What is the Difference in Condo and a Town-Home ? How do you Know?

     A condo can be a town-house in style!  A condo is legally where you do not own the ground but have common ownership of the common areas.  A condo however can be have a town-house style concept.  This is where the units are two stories.  The the bedrooms are generally upstairs.  The downstairs has a large den, kitchen, and dining area on the first floor.  A  town-home in a legal sense is where you do own the  grounds and each owner is responsible for his or her upkeep and paying insurances on his own unit.

      Condos have all the shared expenses of the upkeep and are able to have multiple amenities as a result of sharing.  The condo fees pay for the common or shared amenities.  Many times an individual would not be able to have a gym,security  or a pool.

    A townhouse is where you own the ground underneath the units and have ground in the front and back that is your own.  Town-homes can be freestanding or in groups or communities.  You are responsible for your own expenses such as insurance and maintenance.  Many times there is a fee for the upkeep of the areas that are easier to maintain as a group.  

Old Metairie Townhouse, New Orleans townhomes

     In the city of New Orleans there are very few town-homes that have been built recently or during the last 50 years.  Most of the town-homes will be found in areas that the zoning will for them.  The more popular areas are in Lakeview, Old Metairie, and certain areas of Metairie.  The lot values in these areas are more expensive and thus building two units on the same lot is a big savings.  You get to live in these areas if you do not mind having a small yard.  Most of the town-homes have been built in the last 10 years so high ceilings and updated units are the norm. 

      The advantage is that you can get a newer place in an area that has been already developed.  Most of the time the land had an old home that was not worth much.   It was considered a tear-down as the lot value and the home were the same.  Most of the town-homes built in the last ten years had 3 bedrooms up, garage, large den and kitchen and were between 1800-2200 sq. ft.  The most common and popular price ranges were between 275k and 400k depending on the condition and location. 

      The Delimon townhouses are at the upper end of the market and are located in Old Metairie. It was developed as a community with shared amenties for all to enjoy.  This too is rare in the New Orleans metro market. 

Delimon town homes in Old Metairie

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