Renting your New Orleans Condo…Things to know…60 Day Minimum…

      I am often asked about the rules that govern the renting your condo for special events and on a short term basis in the City Of New Orleans.  The City Law states that you cannot do this for less than 60 days.  Only Hotels and Inns that are the short term rental list can do this.  Short Term Rental List for New Orleans.  You will however see people advertising on the Internet all the time that they can do this.

     The second item is that all condo documents will say that there will be no rentals for less than 60 days.  Many condo associations will have 90 day minimums and some will limit it to 6 months or even more.  It is important that you read the condo documents before purchasing to see what your condo says about short term rentals. It will spell it out. The condo associations can establish longer stays but all will abide by the 60 day minimum.

     It is OK for you to have family and friends stay short periods of time as they are not renters. 

     One of the main reasons that this is in place is that none of these places have business licence’s or pay taxes like hotel and motels do.  The other big reason is that many people live in condos on a full time basis and just do not want strangers wandering in and out.  Its a quality of life issue.

      It is however is easy to find renters to stay within the city guidelines and that of your condo association.  It been a tight rental market the last two years and it is easy to rent.  Just be leery of the nline shortterm rentals.  The law is not strongly enforced but be at any time.  Most of my my clients under this and understand that this is best for their property values.

1020 Esplanade Condos, Tropical Courtyard

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