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Pier 8 Condos at 318 Lake Marina Drive in New Orleans, A Review of the Area and Complex

318 Lake Marina, Pier Eight Condos 1

Pier Eight Condos, New Orleans Lakefront 

318 Lake Marina Drive, New Orleans 70124

      The Pier Eight Condos are 77 condos over three floors across the street from the Marina in Lakeview Neighborhood of New Orleans. There are 6-7 larger associations within 3-4 blocks but Pier Eight is the least expensive of the entire group. Completed about 40 years ago.  There is an even split between the two bedroom units and the one bedroom units.


    There are 10 units with courtyards on the bottom floor. A number of units have balconies. All the units have designated parking that is secure and gated. There is also ample guest parking out side the gates. A few of the units will have covered parking. There are several elevators and multiple stairs.  Very few units have washer and dryers inside the units but there is an on site laundry for all to use.


     The condo fees are moderate for New Orleans. They cover water, insurance, flood insurance, upkeep of the grounds and buildings, termite contracts and cleaning the common areas. The condo association has done a good job with the upkeep of the common areas.  Many of the units have see updating in the last 5 years and that will be the biggest differences in the pricing.


     The amenities include a really nice tropical courtyard around the pool and a Barbeque area near the pool.  Many of the condos look out over the pool. There is also a roof top deck above the third floor overlooking the marina. All the front doors are covered so the rain will not get on you as you come and go.  


     The lakefront location makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. You can walk to the marina, West End Park, Cycle around the area.  The lake breezes make being outside a lot of fun. You can walk to eats, drinks, groceries and various stores.  Lakeview is a much shorter ride to downtown than many think. Easy 12-15 minutes. It’s 6-8 minutes to I-10.


      The Lake View housing market have been doing extremely well over the past two years.  The upscale condos in the area have also been doing very well over the past year as well.  That is why I think Pier Eight has a good future. Enjoy the area and have some appreciation over the years. 

318 Lake Marina, Pier Eight Condos 2

318 Lake Marina Dr. Map

318 Lake Marina Condos,Pool

318 Lake Marina Condos, Courtyard

318 Lake Marina Condos,deck

318 Lake Marina Condos, Parking

318 Lake Marina Condos, Gated

The Neighborhood, Lakefront and Marina 

Yaught Club, Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain Light House 2015

Lakefront Park at West End

West End Park on Lake Front of New Orleans


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Lakefront Condos in New Orleans are picking up…Things are selling…

7300 Lakeshore Drive, Light House Harbor Condos

Condo sales are picking up in condos that are near the New Orleans Lakefront.  Most of these can be found in Lakeview around Lake Marina Drive and in Jefferson Parish on Old Hammond Highway.  For the longest time things were very slow following Hurricane Katrina.  There was a lot of units for sale for several years.  Now we are seeing sales pick up in all price ranges.

One of the reasons is that Lakeview Real Estate is doing very well.  Many times the condo market lags the housing market. Now it is catching up to the housing market. Another reason is that prices have gone up 20-25% in the downtown area.  They were already about 50% more than the Lakeview area condos.  It’s less than a 15 minute commute to downtown and the French Quarter.  Most of the condos in Lakeview are near the New Orleans Marina Area.

It is normal to have the “Ripple Effect” where when one area gets hot and prices go up it makes the adjacent area to begin to get noticed and also see sales rise.  This is what is happening now.  Add into the equation that Lakeview has been a very good housing market for the last three years…You can see why the sales are picking up.

You can see all the units for sale in Lakeview Condos For Sale.  The high-rise condos will have views of Lake Pontchartrain.  These are generally more expensive and larger units.  All the condo associations will have easy access to the lake and Marina, like 100 yards away.

500 Lake Marina Drive, Harborview Condos

318 Lake Marina Dr. Pier Eight Condos

232 Lake Marina Drive, The Marseilles Condos

Lakefront Condo on the Water Lakeview

300 Lake Marina Dr. Marina Towers Condos

Jefferson Parish Lakefront Condos

The two complexes on the Lake are the Pontchartrain Place Condos at 420 Old Hammond Highway and the Fleu Du Lac Condos at 400 Old Hammond Highway.

The Fleur Du Lac Condo are higher end condos.  Here is a quick view of a sideshow of the unit currently for sale .Fleu Du Lac Condo for Sale.  These units were built as condos after 2000 and  are large units with balconies, garage parking plus one.  Secure entrance, well-managed, pool, meeting rooms, storage units, kitchen, and much more.  Most owners live here full-time or part of the year. Seven stories with all the units on one level.  Some units face the lake but all have patios.

400 Old Hammond Hwy, Fleur du Lac Condos

     Pontchartrain Place Condos are a winner in my book.  You can still buy something here below 200k.  All units have garage parking on first floor with a storage unit for each unit. Plenty of guest parking.  What makes the complex great is the great views, common areas, pool, hot tub, clubhouse, well maintained common areas.  Some of the units will be dated but can be upgraded quickly and easily. Just not a lot on the market in the complex right now.

420 Old Hammond Pontchartrain Place Condos

420 Old Hammond Highway, 329, Pontchartrain Place Condos

420 Old Hammond Highway 123, Common areas, Pontchartrain Place Condos

420 Old Hammond Highway, 329 , Courtyard views

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7300 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans-Water front Condos-Light House Harbor

7300 Lakeshore Drive, entrance New Orleans Lakefront Condos

     I was showing the condos at Light House Harbor last week in Lakeview at 7300 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, 70124.  I was amazed with all the changes and upgrades that have recently been made at the condos.   The painting, resurfacing of the deck and much more make the place shine.  All due to the result of a recent upgrade and assessment to the present owners.  Upgrades do help with the future values.  They have to be done from time to time for enjoyment of the residents and upkeep of the condos.  New buyers do not pay assements….

    The 41 units all have covered parking on the first floor which is secure.  Several elevators to the two levels of condos.  The odd numbers are on floor one and the even are on two.  All the condos are townhouse style with steps.  They all have views of the Marina and then Lakeview from the front.  They have been around for 25 years so you are going to see some with plenty of updates and others with not so much.  That will be the big difference in price for a comparable unit.

    There are currently 4 units for sale ranging from 299k to 380k .  All are at least 2 bedroom and two bath units.   The size of all the units range from  1700-2600.  All have private balconies, wood buring fireplaces, boat slips and access to the deck in the back of the condos.  The living area and kitches are large areas that go from the front door to the rear while the bedrooms are up.  The master will have a balcony with a view of the Marina and water. 

   The amenities include swimming pool, sauna, club room, full time manager, large deck with many great sunsets.  Walk, jog or bike along the lake as there are plenty of open spaces.  Walk to at least 8-10 nearby places to eat.  Many have opened in the last two years.  Condo fees are higher than other condos but you get more enjoyment for your money.  Its worth a look for those who enjoy the outdoors and a desire to be close to town.  Be prepared for many visitors if you buy here.

7300 Lakeshore Drive, Overlooking the New Orleans Marina

7300 Lakeshore Drive, Boats Galore

      This is your backyard at 7300 Lakeshore Drive.   Its all about lifestyle for those that live here.  It’s the water and out doors but still be close to everything.  You are in Lakeview for easy shopping but 15 minutes to downtown.  Its another lifestyle that will becoming more popular as prices have moderated in this area over the past 5 years.

     I was impressed with some of the units that I saw.  Knowing the prices in the New Orleans area these are among the cheapest for what you get.

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Mariners Island Condo #401 in Mandeville on the Lake! The Views are stunning!

    A choice lakefront condo that features sunsets from your den and sunrise views from your kitchen.  Its a corner unit right on the lake within walking distance to the marina and plenty of green space.  The balcony is off the den and covered parking for two is on the ground floor.  You are minutes away from the Causeway and close to everything.

    The lake front condo is tastefully done with wood floors, built in bookcases, a large master bedroom, open kitchen with plenty of cabinets, fireplace, open floor plan , large master bath, plenty of  natural light, breakfast bar, elevator and much more.  The living area is 1767 sq. ft.  The master bedroom is 18.5×15.6 and the second bedroom is 12×15 which is also a good size room. 

     There are 23 units in the complex.  The condo fee’s are $435 per month and include insurance, water, common area maintenance and upkeep.  The price $335,000.  What set this unit apart is the location with the complex with unobstructed views of the lake and surrounding areas.  The other bonus is if you own a boat it can be parked within walking distance of your home.  Enjoy the sunsets and dream on!

401 Mariners Village Condo 2a, Mandeville Waterfront Condo


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Lake Marina Towers Condos, 300 Lake Marina Drive, Condos with waterfront views! High Rise with Sweeping Views!

    Lake Marina Tower Condos overlooking Lake Pontchartrain has a panoramic  waterfront views.  This is not all that common in New Orleans considering we are surrounded by water.  High Rise condos are not that common either.  Many condos were converted into condos from other uses.  There are 7-8 nearby condo associations but only 2 that are high rise buildings that have the sweeping views.

     Lake Marina Towers has sweeping views of the New Orleans Marina and Lake Pontchartrain as it towers to 18 stories.   This lifestyle puts you 7-8 miles of downtown New Orleans but 50 yards from the lake and all the recreational activities that this area provides.  


     The 77 units are mainly 2 bedrooms /2 baths with some one bedrooms and some three bedrooms.  The two bedrooms have a balcony with ample storage over the 1250 sq. ft of living.   The bedrooms and den are the larger of the rooms with galley style kitchens.  Prices on the more popular 2 bedroom condos have been in the 250-275 range depending upon the updates and the value of the views.


   Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans Lakefront Condos-7300 Lakeshore Drive Condos-Light House Harbor Condos

      The Light House Harbor Condos are located on 7300 Lake Shore Drive steps from Lake Pontchartrain and the New Orleans Marina.  The 5 story building is about 23 years old.  The entire bottom floor is for parking and common areas.  All parking is secure gated and covered with elevators to the upper floors.  The 41 units are multilevel units with views and balconies facing the downtown area as seen below. The back of the units overlook the Marina and Lake Pontchartrain.

Light House Harbor Condos, New Orleans Lakefront Condos

     The amenities that set these apart from many of the condos in the area are the gorgeous lake views  and sunsets over Lake Pontchartrain.  You can dock you boat in slips behind the condos.  Some units come with their own private slips.  The condos have a pool, jacuzzi, deck, and club for parties.  Balconies and fireplaces are the norm for each of the units. 

      The units vary in size from around 1600 sq. ft. to around 2500 sq. ft. for the three bedroom units.  Most are two bedrooms however.  The units are designed so you can have water views from the dens and bedrooms of each condo.  The age of the units are such that some units have been totally renovated and some in various stages of being upgraded.  The pricing is going to be very reflective of this fact.

    ” LHC offer full time residential living in the most relaxing and casual atmosphere in New Orleans. Large balconies overlook the New Orleans Marina on Lake Pontchartrain. The Christmas boat parade can be viewed from your balcony or from the deck of the Club Suite each Christmas with your fellow owners and friends. Each evening watch the boats going in & out of the marina, on Wednesday afternoons the twilight regatta, and class sailboat regattas on the weekend.” as per LHH Website

New Orleans Lakefront Condos

      The condos are within walking distance of the lake and the levee system that allows for easy walks and bike riding.  You are a walk away from Robert’s Fresh Market, a new coffee shop and several places to eat.  If you like boating and water sports this is one of the best places to be in New Orleans.  Casual lifestyle with a Large “C” But 15 minutes to the central business district and the French Quarter.

New Orleans Lakefront Condos

     There is currently one unit for sale in the complex.  That is a two bedroom unit for 265k with garage parking.   There is a larger unit under contract that was listed for 329k and was a 3/3 in need of updating.  There have been 8 units sold since 2006 which saw several units go up for sale due to the Katrina dislocation.  The condo fees tend to be on the high but there is a lot to keep up in a water front property.  Insurance and Upkeep of the common area are the large items. Light House Harbor Website, New Orleans Condos

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New Orleans Sailing, the Lake or the Mississippi River?

     Lake Pontchatrain, in my mind, is the best metropolitan sailing venue in the country.  Sure the Chesapeake is beautiful, but unless you live in mega-buck Annapolis, there is a two hour drive between you and your boat.  If you live anywhere but Uptown, the Lake is a bike ride from your home, bike as in Schwinn, not Harley. 

Sailboats in The Lake

    Because the Lake is immediately north of the city, it is a sailor’s paradise.  The prevailing winds here are out of the south, so we Lake sailors have great wind and minimal waves.  Today was an awesome example, winds south, southeast at 20 knots and there was not a ripple on the water as we zipped along about a half mile off the beach.

     For cruisers, there are trips across the lake to overnight in one of the bayou anchorages.  For racers, there are races one night each week and on the weekend.  For the more adventerous in the group, the Lake feeds right into the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf.

New Orleans Sailing

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