French Quarter Markert Update! Prices are all over the spectrum! Buyers Market?

      The French Quarter Condo prices are all over the place for a number of reasons that I have been able to put my finger on.   Most of the real estate sold in the French Quarter are condos so I will concentrate on that market with this update.  It all get back to slack demand for the price that people are asking.  

 French Quarter Market Update– This will give you what is currently for sale and what has sold in the last 3 months in the French Quarter in condos.  Its shows 114 for sale with, 14 currently under contract, 14 sold condos over the last 3 months.  Click to get a detailed update form the Market Snap Shot which is available to you by filling in the basic info. I can get it far more refined if you would like me to do it.

Why are the prices  all over the place!

Second Homes–  Many of the condos in the French Quarter are second homes.  Less second homes are being bought in general due to the economy.  Many second homers want to sell but do not have to sell.  They have the units priced incorrectly.  Comparisons are harder in this segment or the sellers are stubborn with pricing. 

     You have various motivations for owners wanting to sell.  Some have to sell and become more reasonable quicker.  Many have been of the market for a while and sellers begin to see the real value in their condos.  They finally see prices are declining and decide to sell and move on. 

Strong rise in prices in 2003 and 2004  You had a real estate bubble with people buying condos with great appreciation during those years.  Some buyers got good deals but many buyers did not  get so lucky.  The early buyers have more equity so can still sell with a profit. 

Competing locations in New Orleans   You now have more areas that compete with the French Quarter.  The Uptown area, the Warehouse District and other areas are getting the attention  of buyers who once only looked in the French Quarter.  This puts pressure on the average condo.  The premium units will always fare better. 

Nature of the Condo Associations  Many of the condo association have not kept up with the necessary updates and repairs that they should have.  This may be because most of the owners do not live in New Orleans. With that said there are a number of very well run associations.

Number of Updated Units  A lot of the units are in need of updating. Today’s are passing these up for the premium units that have been updated.  The units that need updating have not priced that into the asking price.  Some of the best buys are those that need cosmetic updates such as bad floors, lighting and colors. Spending 5k to 10k can get you equity if you are willing to take the chance.

Size of many Condos  Many of the condos on the market are just too small.  They are more like a motel room.  These have quickly fallen out of favor.

Financing on New Units   The new developments are having a hard time getting conventional financing unit a certain number are sold.  To do other wise is to pay cash or a much higher interest rate.


         The values are there but you have to cull through many units to find the correct one.  Its all in the timing of finding what you are looking for and what currently is available.   All these issues however make it great for a Buyers looking to be in the French Quarter. 

         People are starting to notice as properties that meet their needs are reaching prices that are affordable and much cheaper than a couple of years ago.   Get a good Buyer’s Agent and do your homework in advance.

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