Historic New Orleans Condos are becoming more popular!!

     Historic New Orleans Condos are becoming a popular option in New Orleans.  Most of these condos will be found in the Lower Garden District, Garden District and Uptown.  These condos were once a home or multi-family residence.  They come in all sizes and shapes.  They come in all prices as well. 

     The complexes are generally small so most do not have a lot of amenities.  Most do have locations where walking is great and they are close to the streetcar line, shops, coffee houses, bars and restaurants.  The best ones have all the historical features left in tact. 

     The one difference you will see is how the developer finished the unit and how much was done to the entire building.  Some developers will do the basics when turning it from a rental unit to a condo.  Others like this one pictured below will put much more into the entire package. 

    This one has a newer roof, updated electrical, gas stove, brick walk ways, freshly painted, great windows that all open, nice wood floors, fireplace, new heat and a/c and as many details left as possible.  Few fire places are actually working as they were coal burning in the day.  The owners would bring hot coals from the kitchen and put them in the small fireplace for the night.  We normally only have 30 such nights in New Orleans.  Often they are found in every room.

     The way the condo is finished should be reflected in the price.  The bargain today may turn into a money pit down the road.  You should treat the inspection of these condos more like  you are buying a home.  Check out the entire building and review the upkeep of the building.  Many times residents think nothing needs to be done until it is broken.  Best to have someone in the association that knows that it is better to fix small things before they become bigger.  It sound like common sense but then again……

     It always pays in the end to get the best unit which is the balcony and porch units as those hold their values better.  Most people want the premium condos when it comes to resale.  Its very hard to put a price on a balcony or porch but you will surely enjoy the time you spend on them.  Kinda of like priceless…

     You tend to find more people living in these historic condos on a full time basis as they are in great locations and have more room.  This however makes it great for a second home person knowing that someone is there all the time.  They are also easy to rent as well.  Lets walk down the street and grab a bite to eat…

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Magazine Historic New Orleans Condo

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