New Orleans second homes, New Orleans Condos fit the bill in the French Quarter, Warehouse District and Uptown. Buyers returning!

     Second home buyers are returning to the New Orleans Real Estate market in the Spring and Summer of 2008.  Several Years ago second homes were mainly to be found in the New Orleans French Quarter.  Now the Warehouse District and Uptown are also favorite spots depending upon the lifestyle that the buyer desires.  The prices remain most expensive in the French Quarter, then the Warehouse District and then in the Uptown area of New Orleans.  Condos have been the choice for most second home purchasers.

     This was not the case the past 2 years following Katrina.  Now all of a sudden people are aggressively looking in the areas where they want to be.  Prices have remained rather stable since 2005.  You have some motivated sellers so its not hard to find the right deal.  Buying a condo makes the most sense as the upkeep and insurance are in the condo fees. 

French Quarter Condos, New Orleans Second Homes

The French Quarter has shown the most dramatic movement and improvement as many of the units are already second homes.  Since business has been slower for two years there has been a build up of inventory which makes for more buys of high quality units.  The other element is that people are also choosing other areas of town within to buy for a variety of reasons.  A lot of the business has been in the 250-400k range.  looking for less than 200k its best to look in the Warehouse District.

Warehouse District Second Homes

     The Warehouse District Condos are going to more updated since very few even existed ten years ago.  The center of activity for the Warehouse District is around the Julia Street area.  You can walk to the French Quarter from here.  This is where many of the locals live and walk or ride the street car to work.  Its the place to be for young professionals and those second homers who have kids and family with them.    

      Its much easier to find two bedroom units with parking in the Warehouse District.  Many of the condos feature common areas security and tend to be larger complexes unlike the French Quarter.  The Cotton Mills gives you a great value for those looking at under 200k and want the amenities of having a pool, parking security and exercise room.  Pets are welcome in the Warehouse District.  Julia Place has also been hot as they have finished the common areas and offer a great location in the center of the area.

New Orleans second Homes-Uptown Condos

     The Uptown area has also beginning to see people buying in this area of town as a weekend retreat from the busy week.  Here there is also no need for a car as you can streetcar to town rather quickly.  The city is compact so nothing along the Mississippi River is very far away.  Most of these areas had no flooding from Katrina.  The condos in Uptown New Orleans come in all shapes and sizes. Its easier to find things under 200k and the it depends on what you are looking for.

      Many people buy units while their kids are  to school and either take over the unit or sell and buy something larger.  The area feels the college market more than any other.  The new factor is the second homes and condos tend to be the most viable choice.

New Olreans Condos, New Orleans Street cars

    Gas prices are effecting everyones pocket book this Summer of 2008.  But once your hear you can get plenty of exercise and ther is no need to ride in your car.  The cost of a Hurricane at Pat O’Briens is soon going to be cheaper than a gallon of gas one of these days.  The variety is there and it will depend on what you would like to pay and enjoy.  I am very good at picking the best in your price range so call me or shoot me an e-mail.

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