Realtors have hobbies, Keeping the jungle in the backyard is mine!

     The weather in South Louisiana is great for growing things.  Plants, insects and fish are all included.  However I fool with the plant part.  Most of the time you never have to water here with 60 plus inches of rain per year.  You rarely have to worry about freezing during the day.  Snow comes every 20 years or so, the most was in 1964 so its been a while. 

     This blog has little to do with New Orleans condos but you can grow some great plants in your condo with a little care, light and light food.  These are plants in my yard in no orgainzed way.  I can always find new plants when I show homes and can trade them with other backyard growers. You can always tie this in with photos to tie the hobbies togeather.  Bonus points if you can name three of these!!

    Read beneath the line so you too can enjoy some of my plants.   When business slows there is always something to do.

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  1. Trenisha Magee

    Can you please send me the name of the First plant at the very top of the page.I would like the name of that plant because I’m a current student at Edna Karr High School and I’m doing a Big Project. The assignmeant is landscaping and I have to find Native Plants In New Orleans and we also have to plant this plants. It will help me a lot if you could send me the names of that plant..

    Thank YOU,
    Trenisha MaGee

  2. Eric

    Bougainvillea – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I know they come in a couple of colors and have giant thorns that can hurt when priced. They love the local climate. Eric

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