Facebook Pages are another tool for learning about New Orleans Condos…

    Facebook and Real Estate can easily be used together as a way to give you a glimpse of the lifestyle of an area that you may be interested in.  Most people want to see and hear about an area before they begin looking for a condo or home.  Facebook has become very photo friendly so its easy to shoot and quote.  Then link a news article about the area to give you a feel as to what is happening and what is new.   

    Its a much more updated way to keep people in the loop of what is going on week to week.  Its not only I that keeps up the pages but friends and clients who are interested and have a view that may differ from mine. Its as much about a lifstyle of the area than the bricks, beams and mortor of New Orleans.  

Facebook, New Orleans Warehouse District

       Eric’s New Orleans Profile on  Facebook is another way to give you a feel for the New Orleans  Market and feel of the areas where I work. It has become very photo friendly.  Its not all fact and figures but more about a lifestyle of what is going on in the areas.  You can follow my posts easily on my facebook fan pages by just pressing  ” like”.  

Facebook, New Orleans Today and Yesterday

     New Orleans Today and Yesterday  is a collect of photos and things that people remember about New Orleans and what makes our city different. You can share as well.  It touches on the history of the neighborhoods with lots of info on the various types of homes and buildings in the New Orleans Metro area.  Its getting that feel as people do want lifestyle…..

Facebook New Orleans Warehouse District frame

   New Orleans Warehouse District  on Facebook is about the New Orleans Warehouse District.  It is much newer page and the area is smaller than many I cover.  I have hundreds of photos so posting one a day is easy.  So much going on and you can read and make comments as well.  Its meant to be informative and since seeing is believing it can show you what is here.  Few Words and a photo………..

     Using this blog  and the condo site New Orleans Condos along with Facebook will give you the feel that you need so you can make an informed decision.  You can always just call me to go over any questions that you may have or we can meet wherever to talk about your needs…..   


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