Selling your New Orleans Condo, its a competition to get buyers to see your condo….

     Its an extremely competitive real estate market in New Orleans.  The  condo market is as well and you are competing for buyers with the other units that are for sale.  You can begin to compete better by showing off your condo in a best light with information and photos.  Most shoppers start their search on the Internet.  They want to see what it looks like and what is said about the unit being sold.  They want to know the price, see what it looks like and what kind of updates that the condo has. 

     There are several ways to compete and the best is to get noticed by telling the story with the best photos and details of your condo. The more you are able to show and tell then the better off your condo my be in the eyeballs of the buyers.  People have more time on line to quickly read and know. 

     Make sure your agent can tell the story through photos and information about the unit.  People want to know and many buyers cannot be overloaded when looking for info.  They can do it fast when shopping by the Internet.  At the same time the agents need to be able to supply clients with the best choices available in a price range.

      Photos that show off your condo-  Taking enough quality photos with a wide angle lense is the first step.  You want to give the buyer a feel of the condo and the features that made you buy it. Let the buyer get a feel for the floor plan, where are the windows, where is the kitchen, where is the condo in the building.  The more you can show the better the response that you will get from the buyer and their agent.  Sometimes I like to point out the basic feature with words on the photos as we can use 25 photos in the mls plus slideshows and videos.

     Important Updates-  People will look for different things so make a list of your updates.  Some buyers will want to know if a new a/c has been installed lately and what type of unit it is.  Some will want to know about the appliances and when were they put in.  How about the floors and when were they redone.  Others will ask about what stays and what goes ?  Light fixtures ? Window Coverings ?  Paint job? and we can go on and on. Make the list…..

      Things people want to know and value   People value views, parking spots, amenities, ceilings heights, exposed beams and bricks, pools, courtyards, exercise rooms, patios, balconies and much more.  These are the things you do not see in the square footage numbers but boy do they count and help sell your condo.  They are looking for those special things

       Life Style Choices   Buyers want to know about the complex and the lifestyle of the area.  This can be doneas well with a combination of words and photos.  What is within walking distance and what do people liek to do.  Walk to the Streetcar line, walk to the French Quarter, walk to the Superdome, walk to Magazine Street and much more.  What made you decide to buy where you did?  Other buyers may be looking for the same thing…..   

    Selling in todays market is much like the show and tell we used to do in grammer school.  You want to paint a picture as best you can online where we are selling 24/7.  A few agents do it much better than others.  You are selling to buyers and their agents.  I always like to hear why you bought and why you liked it so I can get that passed on. 

Federal Fibre Mills #507 Night Views

 Cotton Mill Condos #349, Views of Warehouse District from unitFederal Fibre Mill Condos 507 Terrace

 330 Julia Street,323 Kitchen from Den330 Julia Street 223, Kitchen Appliances, New Orleans Condos

Federal Fibre Mills Condos, corner views from den



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