Second Home Buying picks up in Uptown New Orleans ! A large variety of Condos exist.

     The second home market in New Orleans Condos is changing in a couple of ways  over the past year.  There are always positives and negatives in a market.  Buyers are branching out and buying in a variety of areas.  We are seeing more action in the Uptown and Garden District markets.  The New Orleans Warehouse District remains strong and the French Quarter continues to improve.

      The Uptown Segment is improving for a couple of reasons,  The prices are cheaper and the condos are larger in general.  Many of the larger complexes have amenities and great locations that make walking very easy.  If you need to travel the streetcar is always available.  The best reason is that people are enjoying the lifestyle that the area has to offer.  The City is not that large and most places are not that far away. 

     The Uptown area has always seen many students buying condos while they are going to school.  We are seeing buyers using the condo as a home for the student with the idea of keeping it a second home in later years. 

Second Homes in New Orleans, Activity picks Up!

     The interest rate are near 4.5% which means a principle and interest payment of $500 per 100k that is borrowed.  You add property taxes and condo fees to that number.  You can only have one second home at these rates and then it becomes an investment property.  As a second home you will need a 20% down payment for a conventional loan and with good credit you will get these low rates.   St. Charles Ave Condo Historic          

      One segment that is showing the most renewed interest is the historic condos that were once old homes.  When you can find one of these in a good location with parking or easy access to parking it is a good find.  There are not that many so its easy to narrow the choices down to the best condos.  The two bedroom and two bath condos are the most in demand.  The one bedroom units are still doing OK as well especially if you have a lower budget.  Buyers still want location and condition and will not just buy anything. 

     The other segment that has shown strength is the complexes with secure parking and amenities that provide a place where you can come and go for months at a time and not have to worry about a thing.  A great example of this are the Condos at 3915 St. Charles known as St. Charles Gardens .  I have sold several condos within the last 18 months and have several clients that are interested in this complex at the present time.

3915 St. Charles Ave., St. Charles Gardens Garden Condos Courtyard

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