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Audubon Trace Condos in Old Jefferson, Some Nice Values and Condos to be Had….

Many buyers like to buy at the top of the market.  The Condos at Audubon Trace in Old Jefferson have bottomed out and become good values for today’s buyers.  They are not Downtown or Uptown but you get so much more for your money.  The Audubon Trace Condos are just not that far out so the values will come back over the next couple of years.  They are much closer to where the prices are almost twice as much.

There are currently several units in the complex for sale that offer good prices with updates and size.  The condo fees  are moderate for what you are getting on the 15 acre complex off River Road and right in front of the Jefferson Playground.

How do I know they are bottoming out?  Condo sales generally follow the housing market in the area that they are located.  The Old Jefferson Housing market is doing very well and has been doing well since March 2013.  I have seen almost all of the listing in the Audubon Trace and have my top three.  One is not listed yet but the other two are on the market and I am sure the sellers are eager to receive an offer.

1104 Audubon Trace Front View

The Audubon Trace Condos are about 2 miles to Elmwood Shopping Complex, one of the largest shopping areas in the New Orleans Metro area.  You are about 2 miles from Oschner Hospital.  You are 15 minutes to Audubon Park and Tulane University.  You are 20 minutes to the Super Dome via Earhart Expessway.  You are several hundred yards to River Road and the Mississippi River.  You are in the middle of a large green space.

1104 Audubon Trace Green Spaces

The Ones I think are the best values are 2921 Audubon Trace which has been totally updated and is a townhouse style on the second and third floors. Its got wood floors, lots of light, a balcony, updated kitchens and baths. Its listed at $212,900 and you just move right in. There are tow other units with the same floor plans but need more updates but are priced at 175k with few and 197k with more updates.

The 1104 Audubon Trace Condo is a great value with 1330 Sq. ft of living with an updated kitchen, large den, balcony, patio off the Master.  Master Bath is somewhat updated. It is price at $182,000 and could be had in the mid $170’s. Its two full baths and two bedrooms. It is a townhouse style with both bedrooms down.  The living area has a balcony and the bedroom opens onto a private patio on ground level.

The 1400 series Audubon Trace is the other one that I like and it has a garage with almost 2000 sq. ft. and an extra bedroom on the top floor. It is priced at $213,000. It has a nice master suite. A patio that opens off the living area that is a short walk to the  swimming pool in the rear of the complex. If you need the space then this is a value with the garage. Check out all the Condos Available at Audubon Trace Condos.

1104 Audubon Trace Pools

Map Audubon Trace, Old Jefferson


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Condos on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans offers a variety of style and choices….

      The one great thing that condos on St. Charles Ave. offers is Location, Location and Location regardless of style and type.  Being on one of the most famous streets in Louisiana plus just having a lot to do on the oldest running streetcar line in America is just two of the neat things about living on the Avenue. 

     You are just so close to so many things as New Orleans is really a compact city.  Ride downtown, walk to Magazine, play golf at Audubon Park, view historic homes aand mansions, and eat and drink to your heart is content.  The excercise the next morning.

     Lets talk about the variety of styles and what to expect up and down the Avenue.

2625 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

      This is a 5 unit complex that was once an old home.  It was converted more than likely inot apartments then into condos.  Here you get the balconies and historic features that you can get from these old homes.  The last sale in the building was the balcony unit which sold for $428,000. It was a  totally updated 2/2 condo of about 1300 square feet.  This is not an everyday find.

2600 St. Charles Ave. Condos, Luxury Condos, New Orleans Condos

     This 6 unit condo complex at 2600 St. Charles Avenue is actually new construction a couple of year old.  They are large unit that sold for well over a million a piece several years ago.  These are residensce and most likely not second homes.  They sure do seem to fit in and look old. That is what makes them so special. 

3201 St. Charles Ave Condos, Front of Building

     The 3201 St. Charles Avenue is a 1970’s apartment complex turned into condos surrounding a reaally nice courtyard.  The 71 unit building is well managed and every unit has parking in the rear. Not much historic about these units but then the prices are one of the mmost reasonable on the Avenue.  The 8 foot ceiling keep them in the apartment anywhere USA feel until you step ino the tropical pool and courtyard.

4239 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

        The 4219 St. Charles Avenue is a 1920’s apartment home converted into condos.  These apartment style condos of which there are about 15-20 of thesescattered around this area of town are really cool and unique.  Most are small complexes 12-20 units.  They tend to have a lot of windows, wood floors, 9-10 foot ceilings, parking, and secure entrances.  The units are structured like 4 plexs have lots of doors to the common areas which are generally a central courtyard. 

7044 St. Charles Ave.Condos, Almedia Uptown Condos

         The 7044 is another example of a 1920’s complex near Audubon Park and close to Tulane University.  Often this is a great place for students and second homes.  Just love this style.

3823 St. Charles. Ave Condos, Luxury Condos, New Orleans Condos

     The 3823 St. Charles are large unit that were meant for full time living.  Residences and they are much larger than most condos with each unit over 2000 sq. ft. of  living.  These units have little turnover so you never see a lot of this style on the market.  There are several of this style on the Avenue and several now for sale. 

1224 St. Charles Avenue Condos, New Orleans Condos

       This may be one of a kind in that it is a very recent conversion at 1224 St. Charles Avenue several blocks from Lee Circle.  It was an old folks home turned into small condos.  Priced from 150-180.  They all have parking.  The bottom floor is commercial.  There is a courtyard, gym and other common areas to enjoy.  All utilities are included in the condo fees which is not the norm but still reasonable since the units are small. 

   The condo documents say the units cannot be leased for periods less than a year which is not the norm either.  The prices are good so they sold oout in about 18 months in a bad market.

     You can also view many of the other New Orleans Condo Complexes on St. Charles Avenue  on a special page that I am constructing. Not yet finished but will show you even more variety of what you can expect to find in this segment.  No shortage on variety.

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The 1920’s New Orleans Apartment Conversions are Unique and Tend to have Great Locations

     The conversions of 1920’s apartment into condos has always been fascinating to me.  Thay all seem to have some neat features that make them ideal conversions into condos.  The majority of the complexes are one bedroom with a few two bedroom units.  Most of the condos are in the uptown area near or on St. Charles Ave, See St. Charles Ave. Condos.  I think it was to be close to the streetcar line as many did not have cars of their own in those days.

      All seem to have multiple entrances into hallways that have the units off of a large foyer.  Many have 4-6 units in a pod with their own entrance.  I think was happening at a time when women were beginning to work outside the home and needed places that were well protected and safe.  The all have enough windows that allow for a lot of natural light.  The best views are of course the views that look out on St. Charles Ave.

     The one that I have pictured below are all on St. Charles Ave. but they will be scattered in the Uptown neighborhoods.  They all have special details that do set them apart from each other as you can see by the variety of looks shown below.

    Many now make excellent second homes and great places to be for students going to the local schools as they are close to Tulane, Loyola and the Medical Schools of Tulane and LSU.  There currently almost none of these on the market right now.  The student population tends to make them seasonal in nature.  Everyone that bought 4 years ago will be in the plus column if they bought in 2009-2009 time frame. 

2855 St. Charles Ave Condos, 2800 St. Charles Ave

3300 St. Charles Ave. The Commodore Condos, New Orleans Condos

3433 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

4239 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

4900 St. Charles Ave. Casa Grande Condos in New Orleans

7044 St. Charles Ave.Condos, Almedia Uptown Condos

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3201 St. Charles Condos, Great location for this pretty nice complex. Changing for the Best…

     The condos at 3201 St. Charles Ave is a 71 unit complex on St. Charles Ave.  One big thing going for it is that it is a great location.  On the New Orleans Streetcar line halfway between Tulane and Loyola Universities and the FrenchQuarter.  They are moderately priced and provide a good value for what you get for your purchase.  The new Fresh Market Food Store is across the street.

     The condos are a conversion of a 1970’s  apartment complex that is under going a transformation of sorts.  At one time in New Orleans only elderly people lived in condos.  This was one such place.  It is currently changing as it offers some great value and location.  New People are buying in as the older residents move out.  There are 17 rental units and 17 second homers in the condo association. 

     When this transformation happens prices tend to rise as demand picks up.  People see the value and want to be here.  The hot segment of the market right now is the “Historic Feel Segment”  This is not what you get here.  You do get gated parking with each unit in the rear of the building.  You get a well funded condo association with a great balance sheet.  The complex is well taken care of and new things are beginning to be added.

3201 St. Charles Ave Condos, Front of Building

3201 St. Charles Ave. Condos, Front Entrance

       The secure entrance open onto Saint Charles and is often manned by the maintenance person that will let you in.  The courtyard is very large with plenty of space with various sitting areas.  The pool is very inviting and great on the eyes.  Units have a storage shed in work area at each end of the complex on the first floor.  You have one and two bedroom units surrounding the courtyard.

     There are a couple of negatives.  One is that no dogs are allowed as people at one time let them roam the courtyard many years ago. The units do not have a washer and dryer inside each unit but there is a downstairs laundry.  Some owners have added them on their own over time.  An enhancement that can really pay off for resale value. The positives are moderate condo fees, great location, well managed and funded.  There is an elevator near the front entrance. 

     There are currently 3 units for sale in the building. There is a one bedroom on the second floor for 159k.  There is one 2/2 for 209 on the first floor and another on the front corner of the complex for 219.  This is one of my favorites as it has updates, wood floors, great views, updated kitchen, and plenty of closet space. 

    Its the type of place you can lock your door and come back in a couple of weeks and all will be fine.  You can have someone look after your place while you are gone.  If you want to rent part of the time the location , security, parking, and amenities are what people are looking for.  Then every person that I have meet here has been friendly and nice. 

3201 St. Charles Ave Condos, Courtyard and Pool

3201 St. Charles Ave. Condos, Courtyard and Fountain

3201 St. Charles Ave. Condos, Brick Courtyard, New Orleans Condos


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Julia Place Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District, 333 Julia Street

     The Julia Place Condos in the New Orleans Warehouse District located at 333 Julia in the heart of the New Orleans Warehouse District is becoming more popular as we move forward. Sales are brisk if the condos are priced right and have parking.  Having a spot in this area is very important as there are few places to park within the block.

     The units that have not sold lately do not have parking .  There is currently only one  unit for sale with parking.  It is just priced to high for what it offers.  When sold by the developer in 2005 he offered spots for sale at $25,000 per spot.  Most owners bought a spot and a few did not.  Those that did not are sorry now.

Julia Place Condos, Warehouse District Condos in New Orleans

      Many of my clients have liked the building because of its central location in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  The roof top viewing and pool area have also been attractive to most purchasers.  There is a nice gym downstairs overlooking Julia Street as you enter through a secure entrance gate.

     Julia Place Condos are actually tow separate building.  One building is much older and features exposed brick walls and wood beams.  Many of these units have the original floors and decent size windows.  All have high ceilings in the older building.

    The newer building has units with large exterior windows, concrete beams,  and a number of units that open into an atrium.  The 3rd and 5th floors have the higher ceiling that are much higher than those of the 2nd and 4th.  Still high ceilings but a noticeable difference in window heights and “big feel”.  

    The condo association is very solid and currently has ample reserves for future expenses.  The roof was recently replaced.  The vast majority of the units have been updated.  The developer sold them for individuals to redo or did them for the purchaser.  The bathrooms are generally larger than most in the Warehouse District but the kitchens are on the small size.  A lot depends on ow the unit was redone.

      The older of the two buildings is pictured below above Tommy’s Restaurant.

333 Julia Place Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District

       Pictured below are some of the City views you can get day and night of the City of New Orleans.   There is a large sitting area and area for grilling.  There is a large common room for parties that can be used by residents with a deposit.  The pool does get used but is rarely ever crowded. 

     Julia Place is a second home to many as they can close the door and leave for several weeks and feel good about their place.  The Condos are professionally managed and are well kept.  The condo fees are moderate.  They do include water, sewage, trash, maintenance, and insurance on the building.  Pets are allowed with some restrictions.  The condos can be rented with some restrictions.

   The 101 Condos in the building are all very different so you have to know what to expect. There have been 16 sales in the building this year.  See Chart below.  There are currently 5 units on the market and none of these have parking.  A couple are beginning to look much better as prices have dropped.  There is one currently under contract.  To sum it up sales have been doing well here….

333 Julia Street, Julia Place Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District

333 Julia, Julia Place Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District

 Julia Place Condo Sales 2012 NOLA

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Lafayette Oaks Condos at 1436 Jackson Avenue….What you do not see from the Street…


Lafayette Oaks Condos, 1436 Jackson Ave. Condos

    The Lafayette Oaks Condo in the Garden District of New Orleans near Prytania Avenue is one those condo associations that you rarely see much turnover.  Driving by you would never know what is behind the front gates.  This is the case with many Condos in New Orleans but when there is little turnover you never get a chance to go as an agent.  You forget how nice the  complex is until you see it after four or five years.

    Its is one of those condo complexes where people call this home.   The units are all large and all are at least two bedrooms.  All the units have garage or covered parking in the rear.  The five story building features only four condos per floor or a total of 16 units.   Most of the units are at least 1700 sq. ft. or more.  There is an elevator in front of the building.  All the units have ample common area out side their units overlooking the atrium.

    The pool and courtyard are well maintained and really has that New Orleans feel.  Tropical plants and a well kept pool area make this amenity sparkle.  The common areas are shape and clean with lots of tropical plants and outdoor furniture.  The condo fees are higher in an association like this but it is kept in first class shape, the units fewer and larger.  Each owner pays more but then its their primary home.

   The immediate residential area has shown dramatic increases in real estate values since these units were built around 2000.  This was about the time condos were becoming a place to enjoy urban living with the comforts of home.  Walk through the Garden District.  Walk to the St. Charles Ave Street Car line where its an easy ride to the French Quarter or to Tulane, Audubon Park, Loyola if you go the other way.       

     I was impressed on a recent visit so wanted to pass the info along.  Always good to revisit your memory and keep up with the market as a looked 5 years ago is a lot different than a look this month. 

Lafayette Oaks Condos, 1436 Jackson Ave, Atrium

 1436 Jackson Ave. Lafayette Oaks Condos, New Orleans Condos

 1436 Jackson Ave. Condos, Lafayette Oaks Condos, 1436 Jackson Ave.

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1350 Bourbon Street, French Quarter condos…Kinda of quiet area…for the Beauregard House Condos

    The Beauregard House located at 1350 Bourbon Street is close to the bourbon Street that we all know.  It however is a very quiet neighborhood condo association between Esplanade and Barracks.  Tucked away behind its brick wall it is barely noticed except for the flowers and vines that have crept over the front gate.

     The condo association has 25 units with most of them being one bedroom units with the same basic floor plan of an alcove kitchen, living area and a good size bedroom.  They all open to the balconies and have plenty of natural light.  They surround a wonderfully landscaped courtyard and sparkling pool.  The complex is three stories.

      Each unit has French doors with shutters for the living room and windows in the bedroom.  The units are about 525 sq. ft each.  The kitchens are not large plenty of room for those who live in them on a part time basis.  Its an alcove like kitchen leaving it open to the living area.  Bath in the hall outside of the bedroom.  

    Most of the units are for second homes.  Its a safe place where you can lock the door and leave for weeks at a time.  You can enjoy the courtyard and then step out to enjoy what the French Quarter and Marigny has to offer.  You can generally park nearby as the units have no on site parking.

     There were three unit for sale this Summer and all have now sold. They were listed at 189k and 199k.  One is currently under contract so the sales price is not yet known.  The sales price on the others was 180k and 188k with the difference being the condition.  We sold one of the units as it was a good buy for the under 200k range in the New Orleans French Quarter.  A great location indeed.

     There was a special assessment for the current owners so they could do some upgrades.  You can always have the current owner finish up with the assessments which were due through the end of the year.   The pluses were location, condition of the complex, attractive units, great common areas and competitive sizes.  Just a perfect setting for a second home as the last three buyers are finding out.  There was one sale in 2010 but three in 2011 with nothing currently on the market…. 

1350 Bourbon Street, front door, French Quarter condos

1350 Bourbon Condos in French Quarter

1350 Bourbon, balconies of condos

1350 Bourbon Condos, Looking in

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Julia Place Condos at 333 Julia has some great condos in a Great Location..

     The Julia Place condos in the New Orleans Warehouse District have become more popular as time moves on for a couple of reasons.  The main reason is location with the Warehouse District as it just very convenient to where people want to be.  Julia Street is the center of condo living in the Warehouse District.  Its actually two buildings with a couple of commercial spaces on the first floo on the Tchoupitoulas side of the building.

    The Bemis building pictured below seems to be the newer of the two building and has the majority of the condos over the 5 floors.  You miss out on the wooden beams and exposed brick that the older building on the left has.  You do however have some large industrial concrete beams and large windows in the units facing the exterior.  The Bemis building is on the Commerce Corner closer to the Mississippi River.

Julia Place Condos, Warehouse District Condos in New Orleans

     Most of the condos have parking which cost the first buyers $25,000.  The parking is in the adjacent parking lot or in the garage on the first floor.  The condos with parking spots are always going to be more in demand even at the higher prices.  The condos with large exterior windows are going to be much more in demand and sell for more.  It not all in the square footage. 

      The smaller building on the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Julia  has some great units as well.  They tend to be smaller but most have the wood floors, exposed beams, exposed bricks and most happen to be exterior units.

    The two bedrooms have been the most popular buys in the building ranging from the 275k range to the 350k range depending on size and quality of the finishing work.  Many of the condos in thhis complex were updated by the individuals who bought them and upgraded themselves.  There is a few without updates and they will go for less.  These could be a great deal if they have all the other qualities that people desire. 

 333 Julia .Julia Place Condos Windows

     The amenities include a roof top pool and sitting area with fantastic views of the city.  There are common bar-b-cue grills, a club house and a work out gym on the first floor.  The condo fees are moderate for the Warehouse District.  The condo fees include insurance, upkeep of the common areas, exterior upkeep, and management fees.  The association is professionally managed. 

    The entrance is secure.  The parking areas are secure.  The location is one of the best and that is why many people chose the building. It has become a favorite for second home owners since its got a great location and moderate condo fees.

      The roof has recently been replaced in 2010 and the owners assessed for the new roof within the last 2 years. That is one of the larger expenses that condos have to redo.  The  condo also put some money in reserve each month for repairs but generally not enough to fund a major item like a new roof.  Each condo is assessed as a percentage of their square footage.  The larger one pay more than the smaller units.

     In most Warehouse Condos in New Orleans  all the units are not equal and many are very different and there is always more to value than square footage.  The is the case at Julia Place as well.  Always remember buy what is easy to sell, it may cost more but in the long run people buy what they like and want.  Stay with the trends  and you should do well.

333 Julia Place Condos, Julia Place Pool, New Orleans Warehouse District

333 Julia Place Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District, 333 Julia Street

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Cotton Mills Condos in the New Orleans Warehouse Distirct still remains a popular Choice!

        The Cotton Mills Condos at 920 Poeyfarre Street is still a great choice for a condo in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  This is especially true when looking for a condo in the under 200k range.  Few complexes have the security, courtyard, pool, exercise room and the Warehouse District feel.  The high ceilings, exposed brick, wood floors and large windows are still in demand.  The units do not have parking but do have access to parking across the street for a monthly fee or many just park on the street. 

       The latest sales data from the Cotton Mills Condos is that there are 15 units for sale with 4 currently under contract.  Two have sold this past week.  That is not a bad number considering that there are 288 units in the building. The building spreads over a large city block and 4 fl0ors of condos.  Out of the ones for sale some of the condos are just overpriced and some are not just desirable to own at the asking price.  There are 10 one bedroom units, 4 two bedroom units and one 3 bedroom currently for sale. 

     They are among the easiest condos in the New Orleans Warehouse District to rent if use it as a second home or an investment.  The condo fees are very reasonable and the common areas seem to always be well maintained.  The on site management company is on top of any issues that tend to come up.  Its the type of condo where you can leave and come back a month later and nothing would have changed.

    There are few one bedroom  rentals availiable in the Cotton Mill currently for rent. I check this week and there were only 2 condos for rent.  One was a studio and one was a one bedroom that was over priced.  The nice things have been renting quickly amd that we why we see few.  This has been a trend for several years.  

    The Cotton Mill is also one of the few FHA approved condo  in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  This means you have a 3.5% down payment if this will be your primary home at the most competive interest rates. Rates are on the way up but they tend to vary weekly but I do not think we will see 4% rates again but under 5% is still great by historical standards.

Cotton Mill Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District

      The location is getting better and better.  The World War II Museum is a block away and still growing for the next 10 years.  There are 3-4 Warehouse buildings within the block that have been converted into upscale rentals over the past year.  You can easily walk to the French Quarter, The Riverwalk, The Convention Center  Harrah’s, the Superdome, Lafayette Square  and the New Orleans Arena.  There is just a lot of things going on in the area that makes it positive. 

      There is even  a full service Market and Deli opening soon directly across the street by my friend Nick Nesbit in 2011.  The Poeyfarre Market has its own blog and Facebook fan page so you will have to check it out.  New Orleans is always a place that supports a  local business so I hope he does well and look forward to a new business in the area for 2011.  The street is not that big so you cannot miss it.  Maybe he will have a Grand Opening Party when he is ready….

211 Cotton Mill Condos Windows

     If you have seen one unit, you have not seen them all as the variety of floor plans are mind boggling.  I have a page on my New Orleans Condos website  where I post the past listing so you can get an idea of the variety of the units and a great feel for the condos before you even take you first visit to the Cotton Mills.

      I currently have a nice 2 bedroom and 2 bath unit facing the courtyard on the 3 rd floor reay and waiting.  Its #336 that has been totally updated and is reasonable priced.  In fact its the best 2/2 in the Cotton Mills.  The Cotton Mill page is a link away.

211 Cotton Mill Condos Pool

      The Common Areas are among the best for a New Orleans Warehouse District condo in the 200k range.  The Cotton Mills condos features a large 25,000 square foot courtyard with a swimming pool, Clubhouse, and a large workout  gym.  The in person security is in the lobby with an on site management office. 

      I think it has one of the better management staffs in the Warehouse District.  There is no parking for each unit but parking is availiable in a lot across the street for a month fee of $125 per month.  You can always park on the street for free.

289 Cotton Mill Natural Light

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St. Elizabeth’s is in the Christmas Spirit ! Now St. Elizabeth’s are condos…Merry Christmas!!!

     The St. Elizabeth Condos  in Uptown New Orleans have not always been condos.  The historic New Orleans condo complex is located at 1314 Napoleon Ave.  It looks ready for Christmas as it is brightly decorated with red bows and green trim.  It is just a very pretty building dating back to the 1850’s.

     Many if not most of the condos in New Orleans Market did not start out as condos but were built for other uses.  St. Elizabeth’s started off as a school.  It then became an orphanage several years later.  In the later years it was purchased by Anne Rice , the vampire author who called New Orleans home.  It was purchased and developed as condos in 2004 and sold as condos in 2005.

     The conversion such as this building is what buyers like in New Orleans.  If a developer can redo and develop a historic building upgrading the the building with classy redesign then he will have a winner in all price ranges.  It still got to have a great location as St. Elizabeth’s has done. 

      There has been little turnover since the conversion.   The few condos that have come on the market have sold fairly quickly.  Its because there are not enough top notch condo conversions to meet the demand in this price range.  There were town homes built on the rear of property but they lac the historic feel of the historic building. 

     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as 2010 is almost gone……………….

St. Elizabeth's Condos in New Orleans, reeadies for Christmas


St. Elizabeth's Front Door

 St. Elizabeths Condos

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