New Orleans Condos and High energy prices, Postive effects! How do you view it?

     With ever rising energy prices New Orleans condos offer a unique chance to save money and energy.  This is especially true of the New Orleans Metro area which is compact and very compact in the Warehouse District, Uptown and French Quarter.  You can walk many places and do not have to drive very much at all. 

    The New Orleans public transportation like the street cars run on electricity are easy to use and a delight to ride.  The savings here is not just on gas but time as well. “time is money rings true”  Many clients look at condos to save on commute times.

     Most condos are smaller than homes by their nature and thus are efficient.  The nature of condos being much like a honey-cone effect.  This is a natural insulator.  The think walls of many warehouse units also have to help in keeping the units cool.  Using a heater more than 15 days per year is unusual in New Orleans.  Many of the units that I sell were built before air conditioning where high ceiling, fans, and windows were the norm.

     You buy less since you have less storage area.  You walk more helping your heart and your pocket book.  Maybe we could spend more on sidewalks and bike paths and less on roads.  Maybe not, as New Orleans is noted for its forgotten roads.  Repairs every 100 years does not cut it in today’s world.  We have a lot of bad drivers that would also be safer walking.

     Condos use less land leaving more room for many to enjoy the public areas.  New Orleans is more of a European style city with neighborhood shopping and neighborhood services.  The reason its part culture and part geography.  When you are surrounded by water its tough to spread out.  Common areas can be made better and enjoyed by all.  Audubon Park is just such a place in the middle of the city. Just some ideas and thoughts.

New Orleans Condos

    These factors are especially appealing to second homers who love not using their cars when they come to visit.  New Orleans looks like it could become a green city with a little push here are there.    

New Orleans Condos

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  1. lana

    Hey! I like this light and airy article…upbeat ….makes me want a condo in New Orleans!

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