New Orleans scores well on the walking score, Check it out!

     The New Orleans Warehouse District scores well on the Walk Score.  Its a neat tool for a couple of smiles and conversations.  The New Orleans French Quarter scores even better.  These neighborhoods existed well before cars, so things had to be close.  You had local markets in neighborhoods and public transport was good because it had to be.  Few families owned cars before 1950 in New Orleans.  Check out the link above and see what your score  neighborhood score is. 

New Orleans Condos, walking is an asset

     One of the nice things about walking is that you get to see the sites.  There will be something for everyone to see.   I am sure the score did not give you the conditions of the streets or the joys of walking in our humid summers. Walking here you can easily work up a sweat which is not all that bad.  In New Orleans you can always dress down, fashion city we are not. 

     The Warehouse District scored a 92 on the test.  The French Quarter a scored 98.  There were no bonus point because you can walk and drink at the same time, it just has to be outside of a bottle.  Its the go cup which may have had it origin in New Orleans.

    The Warehouse District has a lot of small streets and wide sidewalks to make you walks easier.  This is a photo of Lafayette Street several blocks from the Super Dome, several blocks to the French Quarter, several blocks to the Mississippi River.

     You can actually walk across the Mississippi River for free on the New Orleans Algiers  Ferry which is free.  It operates from 6 am till Midnite from Canal Street.  Best way to ride is not to sit down but walk down to where the cars are.  There you get the breeze and the feel of the Mississippi River.  You can walk around while the ferry motors across.  The views are great and you cannot beat the price.  No meter maids will hassle you either.

New Orleans Uptown Walking

     I did not check out the scores in the Uptown 0f New Orleans but I sure they are high as well.  Many people walk for their health in Audubon Park.  Take your dog along and it will become habit forming.

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