Cold and raining in New Orleans! Buyers have stopped Looking! Not at All!!! They look on the internet!

      Not many New Orleans buyers are  physically looking at condos or homes bad weather and rain.  That however does not mean they are not interested.  They are looking on line using the Internet to search for places that they may like.  They are using all types of sites to see what is out there for them.  They are looking for information and going to all the places that they can find.  Some of the sites are:

Local Broker Sites– Such as Latter and Blum and Prudential Gardner will have all the listings in the local MLS.  All the listing by all the brokers will be on those sites.  The New Orleans Realtor board does not allow agents to have these properties on their sites.  Just do not want more competition!

National Lead Generation sites– such as,  Home Gain, Trulia,,  Google and others  buy feeds or act as brokers.  They in turn sell the leads  to agents and to the brokers.  They know almost nothing about the local New Orleans market.  They want to ad revenue and lead generation.  The leads that they  generate get sold to agents and brokers.  They will sell you loans as well.  These may not be the best for you however.   Buyer Beware!

Craigs List–  This is a site where everyone can put listings up.  This is for sale by owners plus Realtors who want more exposure.  It allows the owner or agent more freedom in promoting the properties.  As a listing agent you will get some response as buyers want to cover all bases.

Agent Sites– Are much harder to find as not all agents have sites and many who do have not spent the time to build them with local content.  On my sites I try to give you a feel for the condo associations and the neighborhoods where people are looking.  I understand what people are looking for.  Besides this site I have a couple of websites,  New Orleans Condos and New Orleans Real Estate

Agent Blogs–  This is a great way to get a feel for the markets.  Its much more friendly and people recognize that you are talking about a period in time.  Updates, Trends,  Advice, Happenings, plus present pricing.  Easy to review a condo association and advise on the basics. 

      Along with this blog, I have another blog New Orleans Homes and Neighborhoods which is photos and short notes on the various places where one can live.   I will begin to review neighborhoods in the near future to give you a feel of the lifestyle.  Now it is mostly photos of neighborhoods. 

      The buyer needs to be aware that leads are sold to the highest bidder or sold to an agent that needs the business.  They may or may not be the right agent  for you.  They may know little about the area or have that much experience in real estate.  The better agents tend not to take the leads as they are expensive and they are able  generate their own leads.  They could be great but think about the chance you take with such a large investment?


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