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Palm Terrace, A Mini New Orleans Neighborhood

Palm Terrace

New Orleans Mini Neighbrohood

Palm Terrace,St. Charles Avenue

Palm Terrace Street Sign

     A tiny Mediterranean Neighborhood between Marengo and Milan right off St. Charles Avenue.  It is only one block long. It was built in 1925.  There are about a dozen single story stucco homes on raised lots. They are Spanish Colonial Revival homes.


     This is one of a kind street and group of homes in New Orleans. It’s easy to spot on the streetcar line. Next time just hop off and take a walk back in history and wonder why the mini neighborhood was built. It is quite different that anything else in town…..

Palm Terrace,Crondolet Street

Palm Terrace 10,New Orleans Homes

Palm Terrace Home 3

Palm Terrace Home 2, New Orleans Home

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New Orleans Neighborhood Condos that were once doubles…

832-834 Napoleon Avenue Condos

     One of the more unique style of condo is the New Orleans Neighborhood Condo as I call it.  One of the Neighborhood Condos is the condo that was once a double. Not a lot of doubles have been converted into condos. Many more have been turned into single residences.


     You will see far more four plexes and larger multi family homes that have been transformed into condos.  The doubles turned into condos are mainly going to be found in residential neighborhoods.  Most are nice neighborhoods where demand is high. You will see them and most tend to sell quickly.  You generally get some yard with this style.


     Virtually all are going to be historic in nature.  Natural Light, higher ceilings, wood floors, porches, small yards, pretty windows. There are going to be one story and tow story units that will be larger and often times have balconies.

824 Napoleon Avenue, New Orleans Condos

822-830 Napoleon Condo Doubles

822-24 Third Street Condos in New Orleans

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New Orleans Condos Next to the Garden District, Let’s Walk the Neighborhood…

 Condos on and near Magazine Street

      There are quite a few condo complexes between Washington Avenue and Jackson Avenue in New Orleans on the edge of the New Orleans Garden District. There are others on St. Charles, Washington Avenue and Jackson Avenue. Let me take you to the adjacent neighborhood and we will take a look at many of the Garden District Homes.


     It’s great to live next to such historic neighborhoods. If you like to walk you will like the neighborhood even more.  More and more people are discovering this area as a great place to be as a second home.  I have sold a number of second homes and primary residences to students and young professionals that love the area.


1111-1113 Second Street Condos FSecond and Magazine StreetMagazine Street Condos in New Orleans2326 Magazine Street Condos2512 Magazine Street Condos, Garden District2512 Magazine Street, Once a Victorian HomeThird Street and Magazine StreetThird Street and Magazine Street1122 Third Street Condo in New Orleans Garden DistrictCondos on Third Street, Steps to Magazine Street

Let’s Check out Garden District Historic Homes in New Orleans.

       Just walk the Garden District neighborhood with me to see all sizes and styles of historic homes that you will come across. This is just a small sample of some of the homes you will walk by.


        A Short history before we take our walk. The Garden District was developed from 1832 to 1900. It was several large plantations that were sold as large parcels of land to mainly wealthy English Americans who did not live in the Creole French Quarter. It became the City of Lafayette in 1833 before being annexed as part of New Orleans in 1852.


Garden District Cottage 4

Garden District Home and Gallery



Garden District Home, Coliseum and Third

Garden District Home, New Orleans 15

Garden District Home, Wrought Iron Plenty

Garden District Home..Porch and Fence

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New Orleans Condos, Few Complexes Started out as Condos…Interesting Histories Indeed !


     The Federal Fibre Mills at 1107 S. Peters was a rope factory completed in 1903.  It made all sorts of ropes for the transportation industry and manufacturers that used rope.  It was renovated in the early 1980’s to become a center piece of the 1984 World Fair that was held in New Orleans.  The mono-rail ran through the building and also hosted the German Beer Garden.  It also housed workers for the Fair.  It later became one of the first conversions for downtown living in the New Orleans for condos.  Today it remains one of my favorite complexes.

     The developer once again tried to give you that warehouse feel with exposed beams, exposed brick, high ceilings, lots of natural light and natural wood.  The 140 units have the amenities of the Worlds Fair to enjoy.  A great lobby, A great courtyard and pool, and some great views of the city.  Few buildings in the 1900 time period were larger than 5 stories that were used in manufacturing.


     The Condos that are now The Julia Place Condos at 333 Julia Street in the New Orleans Warehouse District was once a bag factory built in the 1880’s.  They were apartments before being converted into condos in 2005.  The are all a little different in floor plans.  Garage and Lot parking for about 85% of the units on the first floor and adjacent lot.

     The Bemis Bag company made cloth and burlap bags that were used in shipping raw materials.  Coffee, Cotton, Corn, Rice, Wheat were all loaded on barges and ships in this time period.  New Orleans was a large port city so the bag factory was necessary for shipping on the steamboats and rail that came to the City of New Orleans. They needed large windows for natural light and high ceilings for the large equipment that was used in making bags.

Cotton Mill Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District Exterior

    The Cotton Mill Condos at 920 Poeyfarre in the New Orleans Warehouse District are aptly named as this was a 1900 Cotton Mill.  This building covers a city block.  The large windows were for natural light so the worker could see better.  It was near the Mississippi River so the raw materials were easy to transport down river from points North.

It now has 288 units in the condo complex.  It was converted into apartments in the late 1990’s before being converted to condos in 2004.  Today it is one of the larger complexes in New Orleans.  People love the high ceiling’s of 18 ft, large windows, exposed beams and exposed brick. It is a true Warehouse feel.

Magazine Street Condos in New Orleans

     This is an old home on Magazine Street near the Garden District that was converted into apartments  and later into historic  condos in 2007.  It has 5 units.  Most of these old homes are small complexes.  The developer did what he could to make each unit feel like it could have been in the 1880’s with wood plank floors, high ceilings, large windows, brick walkways, porches and galleries that fit the period.  Plenty of attention to detail.  It has parking in the rear. I call these neighborhood condos as they seem to fit right in the neighborhood.

Uptown New Orleans School House turned into condos on Coliseum

    Another one of my favorites condo complexes in Uptown New Orleans is this old school-house that were turned into condos on Coliseum Street.  How would you like to live in an old classroom. The wide halls let you know it was once a school-house.  The units tend to be different from each other.  The units have parking around the building.  They have a modern feel with a touch of history as this was more than likely built in about 1920’s. Its in a neighborhood surrounded by single family homes and an easy walk to Prytania that was once a neighborhood shopping area as it is today.

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St. Elizabeth’s Condos in New Orleans, 1314 Napoleon Ave…A Favorite of Mine…

      The St. Elizabeth’s Condos in New Orleans are one of my favorite associations.  They are Historic in nature but reallt well done when the conversion was done in 2004-2005.  All of the units in the origional building have a great combination of old and new.  The townhomes in the rear of the complex are all new.

     The 1314 Napoleon Avenue is a central location between downtown and Audubon Park.  An easy walk to the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar line. A short trip to all the shopping areas along Magazine Street.  The grounds are manicured in front as you can see by the photos below.

    The historic section of the building features wood floors, high ceilings, exposed brick walls, large windows with lots of natural light.  In the rear you have a large pool area, excerise room and parking for each unit.  All the units are different in some sort of way. The building is 4 stories in the origional building with a total of 28 units including the newer townhomes in the rear that line Jena Street.

   The townhomes have patios and balconies.  They features upscale finishing with lots of storage and large bedrooms.

    The origional building was built in the 1850’s as a school.  Soon afterwards it became an orphanage and was one for over a hundred years until the building was bought by author Anne Rice in order the preserve the grand old place.

    Over the last tow years the units tend to sell quickly.  There is only one unit currently for sale in the building for 539k and it is overlooking the trees and Napoleon Ave.  There is a lot to see and that is why I include a lot of exterior photos, but it even better in person.

St. Elizabeth Condos, 1314 Napoleon Ave. New Orleans

1314 Napoleon Ave, St. Elizabeths Condos, front door

1314 Napoleon Ave, St. Elizabeth's Condos in New Orleans

1314 Napoleon Ave. St. Elizabeth's Condos, Left Wing

1314 Napoleon, St. Elizabeth's Condos

1314 Napoleon Ave., St. Elizabeth's Condos, Porches

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The Mayfair Condos in The Lower Garden District of New Orleans, 1783 Coliseum Street


1783 Coliseum Condos, Mayfair Condos, Entry Door

     The Mayfair Condos are located at 1783 Coliseum Street in New Orleans right down the Street from Coliseum Square.  One of the reasons that I am profiling this area and the condo complexes that it offers is that is within walking distance of Magazine Street, St. Charles Avenue, The New Orleans Warehouse District and Convention Center.  A longer walk will get you to the French Quarter.


    I believe this is the next hot area in the New Orleans Condo Market due to its location and all the historic complexes that really have that New Orleans Feel. The High ceilings, wood floors, balconies, large windows, lots of light and a real sense of history.

1783 Coliseum Condos Mayfair Condos Lower Garden District (1)

      The Mayfair Condos were converted from a 1920’s apartment complex in 2006.   The units feature large rooms with lots of natural light, large closets, bathrooms and kitchens.  All the units have parking behind the complex.  The three story building has one, and two bedroom units with several studios.  The best floor are the second and third.


                 The 19 units are are one of the larger complexes in the area as many are composed of anywhere from 6 to 12 units as most were converted from old homes. The complex has gated security and a secure entrance.  There is ample grounds on each side for grilling and walking your pets. 


 1783 Coliseum Condos, The Mayfair Condos in New Orleans


1783 Coliseum Condos, The Mayfair Side Yard

1783 Coliseum Condos Mayfair Condos Lower Garden District (2)

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The 1920’s New Orleans Apartment Conversions are Unique and Tend to have Great Locations

     The conversions of 1920’s apartment into condos has always been fascinating to me.  Thay all seem to have some neat features that make them ideal conversions into condos.  The majority of the complexes are one bedroom with a few two bedroom units.  Most of the condos are in the uptown area near or on St. Charles Ave, See St. Charles Ave. Condos.  I think it was to be close to the streetcar line as many did not have cars of their own in those days.

      All seem to have multiple entrances into hallways that have the units off of a large foyer.  Many have 4-6 units in a pod with their own entrance.  I think was happening at a time when women were beginning to work outside the home and needed places that were well protected and safe.  The all have enough windows that allow for a lot of natural light.  The best views are of course the views that look out on St. Charles Ave.

     The one that I have pictured below are all on St. Charles Ave. but they will be scattered in the Uptown neighborhoods.  They all have special details that do set them apart from each other as you can see by the variety of looks shown below.

    Many now make excellent second homes and great places to be for students going to the local schools as they are close to Tulane, Loyola and the Medical Schools of Tulane and LSU.  There currently almost none of these on the market right now.  The student population tends to make them seasonal in nature.  Everyone that bought 4 years ago will be in the plus column if they bought in 2009-2009 time frame. 

2855 St. Charles Ave Condos, 2800 St. Charles Ave

3300 St. Charles Ave. The Commodore Condos, New Orleans Condos

3433 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

4239 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

4900 St. Charles Ave. Casa Grande Condos in New Orleans

7044 St. Charles Ave.Condos, Almedia Uptown Condos

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Condos on Esplanade in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Much Better than people think…

    I have had on more than one occasion from clients looking in the French Quarter for a condo that they did not want to be on Esplanade.  One client said he lived there in the 1980’s and it was unsafe and rowdy.  Today it is not the case…You can get more your money in this area.  Get a larger place, get a larger common area, sometimes parking, sometimes a pool.  Always easy access to the interstate and all points East and West.

    All these photos were shot this week in the 1000 block of Esplanade near Rampart.  A lot of changes have happened in the immediate area and all for the better.  There are beautiful historic homes, Hotels, and many condos.  You are adjacent to the Marigny, a popular area for the locals that was more like the French Quarter of old.  More people just live their full time….

     The intersection of Esplanade has seen a new apartment complex, an upscale condo complex.  More changes are coming with new and upgraded sidewalks and streets.  The New Streetcar line will be finished next year that will intersect Esplanade as it runs from Loyola to Elysian Fields.  This is a big deal that will open up the area even more and provide even more access to the area.  Add in the Riverfront Park development and the area will become even more popular.  

     The condo sales have picked up in the French Quarter for 2012 with few new properties coming on the market.  The demand has picked up as well.  The market is doing better with the larger units selling quicker.  Things that were on the market last Fall are not there now.  There was some great buys but almost all sold in the last Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2012.  I sold a couple that had been on the market for only a week.  I expect the trend and demand to continue.

     I do know that you get more for your money along Esplanade in terms of size, updates, courtyards, common areas.  Many clients choose this area because its a quiet neighborhood yet close to all the things tourist like to do.  The historic homes on Esplanade are larger and newer than many other areas of the French Quarter.  That is why you get more space and have some great common areas.

    Its all within walking distance and soon the streetcar can connect you to much more.  For $1.25 it will be a fun ride and there may be no reason to use that car as much.  This is a great area where you can bike as well.

    So do not sterotype an area before looking for that condo as times and places have changed.  And for the better in 2012.  Maybe that is why the Port of Call is always busy several blocks away.

Esplanade Home in New Orleans

Esplanade HOme in New Orleans 1

Esplanade Condos in French Quarter

Esplanade Hotel in French Quarter

1004 Esplanade Condos in New Orleans French Quarter

1020 1020 Esplanade Tropical Courtyard

1020 Esplanade Pool and Courtyard


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The New Orleans Neighborhood Condo Versus the Condo Complex

     One of the first decisionsa purchaser will have to make is what type of condo they desire and what type of life style does that bring.  Both are good choices.  Both have their positives and negatives.  Lets talk about the New Orleans neighborhood condos which are primarly homes turned into condos.

    They come in all shapes and sizes.  Many of these style condos were once homes, doubles, four plexes and apartments  that were converted into condos in the last 10-12 years.  The neighborhood condo has become more popular in the last couple of years. 

    The doubles that have been converted into several condos generally have the features of a shotgun double.  Two condo side by side with maybe a third in the rear.  These are going to be in residential neighborhoods where you can walk to a lot of places. We see a lot of this style along Magazine Street and the side streets.  Many times coffee shops, antiques stores, dress shops, restaurants and bars are close by.

Neighborhood Condos in the New orleans Condo Market

       One common conversion is old historic homes that were apartments that had been home and then apartments were later turned  into condos.  These have anywhere for four to six units.  Some of the condos are going to have a porch or balcony.  You may pay more for this but in the long run its a great investment to get the premium condo in the complex. 

      You will find this segment to have varying degrees of updating.  Some condos will have almost everything new and the prices are higher especially when the developer tries to duplicate the time period of the home.  These are the premium condos. 

     The next condo is where the developer did the necessary updates for the building and did all the cosmetic touches to give it a salable look.  The third category is where the developer did very little but divided the home into condos.  We find less than you would think of this type of condo.

New Orleans Homes and Porches, Magazine Street

       If you want the high ceilings, wood floors, large windows, natural light then the neighborhood condo may be more for you.  You will have more responsibility as there are fewer owners and each has to take an active part in the upkeep and  manitaince of the building and the grounds.  Some condo associations do a great job and some do not keep up the property as they should.  In the end this decreases the value of the real estate.

       Almost all will like the life style of walking the neighborhoods.  We find this condos mostly in the Garden District, Uptown New Orleans, French Quarter and even Lakeview where the cost of homes prices many people out of the single family homes.  But with a condo you can live and walk in the areas.  Riding the street cars, biking and walking to places is the norm…

      Both styles are easy to rent if that is in your plans.  The neighborhood style is not going to have the amenities that a complex will.  There will seldom be a pool, gym, guard, on site manager, or large courtyard.  The condo fees will generally be less as there is less to take care of.  The residents do have to take an active role to make sure things are maintained on a regular basis.  These are not carefree but can be a very enjoyable lifestyle…..  

Neighborhood Condos, The historic feel in New Orleans

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Historic New Orleans Condos are becoming more popular!!

     Historic New Orleans Condos are becoming a popular option in New Orleans.  Most of these condos will be found in the Lower Garden District, Garden District and Uptown.  These condos were once a home or multi-family residence.  They come in all sizes and shapes.  They come in all prices as well. 

     The complexes are generally small so most do not have a lot of amenities.  Most do have locations where walking is great and they are close to the streetcar line, shops, coffee houses, bars and restaurants.  The best ones have all the historical features left in tact. 

     The one difference you will see is how the developer finished the unit and how much was done to the entire building.  Some developers will do the basics when turning it from a rental unit to a condo.  Others like this one pictured below will put much more into the entire package. 

    This one has a newer roof, updated electrical, gas stove, brick walk ways, freshly painted, great windows that all open, nice wood floors, fireplace, new heat and a/c and as many details left as possible.  Few fire places are actually working as they were coal burning in the day.  The owners would bring hot coals from the kitchen and put them in the small fireplace for the night.  We normally only have 30 such nights in New Orleans.  Often they are found in every room.

     The way the condo is finished should be reflected in the price.  The bargain today may turn into a money pit down the road.  You should treat the inspection of these condos more like  you are buying a home.  Check out the entire building and review the upkeep of the building.  Many times residents think nothing needs to be done until it is broken.  Best to have someone in the association that knows that it is better to fix small things before they become bigger.  It sound like common sense but then again……

     It always pays in the end to get the best unit which is the balcony and porch units as those hold their values better.  Most people want the premium condos when it comes to resale.  Its very hard to put a price on a balcony or porch but you will surely enjoy the time you spend on them.  Kinda of like priceless…

     You tend to find more people living in these historic condos on a full time basis as they are in great locations and have more room.  This however makes it great for a second home person knowing that someone is there all the time.  They are also easy to rent as well.  Lets walk down the street and grab a bite to eat…

Magazine Condo-Historic New Orleans Condos

Magazine Historic New Orleans Condo

Magazine Historic Condo

Magazine Condos, Historic New Orleans Condos

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