings in the 1900 time period were larger than 5 stories that were used in manufacturing.


     The Condos that are now The Julia Place Condos at 333 Julia Street in the New Orleans Warehouse District was once a bag factory built in the 1880’s.  They were apartments before being converted into condos in 2005.  The are all a little different in floor plans.  Garage and Lot parking for about 85% of the units on the first floor and adjacent lot.

     The Bemis Bag company made cloth and burlap bags that were used in shipping raw materials.  Coffee, Cotton, Corn, Rice, Wheat were all loaded on barges and ships in this time period.  New Orleans was a large port city so the bag factory was necessary for shipping on the steamboats and rail that came to the City of New Orleans. They needed large windows for natural light and high ceilings for the large equipment that was used in making bags.

Cotton Mill Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District Exterior

    The Cotton Mill Condos at 920 Poeyfarre in the New Orleans Warehouse District are aptly named as this was a 1900 Cotton Mill.  This building covers a city block.  The large windows were for natural light so the worker could see better.  It was near the Mississippi River so the raw materials were easy to transport down river from points North.

It now has 288 units in the condo complex.  It was converted into apartments in the late 1990’s before being converted to condos in 2004.  Today it is one of the larger complexes in New Orleans.  People love the high ceiling’s of 18 ft, large windows, exposed beams and exposed brick. It is a true Warehouse feel.

Magazine Street Condos in New Orleans

     This is an old home on Magazine Street near the Garden District that was converted into apartments  and later into historic  condos in 2007.  It has 5 units.  Most of these old homes are small complexes.  The developer did what he could to make each unit feel like it could have been in the 1880’s with wood plank floors, high ceilings, large windows, brick walkways, porches and galleries that fit the period.  Plenty of attention to detail.  It has parking in the rear. I call these neighborhood condos as they seem to fit right in the neighborhood.

Uptown New Orleans School House turned into condos on Coliseum

    Another one of my favorites condo complexes in Uptown New Orleans is this old school-house that were turned into condos on Coliseum Street.  How would you like to live in an old classroom. The wide halls let you know it was once a school-house.  The units tend to be different from each other.  The units have parking around the building.  They have a modern feel with a touch of history as this was more than likely built in about 1920’s. Its in a neighborhood surrounded by single family homes and an easy walk to Prytania that was once a neighborhood shopping area as it is today.

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The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans at Christmas, A Must See……

Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans1

       The Roosevelt Hotel was first opened in 1893 and was known as the ” The Grunewald”.  It was not named the Roosevelt until 1923 and was named after President Teddy Roosevelt.  The Hotel now has 504 rooms. It is located a block off Canal Street at 123 Barone Street.

    “When it was the Grunewald Hotel it hosted “The Cave”, considered by some the first nightclub in the United States. It featured waterfalls, stalactites, and chorus girls dancing to Dixieland jazz. As the Roosevelt, a new night club, “The Blue Room”, was opened and was long a well known venue of nationally touring musical acts.”

     I know it as a great place to visit during the Christmas holidays as they put so much in the decorations and lights.  It has changed over the years and most of us oldies remember all the angel hair floss.  Decorations move on and I think the present day decor is great.  Its a must see when you visit New Orleans during the Christmas Holidays.

    Its so cool that I am organizing a hotel tour before Christmas where we walk to 4-5 hotels to view their decorations and of course stop for a drink at each along the way. Its such a great value and you get a lot of walking and talking in between stops and drinks…..Photos will b allowed along the way….

Christmas at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans

Roosevelt Hotel Door

Roosevelt Hotel Entry in New Orleans

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Jackson Square in New Orleans Remains a Center of Attention for Tourist and Owners of French Quarter Condos

   Jackson Square in New Orleans remains the center of the French Quarter and is one of the cities most visited places.  Almost everyone that has ever come to New Orleans has been here.  It was once known as the Plaza d Arms when it was the center of the Spanish and French Rule in the 1700’s.  Established in the bend of the Mississippi River, New Orleans became known as the Crescent City.

Today the Square is history come alive with all sorts of activities from Artist, Street Performers, Unique Shops, Street Bands, Eats, Drinks, Museums and the visitors themselves.  Just look at some of the sites that we are so lucky to have…

       Everybody that sell a condo to in the French Quarter wants to be near Jackson Square.  The closest you tend to get the more the prices do go you.  A lot of clients want to be between Bourbon and Decatur as this is what they tend to know the most.  Of course there are nice condos and homes all over the French Quarter.

St. Louis Cathedral Getting Dark

Jackson Square Girl, She is Good...OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jackson Square, Black and White


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New Streetcar line will spur developement even more in Warehouse District, French Quarter and Marigny

    The new streetcar line that will run 2.5 miles down Loyola from the Train Station will run through the Warehouse Distirct, French Quarter, Treme, Marigny, and the Bywater neighborhoods of New Orleans. It is currently under construction and would expect these lines to be ready for the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2013.  I think this is a perfect fit for our city.  Streetcars just make our city have that sense of history and will provide another tourist attraction as well as transportation for the local community.

New Streetcar line map

      How will this effect the real estate values in the areas? It is one of the best developments that can help the real estate market and condos in particular.  The Warehouse District is moving this way towards the Super Dome, New Orleans Arena, New Hyatt Hotel, Champions Square and the Benson Mall next to the Champions Square.  This will just make it more friendly to leave your car and ride to the French Quarter and points beyond.

    The impact on the French Quarter will also be great for Burgundy Street, N. Rampart and Esplanade.  It will really give notice to the Marigny as a place to live and enjoy.  This is a natural that will pay for it self but also spur development along the route.  You can see this along the Canal Route as well. It would have been much further along except Katrina came along in 2005.  However now its better than ever. But now Mid City is doing quite well.

      The new lines along with some two of the largest  projects ever in New Orleans  such as the new VA hospitaland LSU Medical Center are  going to be a magent for these areas.  A certain per centage of people employed along the route will want to live in the area.  We already see a shortage of condos and would expect it to grow as these projects come on line.  The streetcars will just add to the quality of life that enjoy Urban Living.

    This does not count all the spin off business that will employ even more people in the general area.  So if you have been thinking of a primary residence or a second home, now may be the time to invest with rates at 3.5% before all these projects come on line.  I am convinced enough to start looking myslf as I could see an entirely different look to the areas along the New Orleans Streetcar Lines. 

    Then they are just fun to ride while leaving the car parked.  Project this to be a must for all tourist that come to town.  Many have never been to these areas before.  Riding the line as the Saitns win the Super Bowl can be remember forever. Geaux Saints….Get an all day pass or just pay the $1.25

New Orleans Streetcar on Canal Street at Night.


Streetcar in the New orleans Warehouse District

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Warehouse District Today, 75 cent Sliders and Restoration News at World War II Museum…

World War II Museum, Restoration Pavilion

World War II Museum, New addition 2011

      The John Kushner Restoration Pavilion has just opened this past weekend at the World War II Museum on Magazine Street in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.  It is a ” big garage” where World War II relics brought back to life through restoration.  It allows the public to watch the process.  They are currently restoring a PT boat for all to see.  Really a great idea and much more than a simple garage. 

World War II Museum, On sale 3-6pm 

World War II Museum, Free Parking

      The other great new is free parking and a Happy Hour with Sliders for $.75 and a Happy Hour.  Sit in an air conditioned Stage Door Canteen and enjoy yourself while getting a great deal.  I will go back and make it a point to eat several more on on my next trip.

    The City just put parking meters in where they can make a few cents and give out more tickets on the nearby street.  The Stage Door and Museum countered with free parking with food and drinks. The locals and tourist in New Orleans loves this idea.  They will get the word out, get more people introduced to the place, and in the long run bring in more bucks.  Great marketing Idea for the Museum and the same old thing for the City to soak the traffic.  Now which tactic would you favor…..

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Does the New Orleans Saints winning help Real Estate? It Sure does not Hurt!

      I can say with first hand knowledge that with the Saints having several playoff games has greatly increased the interest in buying in the Warehouse District in particular.  I have been showing several clients who want second homes where they can come to New Orleans for the games and to enjoy what the City of New Orleans has to offer.  They all expressed an interest in living in the area on a part time basis.

      Most of the press has been very positive for the City of New Orleans and the fan base that extends along the gulf coast and all of South Louisiana.  They enjoy the people and the lifestyle.  It is totally different from where they are coming from.  I have clients from New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas and other states as well.  Maybe everyone does not want to live by the beach in Florida. 

      Now if the local politicians could begin to court these clients as well with upgrades to the infrastructure.  These are great tax paying clients that will take part in the rebuilding of downtown New Orleans.  It ends up helping everyone and gives us many more helpers plus the cash.  Maybe the next Mayor will see this as a positive and push for the changes that are needed.

      All ask “what does the future holds for the city”  Maybe the Saints are light a fire under someone to see the light for growth and the new blood that will make the entire area a better place to live.  Enough of the editorial !

     Let’s enjoy the ride until the game in Miami as we are still playing when we are usually talking about a high first round draft choice.  Can you think of all the hours upon hours of Saints talk with Buddy Dilberto and Hap Glaudi about when the Saints go to the Super Bowl. 

 Its Here !  Geaux Saints !! Win !!!

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New Orleans Photos, There are always some great pictures in this area!

    New Orleans always has a lot of homes, streets, parks, shops, plantlife, lifestyles and the people to take photos of.   Take a look and get a feel for New Orleans and what it has to offer.  These are just some of my favorites for this year.

    This is also a great format to show off listings and the neighborhoods of New Orleans that have a variety of lifestyles.  You can also feature all the little features of a listing.  Always on the lookout for new ideas to show off what people want to see.  Photos of real estate.

     Few real estate tidbits this week.  Interest rates are at 5% which are as low as they have been since Spring of 2009.  The Louisiana State Bond money is out and could work  for many new buyers.  We are beginning to see some nice prices as sellers are not fooling around this time of year.  The $8000 tax credit is good till November 30,2009.

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New Orleans Garden District, Unique and certainly Historic !

     Little did we know looking at New Orleans today that a mere 180 years ago New Orleans was very famous city.  It was a  much richer city on the banks of the Mississippi River than it is today.  The odd thing is that New Orleans had the largest population of Free blacks in the the nation before becoming a state in 1820.  Many of the homes in the Garden District were built in this pre-civil war period.

     New Orleans was captured early on in the Civil War and was not burned down like some other Southern Cities.  Maybe because General Sherman was the first President of LSU.  He was not involved  in the capture of New Orleans at that time.

New Orleans Garden District Homes

  ” The population of the city doubled in the 1830s, and by 1840 New Orleans had become the wealthiest and third-most populous city in the nation. It had the largest slave market. Two-thirds of the more than one million slaves brought to the Deep South arrived via the forced migration of the internal slave trade. The money generated by sales of slaves in the Upper South has been estimated at fifteen percent of the value of the staple crop economy.”

      ” The slaves represented half a billion dollars in property, and an ancillary economy grew up around the trade in slaves – for transportation, housing and clothing, fees, etc., estimated at 13.5 percent of the price per person. All this amounted to tens of billions of dollars during the antebellum period, with New Orleans as a prime beneficiary.”  From New Orleans Wikipedia ,  read the rest of the story.

New Orleans Garden District Homes and Condos

     The great thing about the area is you can spend 1/2 day walking in the area viewing the historic homes and its free.  Just do a little homework so you will wander by the correct  homes.  You can take a streetcar to make the trip even more enjoyable.  Guided tours are available for those who do like homework.  The Garden District will give you camera a workout.  These were just random shots that I took on a Spring like day in Jan. 2009

Garden District Homes in New Orleans

      The area is like a Garden so its good to get the home photos  before everything starts growing again. 

      Garden District Condos- Homes can be expensive in the area- You can however get some great condos in the area where you can get the feel of the area at a much lower cost.  The historic condos have been one of the strong points in the New Orleans market.  They are hard to duplicate and the nice buys are still rather hard to find.  Its an area that is worth checking out if you like the feel. 

 New Orleans Garden District Condos-Historic condos and homes are all here! 2512 Magazine Street- the Livaudais House

New Orleans Luxury Condos-St. Elizabeths Condos-1314 Napoleon Ave-Plenty of history here.

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New Orleans Handi-Man, Where are the good ones when you need One? I call Sal!

      When you deal with real estate you need to know how to get things done with people you can trust to do the job.  I use Handy-man on a regular basis when putting units up for sale that need painting, plumbing and general clean up duties done.  You must have your condo or piece of real estate in top shape as there is always a lot of competition.  You want your unit to shine in comparison to others.  I use Sal Cannizaro and have been pleased time and time again.  My clients are more than satisfied.

Get the little thing done that you have been putting off.  People do take notice and begin to wonder if the owner took care of the place.  Make the condo look fresh as you will sell it quicker for more money.

     I firmly believe doing the small things will get you a better price in the long run.  A lot of times its just doing small things that are broken that need repairing.  Painting is always a great return.  The things you do vary by neighborhood and how competitive the particular market is. 

    In dealing with condos the buyers do not want to buy ones that need work.  That is one of the reasons the purchaser is looking for a condo.  If the purchaser can get a good idea from Sal as to the cost then they can maybe save some money then get Sal to do the times after the purchase.  Most of the time you should get more off the price than the fees to upgrade the times you want.  This is in essence sweat equity and it does not have to be your sweat. 

    Sal Cannizaro 504-494-3750 is Handy Man Super Hero, someone I have faith in when it comes to getting the job done large or small with him.  The jobs can be small or larger.  If they are too large he says so.  The estimates are on and he sticks by the numbers.  Sal has a full time job and he works nites and weekends.  Now that is a hustler.  I have really known Sal for over 20 years as we were competitors in the speciality food business and our paths crossed again several years ago.  Its to my benefits to have this contact.

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