Saint Charles Ave. Condos, Does the address make them more valuable !

      The correct answer would be yes!   The St. Charles Avenue real is second to none in its historic diversity and real estate value.  The St. Charles Avenue address is on one of New Orlean’s most premium and historic streets.   The extra wide avenue is more than 90 blocks long traveling from Canal Street to Carrollton Ave.  Best way to see the street and really get a feel for St. Charles Avenue  is to take the streetcar and get off when you feel like walking. 

      The architecture of the homes and condos will change dramatically as you travel through the older Garden District to the newer University area.  The area around Tulane University is much newer but still old by most cities standards.

     The  New Orleans Streetcar line runs 13 miles down the middle of the tree lined street along with four lanes of traffic most of the way.  The historic street is known worldwide for the historic homes and oak trees that line the avenue.  The St. Charles street line began in 1835 and is the oldest continually running line in the United States.  Originally it was steam driven cars but were changed to electric cars in 1884.  The current street cars are the Perley Thomas cars dating from the 1920’s.  


      Its all about location which is very similar to the address in most cases.   However the address is not the only thing to look out for.  The condo could be on the backside of the building with no views.  The condos with views of St. Charles Ave. or any historic street are going to be easier to sell and have a higher price tag on them.  It really gets down to the location within the condo complex and how good a view do you have.  The upper floors are considered to be more valuable due to the views and extra light you receive.


    I get a lot of requests to look for  condos on St. Charles Ave.  Many times we cannot find units not only due to price and type of unit  that the person is looking for.  The Avenue becomes much more residential as you pass Napoleon Ave going towards Audubon Park.  There thus tend to be fewer condos.  

     The first condos in the city were popular on the Avenue and were once thought to be only for the older set.  This is not longer the case but many building were designed for that purpose.  There will always be a greater supply of 1960’s apartment condo conversions and much fewer historic condos.


      The large neutral grounds as we call  then in New Orleans provides running and walking for the brave between the traffic and streetcars.  it also provides room for the historic Live Oaks to spread their canopies over the street.  The shade is much appreciated in the summer time.  Its one of the great walking streets in the nation and is almost perfectly flat.  The area has never flooded as it high ground near the Mississippi River.


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