Live Oaks and Spanish Moss, A New Orleans feature that grows!

    Live Oaks and Spanish Moss are an odd New Orleans Couple.  They have gotten along for hundreds of years and remain very compatible.  The New Orleans climate has been kind to both as they love the humid air and almost no winters.  The Spanish Moss is really not a moss at all but an esphylic plant that uses the tree for a home.  The plants make their own food and do not need roots to survive.  They like shade and thus grow under the branches of the tree underneath the leaf cover of the Live Oak in this case.  

New Orleans Oaks

    You do not have to go far to both see as Audubon Park and City Park are full of the stately oaks and Spanish moss.  They do not like exhaust fumes and have disappeared along heavily traveled roads.  A tree shaded street does increase your real estate values and the quality of life. 

Audubon Park Oak Trees

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  1. Jonathan Bunn - Ashburn VA Real Estate

    beautiful photos. i moved to northern va from florida around 5 years ago. the moss reminds me a of it.

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