Inspired Streetcars in New Orleans, Hats off to YLC- Can this idea grow!

    I have been seeing these artworks of streetcars around town in various locations and wanted to investigate further after seeing a couple of more today.  I knew basically what they were but did not realize how many of them are around town.  I wonder if there was a big party or will there be one to conclude the event.  New Orleans is always looking for another way to celebrate art and raise money for a good cause.  I would like a little one for my desk so maybe some will make some models to sell of the favorites.  Just an Idea?

    What does this have to do with real estate?  It shows you the quality of the people who live in New Orleans and that are trying to make it better.  These people are your neighbors and like it here. Check out the Streetcar Art Blog 

Inspired Streetcar New Orleans Warehouse District

Warehouse District Ruths Chris Steakhouse

Inspired Streetcars New Orleans Condos

NEW ORLEANS – November 20, 2007 – The Young Leadership Council (YLC) formally announces the kickoff to A Streetcar Named Inspire, a community art project that will place 200 streetcar?shaped custom creations developed by local artists and sponsored by businesses throughout New Orleans as part of YLC’s ongoing mission to inspire hope throughout the city.

“YLC has always been about fostering a sense of pride in one’s self and one’s city,” says Jude Boudreaux, YLC’s A Streetcar Named Inspire’s Project Co?Leader, “and this project’s goal is to provide a tangible sign of hope and recovery to citizens and visitors of New Orleans.” The streetcars, which will be approximately 6’ by 2’ and made of fiberglass, will be, according to Boudreaux, “a blank canvas completely at the disposal of the artists.” The only requirement is that design themes answer the question “What inspires you about New Orleans?” Artists must submit their sketches by December 10 before sponsors choose their artists at a mid

?December event.

Sponsorships, which cost $5,000, will include signage at the base of the car and the option to purchase the streetcars pre?sale. After being placed around the city in early 2008, the designed streetcars will grace the city until early 2009 when they will be sold at auction. Proceeds from the sale of the streetcars will go to a yet

?undetermined public project, and YLC hopes to continue its tradition of philanthropy, particularly in the arts sector. “Our goal is to raise enough funds to accomplish a significant, memorable project in New Orleans,” says Amy Catalanotto, YLC’s A Streetcar Named Inspire’s Project Co?Leader. “We want future generations to look at the results of our efforts and be inspired.”

2000’s Festival of Fins, another YLC initiative, raised more than $550,000 for approximately thirty charitable organizations throughout New Orleans.

From Wednesday at the Square to the lighting of the Crescent City Connection, YLC’s efforts have always been successful and widely felt throughout the city,” says Amy Boyle, Executive Director of YLC. “At the core of our organization is the sentiment that young people can make a huge, positive difference.”

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  1. Lisa Heindel

    Eric, I love those streetcars! The one on Fulton Street is so colorful and if you people watch, you’ll see everyone stopping to figure out who all of the faces are in the windows.

  2. Great New Orleans Streetcar Art Promotion! The streetcars are Indeed part of the New Oleans persona!

    […]      The promotion of the Young leadership council has had local companies and organizations placing this street car art all over town.  See Earlier blog on Street Car Art.  […]

  3. Janice Anderson

    Could you please give me a list of where the streetcar art is located through the city? Would like to some tourists to see them. Thank you Janice Anderson

  4. Eric

    Janice, I see them all over the downtown area and uptown. I would see if the Young Leadership council has a list of where they are places. I just thought it was a great idea as a fund raiser and the artwork is great.

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