New Orleans Condos- The wall paper discount could be worth thousands?

     Getting the top price for your New Orleans condo is up to you.  You want to definitley do all the cosmetic issues in order for the unit to look fresh and appealing.  You will sell the your unit faster and get more money for it in the end.  If you do not have time to do it, you need to hire a professional to get it done correctly.  A general rule that I use if you can paint and do the cosmetic things needed then you will sell it for $4000-$5000 more.  It may cost you $2000 so its a great return.  Going one step further and having it staged will make the unit sell for more and quicker.

     If you want to get less and have the unit stay on the market longer then have a messy tenant that has little incentive in seeing the unit sold.  This can be an agents nightmare as its hard for people to overcome a picture of confusion.  We all have these and try to work around it but the results never seem to change.  It takes longer and you get less.  

New Orleans Condos, Uptown Condos

    Agents and professional Stagers know how to spiff up a unit to make it salable.  You still have to be priced correctly but it always makes a difference.  Buyers are always going to look at 6-7 units before making a decision. Put your self in their shoes.  The 2 photos are good examples how you can make a room look a lot larger by doing away with outdated wall paper.  Doing things like this can pay dividends and you will get the unit sold quicker.  it is a competitive market and the best sell.

     On the other hand if you are the buyer you should get the wall paper discount as the unit tends to stay on the market longer.  It will end up selling for less as the seller did not figure this out or listen to the agent.  You see the wall paper discount daily, take advantage of it.

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  1. Robin

    Good Morning:

    Being originally from New Orleans, but having been “confined” to the space-challenged city of New York over the past 29 years, your emails of hometown housing is a fresh breath!

    My retirement is a bit off in the horizon (5-7 years),given the cost of everything – but what would be your assessment of the housing market and overall economic situation back home within, say another 5 to 7 years?

    Thanks for your site.


  2. Eric

    Robin, Putting things into perspective after Katrina things really seem great now. New Orleans tends to run counter trend to the rest of the country. Some areas are doing well and some are not in terms of real estate. Having lost 50% of the population in 2005 things are looking up. Changes are on the way and things may not be the same again which may be good.

    You will have to stay tuned. Being a poor city we are used to harder times than the east and west coast where many things are easy. See ya around. Eric

  3. SEO Diva

    Wow, what a difference paint made! The two pictures certainly make your point, Eric.

  4. Eric

    Pictures do make a difference. In essence its what people sense, its that first Wow! that often sells someone. It happens over and over again. Paint is an investment.

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