Market Snapshot for New Orleans Warehouse District Condos, Under 200k range!

      One of the more popular price ranges in the New Orleans Warehouse District are condos under 200k which are very popular for medical students of LSU and Tulane, people looking for a second home and people who want to live downtown.  Generally you will get a one bedroom in this price range.

     In today’s market there are 33 units for sale in this range  with only 3 under contract.  There are 13 units in this range at the Cotton Mill Condos which is generally the best place to find a condo under 200k that features the Warehouse look and has a number of amenities such as workout room, security, pool and courtyard.  The Cotton Mills has the high ceilings and brick exterior walls that people like.


      The Cotton Mill condo units are still selling well even in the current market slowdown.  The problem is a lot of the units are not updated or just still overpriced.  The better things that are priced correctly are selling.  The ones that need updating without good locations are dead. 

      There are a couple of studios for sale and the prices are high for these as these are not in demand when a one bedroom can be had for the same price.   There were better units for sale last year this time at very competitive prices.  The second floor units are preferred by many.  many will chose the courtyard view over that of a streetview.  These are all factors in the resale of the unit.


     Parking is always an issue in this price range.  The Cotton Mill does offer parking on a contract basis across the street.  You can always find parking but most want to park in the same lot.

      The Cotton Mill has had free basic cable but that is being discontinued at the end of March, 2009.  I have seen most of the units first hand so we can quickly narrow the search once we know what you are looking for.  You can get a more in depth view of the complex by visiting this page Cotton Mill Condos, 920 Poeyfarre.

Warehouse District Snapshot  March 1, 2009 Under 210k

      The new market snapshot will give you a much more detailed analysis of the area.  Just click on the above link to check it out.  It is available to you at no cost to keep you updated on a regular basis as to what has sold and what is on the market currently.  Just let me know what comparisons that you would like. 

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