Blueberry Season is here! Have you ever gone to a You Pick ’em Fresh!

      South Louisiana and Southern Mississippi are prime areas for Blueberries and now is the time to eat ’em,  pick ’em and freeze ’em.  I had no idea how good they are until a client of mine invited me to his farm over ten years ago in Tickfaw, Louisiana.   Not a week has gone by where I do not eat them on cereal.  Crawfish and strawberry seasons are gone.  But Blueberries are becoming more popular than ever.  


     They taste great and are good for you as well.  You can pick a gallon or two in about 1.5 hours.  It always helps to be tall.  They are free to eat as you pick.  Great chance to have a family affair of picking late in the day so as to avaoid the heat of early summer.  The best time to go is after a rain so all the berries are hydrated and are fat and juicy. 


       Its easy to pick for all ages as there are thousands and thousands of berries within reach of all who come to pick.  The best thing about freezing them is that they are so easy.  They are like marbles, they do not stick together and are easily thawed out and do not seem to lose their flavor between seasons.


      If you cannot make it to a u-pick ’em then you can visit the Farmers Market each Saturday in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  Its open every Saturday morning in the 700 Magazine Street.  The blueberries are extremely fresh and can be bought in flats, half-flats, and containers.  You can eat them,  freeze them or bake them in a cobbler.  Buying from the local farmers means they will produce more for the locals.

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  1. Mike Netzel

    This blog is proof that one photo of an adorable
    child…can stop the quickest speed reader in his tracks!
    PS: Awesome song – Robbie Neville?
    Mike Netzel

  2. Mrs. Sandra Stewart

    I would like to know where your you pick-em farm is so we can pick some blueberries. My e-mail is Thank you.

  3. Eric

    I go to a farm North of Tickfaw. The season is from mid May to Mid July. Go early or late.

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