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St. Elizabeths was a Boarding School, an Orphange, Anne Rice’s Home, and now its Premium New Orleans Condos

Angle at St. Elizabeth's Condos

 1314 Napoleon Ave, St. Elizabeths

St. Elizabeth Condos front

1314 Napoleon Ave, side view

1314 Napoleon Ave, entry way

1314 Napoleon Ave, Back of building

     St. Elizabeth Condos located at 1314 Napoleon has had a long history of being something else.  It remains once of the best condo conversions in New Orleans.  The historic character could not be duplicated.  Its 47,000 square feet and features galleries front and rear.

   St. Elizabeth’s  was built as a boarding school in 1865, Converted to a girls orphanage in 1870, Closed in 1989 as an Orphanage, Bought as a home by Anne Rice in 1993.  Converted into Upscale condos in 2004.  Now that is some history.  Seeing the  units is even better.


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Neigbhborhood Condos in New Orleans! An often overlook segement that can be great choices!

      One segment of the New Orleans condo that is often overlooked are these small condo associations that are scatted through out the city.  Most of these units in Uptown, Garden District and Mid City.  This condo association is in mid city in a great historical neighborhood.  Its two four plexes that started out as apartments then were converted into condos.  They just blend into the residential neighborhoods of New Orleans. 

New Orleans Neighborhood Condos

     The interesting comment is that most of these are in residential New Orleans neighborhoods rather than on main streets or around commercial properties.  The turnover in these style units tends to be less than in the larger complexes. 

      There have been several in and around Tulane and Loyola University which are suited for students, residents and other first time home buyers.  Many will not have parking but street parking is easy and this does not bother many.

    The resales have been good so long as the condos are well maintained.  The developers of these types of units are a key factor in future values.  Many are just thrown together and while others are well thought out.

     Most of the buildings were once small apartment complexes that were built in the 1920’s or 1930’s.  Many were large homes that were divided into apartments many years ago.  The zoning allowed this in those days.  Most of the complexes are in the more  historic neighborhoods of New Orleans.

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New Orleans Garden District Homes, Condos still selling in Garden District.


      The condos in and around the New Orleans Garden District have maintained their value thur the latest downturn.  I think the main reason is that they are hard to duplicate and expensive to duplicate.  When you have high home prices in an area the only way to start may be with a purchase of a condo.

     This does not mean all the condos are a good buy but its a great place to look to find that condo that has all the ingredients that people will want.  It is no surprise that most want the same things.  The historic features of wood floors, high ceilings, large windows, lots of natural light, porches, balconies, old woodwork, brick fireplaces, and the location are things all people want.  Oddly enough these features can be found in all price ranges.

     Most fireplaces are not in working order but its a nice feature to have.  Many condos will have more than one.

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New Orleans Garden District, Unique and certainly Historic !

     Little did we know looking at New Orleans today that a mere 180 years ago New Orleans was very famous city.  It was a  much richer city on the banks of the Mississippi River than it is today.  The odd thing is that New Orleans had the largest population of Free blacks in the the nation before becoming a state in 1820.  Many of the homes in the Garden District were built in this pre-civil war period.

     New Orleans was captured early on in the Civil War and was not burned down like some other Southern Cities.  Maybe because General Sherman was the first President of LSU.  He was not involved  in the capture of New Orleans at that time.

New Orleans Garden District Homes

  ” The population of the city doubled in the 1830s, and by 1840 New Orleans had become the wealthiest and third-most populous city in the nation. It had the largest slave market. Two-thirds of the more than one million slaves brought to the Deep South arrived via the forced migration of the internal slave trade. The money generated by sales of slaves in the Upper South has been estimated at fifteen percent of the value of the staple crop economy.”

      ” The slaves represented half a billion dollars in property, and an ancillary economy grew up around the trade in slaves – for transportation, housing and clothing, fees, etc., estimated at 13.5 percent of the price per person. All this amounted to tens of billions of dollars during the antebellum period, with New Orleans as a prime beneficiary.”  From New Orleans Wikipedia ,  read the rest of the story.

New Orleans Garden District Homes and Condos

     The great thing about the area is you can spend 1/2 day walking in the area viewing the historic homes and its free.  Just do a little homework so you will wander by the correct  homes.  You can take a streetcar to make the trip even more enjoyable.  Guided tours are available for those who do like homework.  The Garden District will give you camera a workout.  These were just random shots that I took on a Spring like day in Jan. 2009

Garden District Homes in New Orleans

      The area is like a Garden so its good to get the home photos  before everything starts growing again. 

      Garden District Condos- Homes can be expensive in the area- You can however get some great condos in the area where you can get the feel of the area at a much lower cost.  The historic condos have been one of the strong points in the New Orleans market.  They are hard to duplicate and the nice buys are still rather hard to find.  Its an area that is worth checking out if you like the feel. 

 New Orleans Garden District Condos-Historic condos and homes are all here! 2512 Magazine Street- the Livaudais House

New Orleans Luxury Condos-St. Elizabeths Condos-1314 Napoleon Ave-Plenty of history here.

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New Orleans French Quarter, Bright Historic Shotgun Faces! Where ya at?

    Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone is full of turkey and had a good time with family and friends today.  You always eat too much!   That is easy to do in New Orleans.  Just wanted to share some of my recent photos using to do some fun things.  The initial version is free and only $25 for the fancy version.  I use it weekly so its a good buy.

      The New Orleans French Quarter has been here since 1718 but these shot guns came much later and were not mansions.  Just wanted to call to the attention of detail with the Victorian gingerbread work  that became popular from 1830 to 1910.  The owners of these shotguns could dress them up with the style of the day which was Victorian Gingerbread work.  They could also be very creative with the colors not of American but those of the West Indies.  I guess you could say they were works of art since they are found in few places beyond the New Orleans area that I know of.

    The New Orleans French Quarter and the historic homes brighten the streets and the lives of the people living and visiting the area.  Its a mixture of Creole, West Indies, Italian and Irish who settled in in these shotgun neighborhoods.  Much of the style is dictated by the hot humid climate in which we lived before autos and A/C.  My guess is most of these shotguns were built around 1900.

French Quarter Real Estate Read the rest of this entry »

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Garden District Condos-1627 Conery St.-Historic Condo Renovation! What do you get for $192,500?

    This exciting condo at 1627 Conery Street in the New Orleans Garden District is a new listing of mine.  This is a great example in how we in New Orleans love to keep these old buildings and reuse them.  The developer really has gone  the extra mile to leave the old fireplaces with the exposed brick, wood plank floors while at the same time giving people what they want.  This is what we like about Historic Renovations. 

     The unit was renovated down to the studs meaning new electrical, new a/c-heater, new water pipes and much more.  At the same time people want new kitchens, new baths, crown molding and lots of windows.  I would guess this building was about 80 years old.

1627 Conery Condo, New Orleans Garden District Condo

     This Garden District condo has two bedroom and one bath and is in a great location.  You are within half a block of St. Charles Ave. and public transportation via the New Orleans Street car line.  There is no parking but street parking in front of the unit does not seem to be an issue.  Most people living here would love to park and walk.

   The Condo features include 12 foot ceilings, crown molding, recessed lighting, renovated windows that work, under counter lighting, ceiling fans, custom cabinets, travertine tiles, upscale granite counter tops, new stainless steel appliances, and windows that still work.  Whenever you have windows with natural light and high ceilings the unit lives much larger than the 753 sq. ft. of living.  The condo fees are reasonable at $187 per month.  This cover insurance, flood insurance, water and up keep. The building has never flooded.  Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans Garden District Condos-Historic condos and homes are all here! 2512 Magazine Street- the Livaudais House

    In the New Orleans market you have a lot of historic Uptown New Orleans homes and apartment complexes that have been turned into condos.  This historic type of condo is much more like living in an old home with the high ceilings, large porches, common yards, plenty of light and large spaces.  You just pay a lot less!  The unit I just sold with Lana Sackett to a new medical student attending Tulane University this fall was located at 2512 Magazine Street in the Garden District.

Garden District Condos, Condos for Medical Students

     The Livaudais House features 8 condos of varying sizes and types are located  among single family homes worth millions and a block or two from the local coffee shops.  its also with walking distance for grocery shopping and much more.  You can walk to the St. Charles Ave. Street cars and are about 25 blocks from the French Quarter.  You can be at Tulane the Med. School which is downtown in 15 minutes tops.

2512 Magazine Condos, New Orleans Condos, New Orleans Condos for tulane Med school

     The 2512 Magazine condo has one very large master and a smaller bedroom on the other side of the condo which would be perfect for a room mate.  The kitchen was updated, the hardwood floors and old fireplaces really brought that historic condo to life.  The secure entrance and parking spot on the side of the unit was a big plus.  Jogging and pets are allowed.  Everything is within walking distance and viewing the nearby homes and gardens is free. Read the rest of this entry »

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French Quarter Real Estate, What no front yards?

The New Orleans French Quarter is the oldest residential neighborhood in the City of New Orleans. There are very few front yards. Either no one wanted to cut grass or even thought of having yards at that time. Parking was not an issue as the automobile would not be invented for another 200 years. The stables were in another neighborhood and horses were brought over when needed. Instead of front yards, courtyards, many graced with fountains and greenery, provided outside living space. Privacy was another reason.

French Quarter

Many of the early residents lived in New Orleans during the winters and ran plantations during the spring and summer. The plantations line the Mississippi River in the pre-1850’s. The housing styles came from Europe and of those in other French and Spanish colonies that had similar weather. The idea was mainly to keep cool and an air flow thru the houses. Many of these old homes have been converted into condos and no one wants to cut the grass anyway these days.

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