New Orleans Condo amenities do make a difference, especially with smaller condos…

       I am finding that more and more people want the amenities that the larger condo associations have as long as the condo fees stay reasonable.  When you live in or visit a small condo, you like spending time outside by a pool or lush courtyard.   You cannot generally find this all over town but they tend to be concentrated in large buildings in the Warehouse District, French Quarter and along St. Charles Ave. in Uptown New Orleans.

       You can find courtyards in all areas of the condo market.  The tropical courtyard just says “You are in New Orleans”  Many times you will find this in the larger condos but that does not mean it would not exist in smaller complexes.  Most of these tend to be in the French Quarter where a small courtyard can really be made to be lush and inviting.  It is up to the residents and owners to decide which they they will go.  It will add value to the condo association as they become nicer and more inviting.

       Many of the larger condo associations have added gyms for exercise.  These can be rather Spartan to be one that has everything.  This is more often found in the New Orleans Warehouse District where large building have been converted into condos.   You will also see some very nice lobbies and meeting areas in some of the larger condo associations as well.     

      The swimming pools are enjoyed by all, most never get in but do enjoy the water and the relaxing quality of the blue liquid.  Great way to cool off on our hot steamy days however.  You can even jump in the pool in December with our weather patterns. 

      All the extra amenities  will cost money and is spread over everyone’s monthly condo fee.  Living in a larger complex makes these very affordable.  As a resident you will not need to go to an outside gym.  You may take your bottle of beer or glass of wine to the courtyard to relax.  You can grill in most of these areas as well.

     All these things just add to the quality of life issues.  Its fun to enjoy where you live , getting out without going out of the complex is easy.

     If you ever rent your condo then these quality of life issues do play a large part in the mind of the renter.  These units just rent faster and stay rented longer. 

Federal Fibre Mills Courtyards, New Orleans Warehouse District, 1107 South Peters

French Quarter Condos, Hidden Courtyards

Federal Fibre Mills Condo, Lobby Art

Cotton Mill Condos, Courtyard, New Orleans Condos


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