New Orleans Uptown, The Azaleas have bloomed! Living and walking with history!

    One of the great things about living in New Orleans is that the neighborhoods offer unlimited photo opportunities.  I took these on Good Friday because I realised that the azaleas were almost finished blooming.  New Orleans is unique for many reasons, one is the ability to walk from your condo into historic neighborhoods such as the Garden District and Uptown New Orleans.

     The blog can say a lot with the photos and will leave it at that for now. Its always great to walk the neighborhoods before buying so you can see the good and the bad. New Orleans is a great walking town before it gets hot in the June, July, August and September.  Most of the time you never need to water these gardens.  Enjoy your day!

That is the Azalea tour on Good Friday in March of 2008.  take the time to walk the area as each month will have some new in the gardens of New Orleans, Lousiaina.

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  1. Annette Smith

    The azaleas look gorgeous Eric and as usual your photography is tops. The Garden District is just beautiful in the spring.

  2. Patrick-Orange County Real Estate Voice

    Hi Eric,

    This is a pretty post. Your Photography is excellent.
    I particularly liked the Architecture there the homes have so much character. Will be back for more reading. Thanks.

  3. Eric-New Orleans Condos

    Patrick, Thanks for the comment. I always have something to write about as I just pull a photo and start to blog. Feel free to stop in whenever.

  4. Kristal Kraft

    Eric ~ your photos are so rich in color! I love the pink azaleas are wonderful. I don’t believe we have many of them in Colorado. 🙁

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