Real Estate Sales are looking up across the board in homes and condos… Its a positive feeling

     Real Estate in New Orleans is doing much, much better  in 2012 than it did in 2011.  The numbers are there to tell us this but working with clients everyday you can feel it getting better.  The buyers and sellers are making decisions faster, the supply is down, the interest rates are still very good at 4% and even below.  The positive feel is back in all the areas that I work.

   Real Estate Sales tend to be seasonal but this is more than a seasonal response to buying.  In almost all areas you can get your better choices down to 4-5 places.  In the condo market I can generally get it down to the 3-4 best places rather quickly.  There is not a large supply for people to look at.  In this case you review what is on the market and then wait for the new listings to come on the market so you can compare.  

    It is much harder to find that great deal but there are some very fair deals to be had.  I expect the supply to be up after Mardi Gras and more buyers will come into the market.  The early birds get the worm weather you are a seller or a buyer.  You are just more educated than those wanting to start later.

     The lenders I talk to on a weekly basis are busy as well. People still want to refinance but the new business is up for them as well.  I have several clients to want to move in the Spring and will need to sell their house before moving.  This did not happen a lot last year.  The move up buyer was in short supply last year but the feeling is positive for people to think about making a big move. 

     There are areas of weakness but it is those areas that really tend to be more seasonal.  The further you move away from town the business tends to be more seasonal.  The biggest factor for those areas are kids in school this time of year.

New Orleans Condo Sales are Seasonal

Real Estate Seasonal

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