New Orleans Uptown Condos, The apartment conversions circa. 1920, Alameda Condos, 7014 St. Charles Ave.

     The New Orleans Uptown Condo market  offers a unique variety of historic properties which have been converted into condos.  The Alameda  at 7014 St. Charles Ave.  is an example of an historic  apartment complex  converted into condos.  Each of the 1920-30’s complexes  has its own character and features.  A popular design of that period was that all the units are off a central hallway with a secure entrance off the street.  Many will have porches. The central hallways are wide with all the unit doors  opening into the hallways.

      This 2 story building had all the great old features of wood floors, high ceilings, large windows, crown molding and limited parking.  People at the time used the St. Charles Ave Street car line as a main means of transportation  and did not have cars.  Most of the historic features were left intact and repaired which gives the condos much more future value especially in New Orleans where history can add thousands to a sales price. 

Alameda Condos, New Orleans Uptown Condos, 7104 St. Charles Condos

     The  2 story conversion has 12 units all of various sizes and configurations.  You could have bought the unit as it was or in an updated condition with new kitchens and overall improvements to the individual units.  You could have bought a parking spot for 10k and they were limited.  Do not think twice everyone should have bought one at this price.  You will have several of these types mainly on St. Charles Ave as this was the premier street in Uptown New Orleans.   

Alameda Condos, St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans Uptown Condos

     This location was ideal as it was walking distance to Audubon Park, Tulane University, and Loyola University.  The historic features will always make this type of conversion much more value than those of the 1960-70’s conversion.  Being on the Street car line is also a big plus.  This should have been very appealing to college students and second homers.  These smaller units will not have very many amenities but all you need is to walk out the front door.

Uptown New Orleans Condos, 7014 St. Charles Ave., Alemada Condos

     One of the things to remember when buying is how easy can this complex be duplicated.  There are not that many of these buildings left and the type of unit that these complexes are increasing in popularity.  However the supply is now limited.  You can duplicate the location and building something new would cost 2-3 times as much as these.  These units sold from the 190’s to the 300k range and more.  It was a mix of one and two bedrooms with a variety of historic features.

Uptown Condos, New Orleans Streetcar line, New Orleans Condos

      The street car line is still source of transportation for those that want to avoid the hassles of parking, hurried lifestyles and expensive gas.  Its the best tourist  dollar that you can spend as a local or a visitor to the Crescent City.  The line was heavily damaged during Katrina is open again from Carrolton to Canal Street.  The line runs in front of a lot of Condos on your way to the downtown area.  More to come on the various types of units.

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