New Orleans Warehouse District Condos, Just not many balconies….

   One of the questions I am commonly asked is that I want  a condo in the Warehouse District with a balcony or gallery.  The immediate answer is that they are far and few between.  There are 3-4 condo associations that do have them.  The are all larger units in smaller buildings.

    The three pictured here are within a block of each other on Tchoupitoulas and Girod.  The 711 Tchoupitoulas, 633 Tchoupitoulas and the red building on the corner of Girod.  Its most likely that these structures were office-warehouse combinations.  Most of the other warehouse  were much more industrial and larger.  

    The only other one that comes to mind is Mills Row which also happens to be on Tchoupitoulas behind the Federal Fibre Mills.   Mills Row is a brand new structure that was built in 2006.

Balconies in the New Orleans Warehouse District Condos

    The other question I am often asked is why there are so few high rises.  The only 2 Warehouse High Rise condos are One River Place and 625 St. Charles.  Both of these buildings were built as condo complexes.  We are overdue another one. 

    The Tracage was going to be a 25 story building that was cancelled in 2008 during the financial crisis.  It is rumored to be back on the drawing board.  Since the pre-sales reached almost 70% it would be a success this time around. 

    It did not make sense for the 1900’s building to be too tall and most were industrial and basically built by hand. 

  Balconies in New Orleans Warehouse District, Warehouse District Condos

Warehouse District Condos, Red building on Girod

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