Putting a Value on your New Orleans Condo Views ! Views and Windows do Matter!

      One of the primary factors in the resale of your condo is the views.  You may not have paid extra for the views in the beginning if you were the original purchaser.  You just got first choice and you chose the one that you liked.  This is most likely the one that most people would have liked.  However all people do not think of resale.  The smart ones do.

     The views do not show up in the square footage prices so how do you quantify the views.  It only shows up in like type of units.  It is very hard to put a dollar figure on this factor but it does exist.  Since New Orleans has few high rise condos its not how high you are.  Most buildings here are not tall  but conversions of older buildings and homes.


      Light also figures into views as people like large windows that lets in natural light.  No one wants the afternoon sun heating up your condo but they want the reflective light.  Oddly enough most condos are exposed to the blistering heat of the New Orleans afternoon sun.  

      What you actually see is equally as important.  Looking at a trash can is not going to add values but getting a nice city view does matter.  Getting a nice city street view can be a great view.  It all depends on what people generally like.  People always ask about River Views but there are few high rises that have them in the under 600k range.

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