Condos on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans offers a variety of style and choices….

      The one great thing that condos on St. Charles Ave. offers is Location, Location and Location regardless of style and type.  Being on one of the most famous streets in Louisiana plus just having a lot to do on the oldest running streetcar line in America is just two of the neat things about living on the Avenue. 

     You are just so close to so many things as New Orleans is really a compact city.  Ride downtown, walk to Magazine, play golf at Audubon Park, view historic homes aand mansions, and eat and drink to your heart is content.  The excercise the next morning.

     Lets talk about the variety of styles and what to expect up and down the Avenue.

2625 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

      This is a 5 unit complex that was once an old home.  It was converted more than likely inot apartments then into condos.  Here you get the balconies and historic features that you can get from these old homes.  The last sale in the building was the balcony unit which sold for $428,000. It was a  totally updated 2/2 condo of about 1300 square feet.  This is not an everyday find.

2600 St. Charles Ave. Condos, Luxury Condos, New Orleans Condos

     This 6 unit condo complex at 2600 St. Charles Avenue is actually new construction a couple of year old.  They are large unit that sold for well over a million a piece several years ago.  These are residensce and most likely not second homes.  They sure do seem to fit in and look old. That is what makes them so special. 

3201 St. Charles Ave Condos, Front of Building

     The 3201 St. Charles Avenue is a 1970’s apartment complex turned into condos surrounding a reaally nice courtyard.  The 71 unit building is well managed and every unit has parking in the rear. Not much historic about these units but then the prices are one of the mmost reasonable on the Avenue.  The 8 foot ceiling keep them in the apartment anywhere USA feel until you step ino the tropical pool and courtyard.

4239 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Condos

        The 4219 St. Charles Avenue is a 1920’s apartment home converted into condos.  These apartment style condos of which there are about 15-20 of thesescattered around this area of town are really cool and unique.  Most are small complexes 12-20 units.  They tend to have a lot of windows, wood floors, 9-10 foot ceilings, parking, and secure entrances.  The units are structured like 4 plexs have lots of doors to the common areas which are generally a central courtyard. 

7044 St. Charles Ave.Condos, Almedia Uptown Condos

         The 7044 is another example of a 1920’s complex near Audubon Park and close to Tulane University.  Often this is a great place for students and second homes.  Just love this style.

3823 St. Charles. Ave Condos, Luxury Condos, New Orleans Condos

     The 3823 St. Charles are large unit that were meant for full time living.  Residences and they are much larger than most condos with each unit over 2000 sq. ft. of  living.  These units have little turnover so you never see a lot of this style on the market.  There are several of this style on the Avenue and several now for sale. 

1224 St. Charles Avenue Condos, New Orleans Condos

       This may be one of a kind in that it is a very recent conversion at 1224 St. Charles Avenue several blocks from Lee Circle.  It was an old folks home turned into small condos.  Priced from 150-180.  They all have parking.  The bottom floor is commercial.  There is a courtyard, gym and other common areas to enjoy.  All utilities are included in the condo fees which is not the norm but still reasonable since the units are small. 

   The condo documents say the units cannot be leased for periods less than a year which is not the norm either.  The prices are good so they sold oout in about 18 months in a bad market.

     You can also view many of the other New Orleans Condo Complexes on St. Charles Avenue  on a special page that I am constructing. Not yet finished but will show you even more variety of what you can expect to find in this segment.  No shortage on variety.

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