New Orleans Condos, Open Houses do work…Just takes some Effort and Creative New Ideas…

Today I did an open house in the Warehouse District of New Orleans to help me get a unit sold at 333 Julia or Julia Place #310.  It ended up being a lot of fun, but I do have fun doing real estate.  Had to have a helper take people to the condo while I greeted people and handed out flyers.  I even gave them out to residents as they entered and left the complex. Just another way to get the message out.

Had to bring a potted plant to have to sign stand up on the side walk and managed to get the other by the door. It was very hot so I had to wear shorts to stay a little cooler.  Shannon and I took turns taking people to the unit while the other waited for the next couple.  We had it from 1-3 pm but had a decent turnout.

We did a line ad in the paper but most people just came on their own by seeing the sign.  Running it on the WWL-Real Estate Digest TV show will also bring in more folks.  Next time I am going to leave flyers in the gym so even more people will notice.  People already living in the complex is a great source of potential buyers as it is easy to sell their friends on coming to view the unit.

Open Houses do work in New Orleans

    I ended up meeting two clients that I have been working with over time.  You never know when your prospects are ready to purchase.  Many agents will not go to the trouble to do these open houses and tell their sellers they do not work.  My Idea is to make them work for my seller by getting the word out.  It felt like a success when we packed up and left.  I should have put some cold drinks in the ice box but I will do that on the next open house.

    Another idea for the future is to do a twilight open house to catch people on their way home from work as there are a lot of renters in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.  Always open to old and new ideas to get your place sold for the highest possible price based on the numbers….

Eric Bouler, Gardner Realtors does Open Houses in Warehouse District...

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