New Orleans Warehouse District neighborhoods are close in footsteps but very greatly in a matter of Blocks…

      The map below is a very instructive guide as how close the neighborhoods are.   This  is  how it plays out in the geography of the New Orleans Warehouse District.  The areas are adjacent to each other but are almost worlds apart in the lifestyle.  It will also give you an idea of how close the areas are and all are within walking distance of each other.  New Orleans is a very small area when you talk about the world on New Orleans Condos.

    Most of the downtown condos are in the area marked Warehouse Museum and Arts District.  There are a few in the Central Business District but not very many. Cross Poydras and you are in a different neighborhood.  Most perfer to be in the Arts District until more the Central Business District.   Few or no condos are currently in the Medical District but this area is growing and changing drastically with the additional of the new VA hosiptal and expansion of the LSU Medical School.  The Warehouse District remains a favorite for medical students, residents and young doctors as a place to be.   

     Once an area become popular you will begin to see developement in adjacent areas.  This is close to happening and most likely would have happened if the Banking Crisis would not be still with us.  I feel a shortage of condos and there is a demand as very new projects have  been built since Katrina in 2005.

    A lot of demand has come from people seeking second homes who buy larger condos so they can invite friends and family to visit.  That is why the uptick in the 2/2 in the 275–350k range.  Just not a lot to choose from in this market.  Rents are great so if part of your plan is to rent then the Warehouse District gives you the best chance.  It has been that way for several years and do not expect that is change in the near term.  

Downtown New Orleans Map


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