What you do not see from the outside of New Orleans Condos…Courtyards, Common Areas and Roof Top Areas….

French Quarter Condos, Hidden Courtyards

     The French Quarter condos are going to have smaller and more defined courtyards and common areas because the condo association are smaller as you can see from the above photo of the courtyard at  The Italian Hall at1020 Esplanade in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is large for the quarter  but elegant none the less. 

       You do pay to have these common areas but most times the enjoyment  outweights the cost that all the owners pay.  Its a chance to escaped behind a gate to relax and enjoy the pool, gardens and fountains within an urban area outside your gates.  Whey stay inside when this can is yours to enjoy day and night.

Cotton Mill Condos Scupture

      Many time you have no idea what is behind the walls of many of the condo associations in New Orleans.   New Orleans is famous for its courtyards, fountains, tropical plants and its love for water.  Condos are no different as you can see in these photos.  This is but a small sampling of what I get to see on a weekly basis. 

     The Warehouse District has much larger condo associations.  The picture above is but a part of the Cotton Mill Condos located at 920 Poeyfarre large 25,000 square foot courtyard which is the size of a city block.  Hidden within the structure where plants, pools, grills, trees and plants can be very soothing. 

     The Federal Fibre Mills Condos at 1107 South Peters  has one of the best Courtyards and common areas within the City Of New Orleans.  It is a tropical garden that features a pool, workout room, a large party room, grills, table and chairs under tropical trees.  Potted plants are all over the courtyard and are well taken care of.  You get that splash of color in the Spring and Summer with an assortment of annuals. 

  Federal Fibre Mills Courtyards, New Orleans Warehouse District, 1107 South Peters

 404 Notre Dame City view roof top

      The other feature not often seen from the street is the roof top viewing areas with panoramic views of the city.  Many feature plants and small pools where you can cool off and watch the city lights at night and the skyline during the day.  None of the buildings are tall and we have no hills here so you can view for miles. 

      The Julia Place Condos located at 333 Julia Street  in the heart of the Warehouse District is pictured below has very nice area to enjoy the city. A small pool, covered sitting area, grills for common use and even a party room that residents can use with a small deposit.  These common area expenses are shared by the owners.  People do want these amenities and it really helps with the resale values.   

 Condo Amenties in New Orleans Condos

Metroview Condos, Common Areas 

        The Metro View Condos in the center Metaire is another one of the best common areas in Jefferson Parish where you can enjoy a lot of amenities and common areas throughout the complex.  Each unit has a balcony faces the courtyards and pools.  Its great to open up your doors and enjoy the views, flowers, trees, and pools throughout the complex.

    In larger complexes such as these it really adds to the quality of life at a very reasonable cost.  The condo fees for a one bedroom are $152 per month and about $200 for a two bedroom.  It is the better way to go as residents do use the facilities.  The condos are reasonably priced and run at about half the price of those in the City of New Orleans.  Buyers are starting to think of the Metro View as inexpensive place to own a Second Home  to view and enjoy what New Orleans has to offer.  

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