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Metairie Condos, the Metro View Condos is best bet for one bedroom condos in Metaire!

     The Metro View Condos located at 3805 Houma Blvd in Metairie are  new conversions which offer some nice choices in the 120’s range.  It has a very nice location in the heart of Metairie,  several blocks from Veterans and a couple of blocks from East Jefferson Hospital placing it across the street from the East Jefferson Wellness Center.  Plus, there is easy access to I-10 and Lakeside Shopping Center.  There is are a total of 199 condo units consisting of mainly one and two bedroom units.

    All the units have been redone and they are basically new units. You get almost 800 sq. ft. of living with a large 22×12 den, small patio and large 16×12 bedroom.  The kitchen is new and comes with all new stainless steal appliances and granite countertops.  The bathrooms are also new and have new plumbing fixtures.  There is a small washer and dryer in the master closet.  There are larger washers and dryers on premises for the large loads.

3805 Houma Blvd, Metro View Condos, Metairie Condos

     The amenities include a fitness center and two outdoor pool.  There is plenty of parking near your unit and the spaces are assigned.  Some of the larger units have storage sheds.  Many of the one bedrooms are on the ground floor for easy entrance and exit.

Metor View Condos, Metairie Condos

    There are less than 30 0f my favorite style left which is the one bedroom flats. I like these for the large floor plan and resale value.  Once the developer has finished his sales these stand a good chance of appreciation in value over the next couple of years.  its get down to location and size for future value.  Low condo fees are also a big plus.  The condo fees cover water, Insurance, upkeep and common areas for about $150 for the one bedrooms.

     In my opinion these are the best buys for a one bedroom in Jefferson Parish.

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River Ridge Condos, Steamship Circle- Another New Orleans Condo choice

     The New Orleans Condo market has condos in areas where people like to live outside the city of NewOrleans.  There are not a lot of condos in River Ridge which is in Jefferson Parish.  The Steamship Circle was developed for condos and currently has about 7 to 8 condo associations in the Steamship Circle area.  The area is a high demand area next to River Ridge homes, Elmwood Business Park and near the entrance to Earhardt Expressway which is about 15 minutes to town.  The prices will vary for 140’s to the 180’s range for a two bedroom unit. There are much fewer one bedroom units.  This 2836 Steamship Condo  is priced at $179,625.

                        Steamship Condos, River Ridge Condos

     This is an example of a current listing that I have at 2836 Steamship Circle in the River Ridge area. The  2836 Steamship Circle is in one of the best complexes.  Parking is easy.  Many long time residents love living in the tree shaded area of River Ridge.  There are 20 units in this complex with all being townhouse style condos with large bedrooms, plenty of closet space, easy layout, fireplace,  patios in rear, vaulted ceilings in bedrooms,  and below average condo fees of $150 per month.  The large rooms and windows let in plenty of natural light giving the rooms an even larger feel.

                         River Ridge Condos, Jefferson Parish Condos

     These condos are not new but have been kept up extremely well over the past 20 years.  The area has appreciated very well over the years.  This unit has a loft which can be used for an office or storage.  The second bedroom has a large picture window overlooking the private patio that is fenced in from the public. Read the rest of this entry »

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Harahan Condos, Colonial Country Club and the Belle Rive Condos. Proposed Condo Project?

Plans for the Belle Ive Condos have been proposed by Lauricella Land Co. to build a 17 story, 154 unit-Luxury Condominium project with an complete upgrade to the Colonial Gold and Country Club golf course. The units will range in size from 900 sq. ft; to almost 2400 sq. ft. The prices will start at $350 per square foot.

The Redford Group, a Birmingham, Ala.,-based golf development and management firm that had a hand in the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, and golf course architect Nathan Crace of Watermark Golf in Jackson, Miss. Building architecture was handled by PageSutherlandPage out of Houston.

Parking to the complex will be a three story parking garage with 300 covered spots plus additional spots in a parking lot. The top of the garage will be an amenities deck where residents will have access to a pool, spa, outdoor kitchen and gardens.

Colonial Club Sign

“The current Colonial clubhouse would be demolished and replaced by a facility on the ground floor of the condominium tower, Lauricella said. It would include an expanded lobby, a restaurant and bar, men’s and women’s locker facilities, lounges and a 5,000-square-foot fitness center. ” according to the Times Picayune.

“Is there going to be opposition to this project? Absolutely.” Lauricella said. “I think the amount of this opposition is going to be less than it was before. Albeit equally as vocal, but significantly less.”

Being a resident of Harahan, I think its a great idea to have something like this. The course can be upgraded to first class place for golfers. It can attract people from all over the area that would like the condo life style in an upscale development. It should be some great views of the Mississippi River as the land is on the river. Keeping the golf course is great news as a housing development would not be in the best interest of Harahan.

Harahan levee by Colonial club

The Mississippi River leveee as it looks by Colonial Country Club

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New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company, New Menu

     New Orleans likes a good lunch  and agents like a variety of food .  New Orleans Hamburgers has an updated menu and have changed their approach since 2007.  More importantly the food remains good.  The best choices are the basic hamburger or the shrimp po-boy in my opinion.  You can put whatever fixings you want on them at a hamburger bar, bacon bits, tomato’s, lettuce, cheese, pickles and whatever.

     The variety of ice tea has also expanded.  If  you are not super hungry its easy to split an entree with  another person.   The other popular item is the shrimp po-boy with the popcorn shrimp lightly battered and not overcooked.  You get something like 80 shrimp in the regular size so its easy to split into two.   I tend to like them with cheese and bacon bits  with mayo.  it another one of our many choices that we have in the New Orleans Market.   

     In New Orleans Realtors are always looking for a good place to eat.  If we are going to get overweight its not going to be at Wendy’s or the Golden Arches.  they have several locations in Jefferson Parish.  Most likely the most popular one is on Veterans near the Orleans Parish line.  They have been very consistent in their food and that is why they get a lot of return business from the locals. There are 3 locations in East Jefferson and one in Houma. check out the site.

      New Orleans Hamburgers Website  


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Audubon Trace Condos, another New Orleans Condo choice thats close to town!

     Audubon Trace Condos located on Jefferson Highway between Clearview and Causeway Blvd offers a piece of country living along the Mississippi River.  It’s close to Uptown New Orleans and Metairie but it’s 5-6 miles upriver in Jefferson Parish.  You can be uptown in New Orleans in 15 minutes and at Oschner Hospital in 10 minutes.  Audubon Trace Condos are close to Elmwood Business Park and all the latest box stores in Elmwood shopping center.  It’s one of a kind in this area of Jefferson. 

     You can buy a two bedroom for under 200k in today’s market. The best range to be in for Audubon Trace is from 180k to 240k. You can see floor plans and the Audubon Trace Website to learn more.  Crime and security are no issues here.

Audubon Trace Condos

     The total common areas of the Audubon Trace Condos are 15 acres with many trees, scrubs, well manicured individual  areas and a couple of large swimming pools.  The 268 unit community is semi-gated with the rear gate being closed at night.  I think one of the big pluses is living adjacent to one of the larger playgrounds  in Jefferson Parish that tends to be under used due to the demographics in the area. Not a lot of kids. The Jefferson playground has a full size track, softball, tennis courts, gym, baseball fields, and picnic areas.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenner Condos, Avante Garde Condos, Great Choice for under 150k 2/2.

    The Avante Garde Condos in Kenner gives you another piece of the Metro New Orleans Condo Market.  Its a segment of the market where you can find some nice 2 bedromm units for under 150k.  Located in Kenner off West Esplanade near the Esplanade Mall , this one of the few developments that were built and developed as condos.  It about 40 minutes during peak traffic to downtown New Orleans and much quicker with no traffic.  Shopping, parks, playgrounds, markets are nearby.

     The complex has 249 units broken down into many separate buildings around an oval drive with the pools and tennis courts in the middle of the complex.  Assigned parking and guest spots are easy.  Pets are welcome.  The complex is very quiet for the amount of residents.

Avante Garde Condos

      Its worth saying  again that the Avante Garde Condos are one of the nicest condo complexes where you can buy a nice two bedroom unit for around 150k and under.  The most popular units are those that have balconies, sky lights, and vaulted ceilings.  The units are all on one level but have stairs to get to the second floor.  This is the favorite floor plan unless you need a flat from the front door and those are the first floor units and generally sell for less. 

      There are a few 3 bedroom units sprinkled through out the complex.  Many of the units are going to have some degree of updating since the original units are approaching 25 years.  The prices will reflect this as the big factor in determining the value. You can check out a current listing that is listed for $149,144 as its #144 of Avante Garde Condos

Avante Garde Condos

     The condo fees are very reasonable at $180 per month which covers water, common area upkeep, homeowners insurance and exterior maintenance.  You can get a condo insurance policy for your contents such as furniture and the inside of the unit. It should cost less than $500 per year.  The prices have been fairly stable for the last couple of years.  Finding one that is dated if you like to upgrade is also possible if you like sweat equity. Some of the units will have two full baths and that is preferred choice.

    Last year I sold several units here.  One girl was a nice young nurse who was working at East Jefferson.  One was to a young engineer who had taken a job at Avondale Shipyards. One to two students who were going to Xavier University in New Orleans.  All bought similar units just in varying degrees of updating.  Just to give you an idea as to who is moving in and out of Avante Garde in Kenner.  it is also FHA approved which means a low down paymnet of less than 3% is in the cards.  One of the better choices in Kenner in this price range and types.

Avante Garde Condo Interior


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Crabby Jack’s in Old Jefferson, Its the King Shrimp Po-Boy!

     Crabby Jack’s, located in the four hundred block of Jefferson highway, defines the shrimp po-boy.  The decor is neighborhood classic, concrete floors and community tables.  The King Shrimp serves two or more unless you are a big, big eater.  Crabby Jack’s Shrimp Po-BoysThe shrimp are stuffed into the toasted French bread.  When you you open the package at least a dozen plus  shrimp fall out.  These are not farmed shrimp from China but wild shrimp from the waters of the Gulf, a taste unmatched anywhere!  You have to love the batter and the fresh taste which makes you think they were caught yesterday.  Getting a New Orleans po-boy dressed means you want lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo.  Refills are included in the drink price and you can take one to go.  Crabby Jack has made his own plastic Mardi Gras cups with his likeness on the 28 oz. cup.  You ain’t gonna get thirsty here.

     There are other things on the menu, but my choice is always the same, King Shrimp.  Seating at community tables, not uncommon in New Orleans sandwich shops, affords the opportunity to meet new people on each visit.  Trust me some will be characters!  Its an easy drive from Oschner Hospital or anywhere in the Carrollton or University area.  The size of the portions make it a favorite with students.  You will have to check out the decor, lets call it bottle cap art with color.

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New Orleans Condos, Elmwood Oaks Condos, Great location and value in Harahan

elmwood Oaks     The Elmwood Oaks Condos located at 832 S. Clearview are the hidden gem in the Harahan and Elmwood area.  Its not new or flashy but its a great place to call home.  You can get a two bedroom  of about 1050 sq. ft. in the 140’s.  There are also a limited number of one bedrooms.  The condos amenities include secure entrances, plenty of common areas, a large pool, tennis courts, easy parking and well maintained courtyards.  The units all have a balcony or patio with a storage room off the den outside.  Elmwood Oaks has a very stable base of long time residents because the location is great with little in the area that competes with the complex.  You have a full size washer and dryer in each condo.  

Elmwood Oaks Condos, Harahan Condos

    The 101 units are spread over 4-5 buildings of three stories each.  The condo fees are still very reasonable.  The Elmwood Oaks Condos are adjacent to the Elmwood Business Park and the box stores that are nearby.  It is about a mile form the Huey P. Long bridge that crosses the Mississippi River as Highway 90.  You are less than 20 minutes to downtown and even closer to Uptown New Orleans.  The last unit that I sold in here was great for the purchaser as he worked up river at one of the chemical plants and wanted to live close to town.  There were 8 units on his floor with all the units opening to a secure hallway easily access by stairs or a nearby elevator.  The condo had vaulted ceiling on the third floor with a balcony entrance from the bedroom and the den.  It needed some updating but at the price it was a very good deal.  The first thing he was going to do was pull the carpet up and put down wood floors.  You will always get your money back by using nice floors in the New Orleans Market. He was also going to put some sweat equity into it as well.  Sweat equity is great because the returns are great on your time.

Elmwood Oaks Condos, Harahan Condos

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