New Orleans Condos, How is the high cost of energy affecting condo sales?

       The  high cost of fuel, energy and Insurance has made condos a great choice for a number of reasons.  Most of the New Orleans condos that I am selling are going to be much smaller than the homes of the same price.  This fact alone is going to make them much more efficient in terms of energy needs.

       Smaller places are easier to cool and heating is never an issue in New Orleans.  Many of the Warehouse and Uptown conversions are very well insulated with thick brick exteriors.  You also get the honey comb effect of being next to other units and having units above and below yours gives you a natural insulation.  Many condos open onto halls and covered common condo areas.  People who own condos tend to spend a lot more time on the go for the job or for fun.

New Orleans Condos, Warehouse District Condos

     Smaller places need less things.  You just run out of room.  Katrina washed away a lot of things so the locals have learned to do with less.  You buy less and when you do you buy something it is generally a higher quality item.

      Most of the units I am now selling are in areas where you really do not need a car all that much as everything is nearly within walking distance. It give the owners more time rather than spending it commuting back and forth.  Your time is worth a lot.

     The vast majority of New Orleans condos that I am selling are in areas that did not flood during Katrina.  Home owners Insurance is much lower for condos as the insurance pulls from a different pool and most had little damage.  The entire condo fee is often times less than just the homeowners insurance on a home.  


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