Out of town lenders not up to par…..Stay local and be satisfied..

     Lets not paint all lenders with the same brush but over and oven out of town lenders disappoint their clients.  Its not just me but most New Orleans agents will tell you this as well.  The lenders just are not use to doing business in the area.  They have a hard time figuring out taxes, flood zones and insurance issues.  They want data that does not exist and then want things that are useless.

    Stay local and keep the jobs local.  When the back office is local it is much easier to get answers.  The local know their reputation is on the line.  They depend on getting business from the local real estate community.  They actually care about the business.    People like to get feedback on the process and in many cases this is lacking.  You can throw the National Banks into this category as well much of the time.  

    I have found the rates and cost are more than competitive in vast majority of the cases of the cases.  The hidden cost tend to add up.

    I have had 3 clients burned this week so it fresh in my mind.  One had an appraiser who got lost and could not finish the appraisal in 12 days.  One that was .5% off on the rates and the client changed because of inaction by the lender.  The third used an appraiser who was totally unfamiliar with the area and showed up two weeks after he was suppose to. 

     All in a days work, I do not think so……Its all so last minute you will begin pulling your hair out.  Now that is how I feel and that is my opinion.  I have had some great ones but why fight the long odds of having to fight the issues,feel  negelected, end up mad and maybe poorer.

Out of town Lenders service New Orleans

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