New Orleans Uptown Condo Market, Variety of Choices comes alive in the Spring!

    New Orleans Uptown Condos are going to come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types.  There are going to be large complexes that have been converted into condos from apartments from the 1970s era.  There are going to be conversions for the 1920’s and 1930’s along St. Charles Ave.  A common type is where an old home has been converted into several condos.  There will be four plexs and doubles that have been converted.  There will be few condos that were built as condos available.  There are also a couple where the developer put several homes together with parking to have both the historic look and the feel of a complex.

    The Uptown Condos are going to appeal to a variety of clients from students, residents of local medical schools, young people starting out, retired people and more and more second homers.  The prices of the nicer homes in Uptown have made condos a better choice when you do not want to take care of repairs, a yard, high insurance rates  and have other things in your life to do.

      Most of the condos are still going to be on the small side when compared to a home but the cost are also going to be much  lower. As always location is an important factor as well as condition.  In uptown there is going to be a large variety of conditions with most units having been updated in the last 4-5 years.  

    The market picks up every Spring as young people make buying decisions.  You can get the better deals this year and save more then renting if you are going to be here a couple of years.  The rents have gotten just too expensive for what you get.      

     I was  showing this week in the 160k and below range and we found several nice units.  There will be many more choices in the under 200k range.  Each Spring more people sell but also more people are in the market to purchase.  It is must to know your numbers in what you can afford because the condo will be there.  Especially if you can do some work on updating some of the older units.  These have fallen out of favor since Katrina. 

Uptown Condos

New Orleans Uptown Condos

New Orleans Uptown Condos

New Orleans Uptown Condos


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