The Warehouse District and the World War II Museum. They are neighbors and both are on the move !

      The World War II Museum is becoming a destination for more and more visitors to New Orleans.  This means a certain number of people are coming to New Orleans just for this great visit.  The Museum  is becoming a leading attraction for tourist from near and far and an attraction for those who happen to be here for other reasons.  Visitors will stay another day in New Orleans to see all it has to offer.  If you live in the neighborhood its a good idea to know what is happening so you can tell others and enjoy the things it has to offer you the local resident. 

      This neighborhood is the New Orleans Warehouse District .  The residents benefits from the additions and the Museum benefits with the good will of the neighborhood.  It pays for the neighborhood to know what is going on with the expansion and new developments.  The increase in visitors will help the businesses that depend on tourist which means jobs.  Jobs will increase during the construction stage and other jobs will be available after the construction of each phase.  

World War II Museum Plane

       What does this mean to the real estate market in the New Orleans Warehouse District where the vast majority of residents live in condos ?  The exposure for the neighborhood is price less.  Many visitors think New Orleans is only the French Quarter.  A certain percentage of these visitors will decide to move into the area either buying  a primary residence or second home.  They will see it as a neighborhood on the move.

     We have seen this with the influx of people who come to the Saints games and have time to really walk the area.  Each additional destination is another piece to improving the neighborhood and in the end the increase in property values.  Pieces like the new Rouse’s Supermarket, new apartments, new deli’s, music venues are not far behind.  Even the condition of the streets and sidewalks are improving to take care of the flow. 

Victory Belles Black and white, New Orleans Warehouse District

      The local neighborhood needs to learn about what is going on in the neighborhood so they can enjoy the area as much as the tourists do.  One great way to do this is to visit the Museum and find out what is going on.  You can sign up for a Museum Newsletter that advises you of the various activities and future plans.   See next attraction that is beginning to take shape………

       “The Museum is moving full speed ahead on our newest attraction, the United States Freedom Pavilion: Land, Sea & Air. This $35 million addition to the growing Museum campus will honor all of the service branches who served in the war and display the large artifacts that served our country on land, on sea and in the air, including a restored Boeing B-17 and immersive submarine experience representing the USS Tang.”

      “Opening in spring of 2012, the United States Freedom Pavilion was made possible by a generous donation from the Boeing Company and a Federal grant. During the war years, Boeing produced nearly 13,000 B-17s as part of the nation’s arsenal of democracy.”

World War II Museum in New Orleans, Lana Sackett flags

    Local real estate agents  like Lana Sackett of Prudential Gardner are surprised as anyone  to what these new additions have to offer.  She has clients from Kenner a nearby city, 12 miles away  move to the Warehouse District and the French Quarter.   This is where there is a lot of action and many new ideas being hatched.  Once again people are thinking and acting by purchasing condos even in a slow market in the New Orelans Warehouse District . 

      Lana’s  wind blown hair reminds us of of how many women worked in factories and manufacturing  jobs during the war effort.  She could have easily been a painter or tool pusher during this time of need.  Most likely she would have been a boss……………..

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