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New Orleans decorates for Christmas, Its a great time to walk and review

Decorations for the Christmas Holidays

Great Time to Show Off Historic Homes

Uptown Double Dressed in Red and Green

Decorated Oak on St. Charles

NOLA Spring Day, December 11,2015

Weddin Cake Home,Christmas 1

St. Charles Ave. Homes,Red Bows

Columns Hotel Xmas...

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New Orleans Warehouse District, Eric’s NOLA Walk About….

Cotton Mill Windows,Warehouse District

      The New Orleans Warehouse District always has a lot of things to do.  It is a great area to walk and leave the car at home. It has become a great place to live and have a second home.  There are many condo complexes to chose from but not many for sale this time of year.  Had to vist a listing this week at the Cotton Mills Condos so decided to take a walk around the area. I will share some of my stops with you.

Resource Center Warehouse District

Love the windows on this Building

Mississippi River Bridge, Warehouse DistrictThe Mississippi River is the Easter Edge of the Warehouse District. Always some nice shots of the Bridge
Outlet Collection Riverwalk,Warehouse District

      The Outlet Mall is a newer attraction that always is a nice walk if you need to stay cool. It’s on the Mississippi River starting out on Julia Street and ending up at the Spanish Plaza.

Fulton Street,New Orleans Warehouse District

Fulton Street is an entertainment zone near Harrah’s Parking and Casino. It is free to enjoy the plants, the eats and the music…

Poeyfarre Market, Warehouse District

The Poeyfarre Market across from the Cotton Mill Condos

Galvez Monument May 1977

     The Galvez Monument at the International Trade Mart. It was a gift from Spain in 1977. The 12′ high statue is Berardo de G’alvez who served as Govenor of Louisiana and Cuba in the 1700’s. Always enjoy finding out about this statues and why they were put here. They tell such a rich history.

Lucys Nights

Lucy’s Bar and Grill. The Local Place to Enjoy…


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Mardi Gras Time in the French Quarter….This was the Friday before….

     I forgot to publish this one after Mardi Gras.  It is nice to look back on the cool weather and colorful costumes.  This is one of the reasons people come to New Orleans and then want to keep coming back for more.

Mardi Gras 2014

Diva Girl Parade 2014

Prima Donna's on Balcony

Granny Dances....

Prima Donna's Throwing Beads

Music on Balcony

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Halloween is Big in New Orleans, Getting to be another Venue to Value….

Halloween Decorations In French Quarter

Halloween Decor in New Orleans French Quarter

Pumpkins on French Quarter Balconies

     Halloween is a big holiday in New Orleans and is getting bigger all the time.  More and more people are decorating.  This is some of the great decorations in the French Quarter this weekend with more to come.  New Orleans is just a natural for this holiday.  People just like to costume and this gives them another chance to do so.

     This weekend was the Seafood Fest at Waldenberg Park.  There was also a Blue’s Fest in Lafayette Square.  The Voodoo Fest is on the way.  It will run the weekend before at City Park on October 26,27, and 28th.  People will stay the entire week to enjoy New Orleans and hopefully some fo best weather of the year.

    The First New Orleans Hornets NBA game is October 31st  with another one on Friday night.  The big LSU-Alabama  is on Saturday.  That will put a lot of Bama fans in town.  Maybe they will run into a ghost of the game.  The New Orleans Saints play on Sunday against Philly.  You can see that it will be a busy week or so.  

     Lafitte’s is one of the oldest bars in the United States and it will get busy at noon on Halloween and stay busy to the wee hours of the morning.  The number one costume may be pirates as they have dress rehearsals monthly as it is. 

     There will also be several big movies shooting around that times as well.  That always adds to the fun.

New Orleans French Quarter Bar


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Parks and Green Spaces in the Warehouse District, more than one would think….

      The Warehouse District  offers three public parks – Lafayette Square and and the Mississippi River Heritage Park. Warehouse District residents are never more than a few minutes walk from a public green space.   The Spanish Plaza and Piazza d’ Italia are more like rest stops. You are a streetcar ride away from tow of the largest municipal parks in the United States in City Park and Audubon Park off of St. Charles Ave.

  • Lafayette Square ,  On St. Charles Ave. in the 6oo block
  • Warehouse District Parks

    Parks Lafayette statue

    Parks Lafayette-City Hall

  • Mississippi River Heritage Park, Along the Mississippi River and extends to the French Quarter.
  • Parks Mississippi River Views

    Mississippi River Sunrise in New Orleans

        Spanish Plaza, Beginning of the Riverwalk and next to the Ferry Crossing.

    Parks Spanish Plaza Localism

  • Piazza d’Italia
  • Nite Photos 1


           See a Google map of each park. Some are green spaces and other are more of a place to relax and enjoy water and more water.

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    Warehouse District Today, 75 cent Sliders and Restoration News at World War II Museum…

    World War II Museum, Restoration Pavilion

    World War II Museum, New addition 2011

          The John Kushner Restoration Pavilion has just opened this past weekend at the World War II Museum on Magazine Street in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.  It is a ” big garage” where World War II relics brought back to life through restoration.  It allows the public to watch the process.  They are currently restoring a PT boat for all to see.  Really a great idea and much more than a simple garage. 

    World War II Museum, On sale 3-6pm 

    World War II Museum, Free Parking

          The other great new is free parking and a Happy Hour with Sliders for $.75 and a Happy Hour.  Sit in an air conditioned Stage Door Canteen and enjoy yourself while getting a great deal.  I will go back and make it a point to eat several more on on my next trip.

        The City just put parking meters in where they can make a few cents and give out more tickets on the nearby street.  The Stage Door and Museum countered with free parking with food and drinks. The locals and tourist in New Orleans loves this idea.  They will get the word out, get more people introduced to the place, and in the long run bring in more bucks.  Great marketing Idea for the Museum and the same old thing for the City to soak the traffic.  Now which tactic would you favor…..

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    Facebook Pages are another tool for learning about New Orleans Condos…

        Facebook and Real Estate can easily be used together as a way to give you a glimpse of the lifestyle of an area that you may be interested in.  Most people want to see and hear about an area before they begin looking for a condo or home.  Facebook has become very photo friendly so its easy to shoot and quote.  Then link a news article about the area to give you a feel as to what is happening and what is new.   

        Its a much more updated way to keep people in the loop of what is going on week to week.  Its not only I that keeps up the pages but friends and clients who are interested and have a view that may differ from mine. Its as much about a lifstyle of the area than the bricks, beams and mortor of New Orleans.  

    Facebook, New Orleans Warehouse District

           Eric’s New Orleans Profile on  Facebook is another way to give you a feel for the New Orleans  Market and feel of the areas where I work. It has become very photo friendly.  Its not all fact and figures but more about a lifestyle of what is going on in the areas.  You can follow my posts easily on my facebook fan pages by just pressing  ” like”.  

    Facebook, New Orleans Today and Yesterday

         New Orleans Today and Yesterday  is a collect of photos and things that people remember about New Orleans and what makes our city different. You can share as well.  It touches on the history of the neighborhoods with lots of info on the various types of homes and buildings in the New Orleans Metro area.  Its getting that feel as people do want lifestyle…..

    Facebook New Orleans Warehouse District frame

       New Orleans Warehouse District  on Facebook is about the New Orleans Warehouse District.  It is much newer page and the area is smaller than many I cover.  I have hundreds of photos so posting one a day is easy.  So much going on and you can read and make comments as well.  Its meant to be informative and since seeing is believing it can show you what is here.  Few Words and a photo………..

         Using this blog  and the condo site New Orleans Condos along with Facebook will give you the feel that you need so you can make an informed decision.  You can always just call me to go over any questions that you may have or we can meet wherever to talk about your needs…..   


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    Aquatic Gardens, Could it be in your shopping plans !

          Aquatic Gardens at 621 Elysian Fields is a hidden gem of a retailer. Its right ouside the French Quarter.   I have been there to buy lilies which is one of their specialities.  The gift shop is full of yard art and much more items that are completely  unique.  For small spaces and courtyards this retailer is a must visit just to see the colors and get ideas for ponds and gardens.

    Aquatic Gardens on Elysian Fields in New Orleans, New Orleans Condos

    Aquatic Gardens in New Orleans


    Aquatic Gardens shopping



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    New Orleans Ranks well ! City is becoming much younger !

        Just wanted to pass this recent article from Rueters Life that Ron Mazier called to my attention.  I have seen the trend in recent years as many of the younger professionals are buying condo in New Orleans.  This may be one of the reasons newcomers like the New Orleans Area.  Many are also returning as a choice.
    The New Orleans condo market fits the lifestyle of the hard working and hard playing younger residents.  The trend is seeing people from all areas of the country willing to experience what New Orleans has to offer.    Many of my clients could live anywhere.  Many of today’s jobs allows people to live where they are most productive.  New Orleans is a god place for creative juices to get started.        

    Student Housing in New Orleans,Time to study

     The city known as the “Big Easy” also came out tops for people watching, singles scene and the metropolis with the best bars and concerts and bands.

    “In the nightlife category, New Orleans beat Las Vegas. Last year New Orleans swept all of the night-life categories and New Orleans did this year,” Kelso added.

    Miami topped the charts for the most attractive people, followed by San Diego and Charleston but southern charm seemed to come into play with Nashville, New Orleans and Charleston having the friendliest folks.

    New York was the U.S. city with the most stylish residents with Miami and San Francisco and Los Angeles also coming up with high marks.

    But when it comes to most intelligent Minneapolis/St. Paul took the crown, followed by Austin and Boston. The twin cities also scored top marks as the cleanest city.

    The results were based on an online survey of more than 60,000 people who rated 30 U.S. cities in various categories. Five new cities, Providence, Kansas City, Cleveland, Houston and St Louis, were added to the survey this year.

    Washington D.C. was the top choice for best museums, galleries and historical sites, with New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston also in the top five.

    “In regards to culture, Washington D.C. and New York really tied in that category. New York got the No. 1 ranking for classical music and theatres, and Washington D.C. did for historical sites and monuments and museums and galleries. It was a nice East Coast tie,” Kelso said.

    For more sedate family fun, Orlando, Florida was the top choice with Washington D.C. coming in second, and San Diego third. If money is a consideration, Cleveland scaled the chart for best affordable getaway.

    New York may have bowed to New Orleans in the nightlife ranking but it was still scored top marks in a category considered important by many — shopping.

         Katrina and lately the Saints have given us exposure you could never pay for in a million years.  New Orleans just has to take advantage of the good news.

    (Reuters Life!) – “Looking for romance? Head to Honolulu. But if you are single, like live music, boutique hotels and want a wild weekend, New Orleans is the city to visit.

    In its latest survey of America’s favorite cities Travel and Leisure magazine asked readers to pick the best places for everything from the most attractive, intelligent, stylish and the friendliest people to where to find the best museums, restaurants, bars, museums and affordable hotels.

    “The big news this year is that New Orleans received the most number one rankings over New York,” said Travel and Leisure Assistant Editor Stirling Kelso.

    “It is a popular weekend destination. You can go to New Orleans and feel like you have left the country,” she added. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Photos from November Blogs! Its real easy to do! So enjoy for 60 seconds!

           This is a photo slide show from picnik.  Its very easy to do for real estate or any other photos you want to showcase.  The photos are downsized so they are not real sharp, Big photo files are not good on the Internet.   These are all shots of New Orleans that you can enjoy.  I use this service for all my photos so they all online for me to crop, size and adjust as I wish.  Just move them to a slide show, its very easy.

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