Great New Orleans Streetcar Art Promotion! The streetcars are Indeed part of the New Oleans persona!

     The New Orleans streetcars are part of all of us that have grown up in New Orleans area as well as a favorite to tourist and newcomers.  Its a continuity of ages and they still work well as transportation.  They were one of the things everyone has looked forward to getting up and running since Katrina knocked them out for over a year.  The red streetcars had to be rebuilt as they all flooded during Katrina.  Its a great buy to ride down Canal Street and St. Charles Ave. 

     The promotion of the Young leadership council has had local companies and organizations placing this street car art all over town.  See Earlier blog on Street Car Art

street-car-art-update-1       Having a chance to drive and show condos and homes all over the City of New Orleans I get a chance to see a lot of these pieces.  Always enjoy discovering a new one.  Wanted to share a few of the ones I have seen in the last couple of weeks.  Once again the guys that thought this up had a great idea.  They will sell them at the end of the promo.


     One of the things I have noticed as the cars tell a story of what people in New Orleans like and want to preserve.   People like the local sports teams and almost all are die hard fans.  Lots of food and music which is easily understandable.  We appreciate a good meal and work it into the artwork.

    There is also lots of wildlife worked into the windows.  You see everything from gators, to crawfish, to pelicans, to dogs and Hornets.  The local heros and celebrities get worked in like Drew Brees and local musicians.

    Mardi Gras and even religion make it into many of the scenes.  They are all local so its quite a history of New Orleans.  What I have never see is the politicians or political views.  But then we want the positive aspects of the city to show.  Sorry Mayor Nagin !  The streetcars work, run on time, make money and are something to enjoy for all.

   Each company that sponsors one works some of their icons and symbols into their cars. 





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