Hidden Gems in the New Orleans French Quarter! Beauty and History!

    Last week I had to meet David with Absolute Pest Control in the French Quarter to so he could inspect a recent sale for termites.  I arrived early and had a few minutes to take a couple of photos with my new camera.  Its always in my car and ready to go when I see something.  A real estate tool.

    I had time to take a couple of  photos and discover some new things about New Orleans and the French Quarter.  I am a student of history and historic buildings.  One of my hobbies is tropical plants.  One of my hobbies is photography.  In real estate you are your own boss so these hobbies really tie in with my work.


     This group of town homes were built 10 years after Louisiana became a State.  Many women in French Louisiana were the business person of the family.  The brothers would often have too much play and the father wanted his investment protected so he chose the best to run the business.  Many Creole plantations were also run by women at the turn of the century.  That was the 18th century and early 19th century however.


      New Orleans gets about 60 inches of rain per year and very few cold days and nights.  Found these flowers growing in the courtyard flowing from the home next door.   Now how many places in the United States could you find this much history, historic structures, tropical plants, be self employed and have time to goof off. 

     Now I will have to get me one of these plants.  The were designed to turn someone’s eye.  Some of your best photos come the morning so enjoy!




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