Finding your New Orleans Condo ? Never as many choices as one would think?

    Clients always think there are going to be a multitude of choices in the New Orleans Condo market.   Once I know your criteria such as price range , area, style, bedrooms and bathrooms there will be a much shorter list.  Once you consider the locations you will quickly get into single digits.  Normally 5-6 units.  After looking at prices you narrow it further as some will be misplaced and are not competitive on their pricing.

    Today’s buyer has shopped the internet so knows his areas and prices much better than the buyers of the past.  The buyers of today are good at narrowing down the choices when they know what they want and what to expect.  If this is the case 3-4 properties are going to meet their needs. 

     Some will not be able to be financed by a conventional mortgage and those may be elimanated.  Some of these are good buys for than reasons alone and a cash y can get a deal if it meets his or her criteria.  This is an issue as the lending rules have been changing with every coming quarter.  Remember the lending decisions come from Washington and they have no insite into any local market.  Nor do they ever seem to care.

    This is currently the market we live in.  We are entering the selling season so I expect to see more of the premium listings come onto the market as we move into Spring.  Many of these will be priced to sell and some will not.

New Orleans Condos, A New Orleans Buyers Agent 

     The sellers that are not pricing to sell are just are wasting time and money by not pricing correctly.  In the end they often get less.  The values have nothing to do with what you need or what you owe on a mortgage.  Buyers have choices and they will pick the best choice in their range that meets their criteria.  Your condo may never get seen. 

     Having an agent that knows the market can really streamline the search for the condo and for the best financing available.  Having an agent like this saves you time and money.  You may miss a lot of the “dogs” and “Money Pits”  but that will be your call.  When buying always think about the resale as some things you cannot change while some you can.  In the end it gets down to pricing, condition and location.


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