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New Orleans gets good Press! We are a little different! Our Weather is Great Now!

     This is a copy of a recent article that puts New Orleans area in a positive light.  I think America is actually discovering us and figuring out we can have a good time by spending little money.

By Patricia Reaney 

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Looking for romance? Head to Honolulu. But if you are single, like live music, boutique hotels and want a wild weekend, New Orleans is the city to visit. 

In its latest survey of America’s favorite cities Travel and Leisure magazine asked readers to pick the best places for everything from the most attractive, intelligent, stylish and the friendliest people to where to find the best museums, restaurants, bars, museums and affordable hotels. 

“The big news this year is that New Orleans received the most number one rankings over New York,” said Travel and Leisure Assistant Editor Stirling Kelso. 

“It is a popular weekend destination. You can go to New Orleans and feel like you have left the country,” she added. 

The city known as the “Big Easy” also came out tops for people watching, singles scene and the metropolis with the best bars and concerts and bands. 

“In the nightlife category, New Orleans beat Las Vegas. Last year New Orleans swept all of the night-life categories and New Orleans did this year,” Kelso added. 

Miami topped the charts for the most attractive people, followed by San Diego and Charleston but southern charm seemed to come into play with Nashville, New Orleans and Charleston having the friendliest folks. 

New York was the U.S. city with the most stylish residents with Miami and San Francisco and Los Angeles also coming up with high marks. 

But when it comes to most intelligent Minneapolis/St. Paul took the crown, followed by Austin and Boston. The twin cities also scored top marks as the cleanest city. 

The results were based on an online survey of more than 60,000 people who rated 30 U.S. cities in various categories. Five new cities, Providence, Kansas City, Cleveland, Houston and St Louis, were added to the survey this year. 

Washington D.C. was the top choice for best museums, galleries and historical sites, with New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston also in the top five. 

“In regards to culture, Washington D.C. and New York really tied in that category. New York got the No. 1 ranking for classical music and theatres, and Washington D.C. did for historical sites and monuments and museums and galleries. It was a nice East Coast tie,” Kelso said. 

For more sedate family fun, Orlando, Florida was the top choice with Washington D.C. coming in second, and San Diego third. If money is a consideration, Cleveland scaled the chart for best affordable getaway. 

New York may have bowed to New Orleans in the nightlife ranking but it was still scored top marks in a category considered important by many — shopping. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans Warehouse District-Lafayette Square Fall Concert series! Support Second Harvest Food Bank! Another Warehouse District Activity.

   One thing about Living in the Warehouse is there is always something going on. Now we are looking at the Saints games on Sundays.  The New Orleans Hornets season is getting close.  Now you can add in the Concert series at Lafayette Square each week.  Its Thursday which is a change from the Summer series.  

Second Harvest Food Bank brings back the Harvest the Music Fall Concert Series starting Thursday September 17th for seven weeks!  In its second year, Harvest the Music will feature celebrated regional and national artists including:   Irma Thomas, Anders Osborne, The Radiators, Rebirth Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins and Blues Traveler (see complete schedule here ).  In addition to a free, weekly concert, concert-goers will enjoy food and drinks from local favorites.   An artists’ village will feature artwork and crafts from regional artists as well as the Lafayette Square Conservancy’s t-shirts.

Warehouse District, Lafayette Square New Orleans

Come out and support Second Harvest Food Bank in its fight against hunger in south Louisiana. 

Upcoming Concerts in the Square! Voted by Gambit readers as the best place to hear free live music, the fall is full of fun and free events:

September 24Harvest the Music 5:00 to 7:30 featuring Irma Thomas, Shamarr Allen and the Underdawgs

October  1Harvest the Music 5:00 to 7:30 featuring Anders Osborneand Big Chief Monk Boudreaux

October 8: Harvest the Music 5:00 to 7:30 featuring The Radiators

October 15: Harvest the Music 5:00 to 7:30 featuring The Rebirth Brass Band

October 17 & 18: Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival 10:30 am to 7:30 pm featuring many artists including Buddy Guy, Richie Havens, Booby Rush, Irma Thomas and more

October 22: Harvest the Music5:00 to 7:30 featuring Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers

October 29: Harvest the Music 5:00 to 7:30 featuring Blues Traveler plus Shannon McNally


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New Orleans Realtor takes vacation and returns ! Back to the New Orleans Sauna!

     Realtors need time off so I took a week to visit my brother in California and work in a day at the San Francisco Rebar camp.  Below are some of the things we were able to enjoy in Northern California.  I would actually like to take another week but need to finish a couple of sales.

    This is an easy slide show that you can put togeater quickly with  Lots of neat features for those who like to take photos or do real estate. 


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Blueberry Season is here! Have you ever gone to a You Pick ’em Fresh!

      South Louisiana and Southern Mississippi are prime areas for Blueberries and now is the time to eat ’em,  pick ’em and freeze ’em.  I had no idea how good they are until a client of mine invited me to his farm over ten years ago in Tickfaw, Louisiana.   Not a week has gone by where I do not eat them on cereal.  Crawfish and strawberry seasons are gone.  But Blueberries are becoming more popular than ever.  


     They taste great and are good for you as well.  You can pick a gallon or two in about 1.5 hours.  It always helps to be tall.  They are free to eat as you pick.  Great chance to have a family affair of picking late in the day so as to avaoid the heat of early summer.  The best time to go is after a rain so all the berries are hydrated and are fat and juicy. 


       Its easy to pick for all ages as there are thousands and thousands of berries within reach of all who come to pick.  The best thing about freezing them is that they are so easy.  They are like marbles, they do not stick together and are easily thawed out and do not seem to lose their flavor between seasons.


      If you cannot make it to a u-pick ’em then you can visit the Farmers Market each Saturday in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  Its open every Saturday morning in the 700 Magazine Street.  The blueberries are extremely fresh and can be bought in flats, half-flats, and containers.  You can eat them,  freeze them or bake them in a cobbler.  Buying from the local farmers means they will produce more for the locals.

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Great New Orleans Streetcar Art Promotion! The streetcars are Indeed part of the New Oleans persona!

     The New Orleans streetcars are part of all of us that have grown up in New Orleans area as well as a favorite to tourist and newcomers.  Its a continuity of ages and they still work well as transportation.  They were one of the things everyone has looked forward to getting up and running since Katrina knocked them out for over a year.  The red streetcars had to be rebuilt as they all flooded during Katrina.  Its a great buy to ride down Canal Street and St. Charles Ave. 

     The promotion of the Young leadership council has had local companies and organizations placing this street car art all over town.  See Earlier blog on Street Car Art

street-car-art-update-1       Having a chance to drive and show condos and homes all over the City of New Orleans I get a chance to see a lot of these pieces.  Always enjoy discovering a new one.  Wanted to share a few of the ones I have seen in the last couple of weeks.  Once again the guys that thought this up had a great idea.  They will sell them at the end of the promo.


     One of the things I have noticed as the cars tell a story of what people in New Orleans like and want to preserve.   People like the local sports teams and almost all are die hard fans.  Lots of food and music which is easily understandable.  We appreciate a good meal and work it into the artwork.

    There is also lots of wildlife worked into the windows.  You see everything from gators, to crawfish, to pelicans, to dogs and Hornets.  The local heros and celebrities get worked in like Drew Brees and local musicians.

    Mardi Gras and even religion make it into many of the scenes.  They are all local so its quite a history of New Orleans.  What I have never see is the politicians or political views.  But then we want the positive aspects of the city to show.  Sorry Mayor Nagin !  The streetcars work, run on time, make money and are something to enjoy for all.

   Each company that sponsors one works some of their icons and symbols into their cars. 





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New Orleans-City Park, the Sculpture Garden. When is the last time you have gone?

       Being in real estate you are your own boss.  You work a lot of hours but you have control of what you do.  I took the time to stop by City Park this week after visiting a client.  You forget how pretty and how many things there are to do.  One of the things is the Sculpture Garden which is open daily.  The Besthoff’s owned the leading retail drug chain in New Orleans for years, K&B Drugs. 

    The admission is free but it worth leaving a donation so others can enjoy it as well.  Its open daily and takes up only 5 acres with paths and lagoons spread about the park.  Its very quiet and a short drive from downtown.  Take the street car from Canal Street to Carrolton and you get off at the end of the line across from Bayou St. John.  I just pulled over parked and started taking pictures with my cell phone in the car.

The Sculpture Collection

donated by Sydney and Walda Besthoff in New Orleans City Park

“The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden is home to 57 sculptures by artists from around the world. Forty-four of the 57 sculptures have been donated to the New Orleans Museum of Art by the Besthoff Foundation. The other 11 are Museum purchases or gifts from other donors. The collection includes work by some of the great master sculptors of the 20th century (Antoine Bourdelle, Henry Moore, Jacques Lipchitz, Louise Bourgeois), as well as younger, contemporary sculptors (Kenneth Snelson, Allison Saar, Joel Shapiro, Jean-Michel Othoniel). Nine of the 57 sculptures pre-date 1960, while 29 of the 57 artists represented are living. “

Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans-Borders Bookstore Opens Fall of 2008. St. Charles and Louisiana Ave.

    Borders Bookstore on St. Charles Ave will open this Fall in the Crescent City.  It is located on St. Charles Ave. at the corner of Louisiana Ave on the St. Charles Ave Streetcar line.  The bookstore will showcase Louisiana and New Orleans Books, Authors and Music.  The bookstore is notable for several reasons.  It is built on the site of the Baltman Funeral Home which has been at the location since 1943.  The exterior of the building is being preserved as you can see below.  The nine million dollar project will be 24,000 sq. ft  and will be the first chain store on St. Charles Ave.

    The Borders Concept store is within walking distance of many of the condos that I have been selling in the Uptown area over the past couple of years.  It will be a destination place for the locals as well a tourist stop on the Streetcar line.  Outdoor coffee shop and cafe no doubt.  I did a search on the Borders site and they had 2821 New Orleans related Music items and 939 books.  Guess its name that tune over hangman!

     Will see you at the Grand Opening if you are in the area.  Always nice to get an upgrade from a funeral home to a book and music store.

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Warehouse District adds Audubon Insectarium, it adds value to the area!!

     The new Audubon Insectarium opened up last week.  What does this have to do with New Orleans Condos?  The Warehouse District where the Insectarium just opened up is between the New Orleans French Quarter and the Warehouse District.  The Warehouse District Condos area is the “trendy location” for condos in New Orleans Downtown .  Each time another Museum or venue opens it attracts more people to the area. 

      People get exposed to the area that do not know what the area offers.  People spend money and the area develops businesses to take advantage of the people.  It becomes more of a family destination and builds on itself.  People take notice and begin to consider the area for a second home.  Its family friendly and you can walk everywhere for unique experiences.  This may not be in Houston where you drive 50 miles to get a sno-ball.

    Museums such as the Insectarium, Aquarium of Americas, and the World War II Museum are changing the landscape and the values of the area.  Its positive for the future growth of the area and the tax base.  Jobs follow these developments and people like quality of life developments.  This is new for New Orleans but a natural as we will see.  As per a recent Gambit Article you can see below.

New Orleans Warehouse District, Audubon Insectarium Read the rest of this entry »

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New Orleans Warehouse District, Italian Plaza another urban niche

     The Italian Piazza is another one of the urban parks or casual niches hidden away in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  Few people know of its existence.  New Orleans today has over 200,000 residents of Italian Heritage who came to America around 1880-1900, adding to our New Orleans cultural gumbo.  The Piazza has the aura of a place in Sicily.  For many in New Orleans, it was designed and forgotten, but now you know!

Italian Plaza New Orleans, Warehouse District New Orleans

Italian Plaza Entrance on Poydras Read the rest of this entry »

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Live Oaks and Spanish Moss, A New Orleans feature that grows!

    Live Oaks and Spanish Moss are an odd New Orleans Couple.  They have gotten along for hundreds of years and remain very compatible.  The New Orleans climate has been kind to both as they love the humid air and almost no winters.  The Spanish Moss is really not a moss at all but an esphylic plant that uses the tree for a home.  The plants make their own food and do not need roots to survive.  They like shade and thus grow under the branches of the tree underneath the leaf cover of the Live Oak in this case.  

New Orleans Oaks

    You do not have to go far to both see as Audubon Park and City Park are full of the stately oaks and Spanish moss.  They do not like exhaust fumes and have disappeared along heavily traveled roads.  A tree shaded street does increase your real estate values and the quality of life. 

Audubon Park Oak Trees

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