Staging Advice pays off big time ! Getting your New Orleans Condo in top shape is very important!

    I just had a young couple, Lauren and Taylor that called me to list their condo in the New Orleans Warehouse District at the Cotton Mill Condos.  They had already called a stager-decorater to come give them advice on how to make the condo look better in the sales process.  I got  there before they started to unclutter and repaint a portion of the condo.  I reviewed the plans and everything she said made a lot of sense.  We added a few things then the sellers were ready to start their work.  They wasted little time as you want the resign to be finished before the first buyer comes.

    The  owner of  Bella Home Staging  is  Suzanne Gindy.  Her expertice was in telling  the sellers on the things they could do to make their condo sparkle in the buyer’s eyes.  She charged for her time and advice.  Her initial charge was only $100.  The sellers did all the things she was asking for.  Many will need a follow up visit but Lauren and Taylor did not need one.  The basics were

     The focus here was on the wood floors, large windows and high ceilings as these is why people like the Cotton Mills as a place to live.  You want the buyer to say ” I want to live here and can see myself  settling in very quickly”.

Cotton Mill Condos #303, Extra Like Room

     The best thing about the this approach is that it works and pays big dividends if you follow the plan.  Once Lauren and Taylor finished the makeover and cleared the clutter we were ready for out first showing.  The very first buyer that looked at the unit make an offer and it was accepted.  Rather than taking less and staying on the market for a much longer they followed the plan and it worked to perfection.  The condo sold and both the buyers and sellers were happy.

    Today’s market is such that you want to be in the top three of your class so people will consider your condo.  The positives have to outweigh the negatives in the eyes of the buyers.  There are fewer buyers so you have to feature the positives of the condo so you will be the best in your class.  Many buyers will not see past a junkie place or one that is not ready for sale.  It just takes more work.

    Suzanne  Gindy knows more than I do about the staging business so why not look for advice from one of the best.  She has a variety of programs but this initial step is well worth the money.  I fully support any effort to make a condo more ready to sell in a much shorter time frame.  My job is to get people in the unit through marketing the condo in the best possible light.  Working on a premium unit makes the photos, flyer’s, videos, Internet ads all look so much better.  People start off looking at pictures and staging gives you some great photos.  Its is very much like a beauty contest so looking and feeling best  is the way to go !

Cotton Mill Condos #303, Breakfast Area and Kitchen

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