Louisiana State Bond Money, Bond Program is on the way!

     Louisiana State Bond Money will be available in July.  The State of Louisiana is offering help to people in certain income brackets to assist them in buying a home.  Bond gives the borrower 4% of their loan amount towards the closing cost associated with the loan.  I will post the rates when the new bond issue is released.

Julie Baudier 

Baudier & Grace Mortgage (A Division of Standard Mortgage)

504-583-1793 Cell

     This has worked for many of my clients over and over again. You just need to find out about the details as there are income and price limits.  It is availaibe in all Parishes and can fit into different types of loans.  It is on a first come basis and you must have an accepted contract.  Details of the issue are not availiable at this time so stay tuned.  The Bond money works for homes and condos.


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  1. John

    Are you sure the moneyw ill be released in July?

  2. Eric

    Hi Eric,
    The powers that be are meeting wedsday about the new bond. We have been toldto wait list our clients and money will be disbursed in 5,000,000.incriments
    until the bonds are sold. This info is coming from upper management atStandard Mortgage.


  3. serena

    Can you receive bond money with a va loan? I have a friend buying a home her mortgage officer and realtor are tellinghere there is no bond money is this true?

  4. Eric

    Serena,You can use Bond money with any of the loans. They will work with FHA,VA, and Conventional loans. The Bond money is around the corner and the details should be out shortly. All lenders do not have access to the bond money so they just may not know the right answers. It pays to ask questions? Eric

  5. JaWand

    has the state given the date when the bond money will be released? and if not will it still be released this month or soon?


  6. Eric

    I think it will be very soon. If you want a lender that would let you know you can call Julie at 504-583-1793 and she can give you a better idea. I will have another post when it is realeased as the rules and numbers will also change.

  7. Shervisa Sullivan

    I am inquiring to see if the state as released when the bond money will be available. I am a first time home buyer with needing assistance in closing cost. I would like to receive bond money. Please contact me at thank you

    Shervisa Sullivan

  8. kennetra gray

    Hi i am inquiring about avaliable bond money..i am a first time homebuyer needing assistance with closing cost.if u have any infomation u can email me at thanks in advance..

  9. Tan

    Hello, I am a first time buyer and should go to closing on October 1, 2008 but I am waiting on bond money to be release do you know when is the next release date or around about how long will it be.

    I do not know the exact date. I am sure if your lender has put you on the list you will be fine. I have asked that question to several lenders and none know the exact date but say the list moves fairly quickly as the release will be in segments.

  10. Naomi

    I am prequalified with a mortgage company out of Foley, AL and I am buying a house in Louisiana. They don’t know anything about the bond money. I would be willing to switch lenders if I could get bond money. Naomi 985-290-5377

  11. Lisa

    Do you have to enroll in a first time homebuyer program in order to receive the bonds money? If so, I live in Jefferson Parish, but would like to move in the St. Charles Parish area.

  12. Eric

    The Bond money, you do not have to go to class. Each Parish and the State may or not have Bond Money Availiaable. The state can be unsed in any Parish. The Grant money is the one where you have to go to class. Orleaans has money left but Jefferson has none. Kenner is going to have some in the next couple of weeks. Have not heard of one for St. Charles in a while.

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